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July 29 [Mon], 2013, 12:42

Feet landing, Nike Cortez Shoes. but also have a considerable impact, while a greater impact on the human body is the foot after landing on the ground will be heard from the recoil at this time, a pair of functions to provide good shock absorber sports shoes are essential. Nike sneakers suspension system, is in accordance with human physiology, to mitigate the force of invention which shares Different games have different floor action, professional sports shoe design concept, is aimed at different sports professional to provide special features to meet the needs of a variety of sports which, sports shoes Nike shock function is to design focus. suspension function is to determine the quality of the shoes is one important factor. one pair with shock absorbers Function of shoes in the end what advantages do? After studying statistics can be summarized as follows: to prevent sports injuries, especially to prevent the tibia bone pain, fractures and joint pain; reduce fatigue, improve athletic performance that is relative; recuperate quickly, easy to cause feet ache; rebound effect with high-quality, elastic quality sports shoes is very important. Flexible poor sneakers like jogging on the beach, like, can not play bounce function. suspension system is usually located in the bottom of shoes, it replaces traditional midsole material, make shoes lighter, thereby reducing physical exertion athletes so that they perform better. "while China Science marry Quedui feature presentation raised the question: function called" mitigate fatigue feeling "," relative to improve athletic performance "," recuperate quickly, "" reduce physical exertion athletes "and" After studying the statistics, "the statement have no scientific basis. He further explained that the Nike Cortez Classic. air cushion cushioning, Nike interpreted as shock absorbers, and rises to the height of shock technology, which is no scientific basis. Movement of people as long as they are bound to vibrate, if this shock is harmful to health, then the movement of people is harmful. According to this reasoning, humans simply can not survive, animals too.

Nike Cortez Oxford Cloth Shoes Carbon Blue Gray For Men

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