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July 17 [Wed], 2013, 20:56

Nike has unveiled the new Premier League season with the ball, the new Maxim soccer beautiful colors, more easily seen in the game for the players. Force point of 360 degrees so that the players have to touch the ball more effectively. The ball uses the latest technology, and has passed aerodynamics and crash tests.

Since its establishment in 1992, the Premier League, the game ball has undergone dramatic changes. But the early years, and there is no uniform Premiership match ball, some teams will be at home using their own exclusive with the ball, such as Chelsea had already used the Umbro football. Since the new millennium, more innovative design Nike Premiership football became an official with the ball. Accompanied by colorful Total90Arrow C Ronaldo, Terry and Henry's rise these players, this football until the 2007-08 season full use of four seasons. Since then, almost every season, Nike will launch a new ball, including the 2008-09 season with the Total90Omni ,2009-10 season and the 2011-12 season with the Ascente use Seitiro. This is the latest release of the new Nike ball.

Conservative and rigid bureaucratic mentality that Nike philosophy behind the times:

A pretext business is not skillful, let slip the collapse of rival Converse Inc. acquisition opportunity, lost into the sale of well-known brands of cheap department store files opportunity arrived.

Second, the completed Nike Dunk. acquisition, integration is not satisfactory. For example, the acquisition of Bauer hockey sports goods manufacturer Nike Dunks . trading company, Nike resolutely put their own mark on the product is actually a kind of "outweigh" the brand chauvinistic behavior, eaten with their own brand of the Nike Dunk Women . brand purchased from a companion , equivalent to only buy the production line and distribution channels only. Ultimately, nothing more than "self-choking."

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If Nike has enough courage to reflect on the words and actions, we must come out of their erection of walls, get rid of the complacent corporate culture. Nike must get used to cross their own brands, the business can grow. Some people may ask: Is Nike insist the technology matures and delivery, adhere to its own expansion of brand management, nearly three decades of experience of success is wrong? In fact, appropriate management can only comprehend but can not stick and can not be put into a tradition of previous management. Effective management somewhat discretionary, watching wind direction meant to eat. Good quality of the management is that it is remarkable to pick the right remedy, inappropriate, it will not have lost too costly.

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