this brother is I met in Mount

August 23 [Fri], 2013, 18:08
The 197th chapter tomb; from (a) anyway, it was thanks to Mr. Chen, so make all-out efforts to small NV! Tang Ao walked to Chen Jinyuan's side, he knows it can't blame Chen Jinyuan, after all, Chen Jinyuan is also a well intentioned, but have tried, and Tang Yuet sum to be hands, it might not be a bad thing, at least Xing of life do not have to worry about. Rest assured down the master of the house, as long as my strength up a little, will try to save her. Chen Jinyuan road. So thank you to Mr. Chen! Tang proud heart smile, yellow blue sky but congenital Camrose Parka UK big master, it saves so simple. A moment of silence. Well, you don't so boring, or North Face Apex Bionic Sale to talk about business! Tang Bohu's voice broke the silence of the atmosphere, brother Chen recently, but there are a lot of ancient military forces stationed in Chengdu! I want to hear your opinion. Can I have what opinion, I just eat and sleep, sleep and eat Lord, why do you talk to that, but the Emei is know some of the mystery, the end of the year, the ancient martial industry will usher in a big change, the aura will return to earth, the ancient Wu will slowly rise, when the ancient warrior will work in just ways in the world, so we need to step up our strength, in order to be in the men School of competing interests in getting a space for one person, I will continue to fill the loyalty Union forces, the forces that the newly settled, we'd better not make the river water, first in the development of he is the hard truth, however, if they are not, on the men to look for trouble, we also need not fear them. Chen Jinyuan smiled, published his opinions. Reiki regression? All surprise, Tang Ao et al, see people surprised, but do not know why thing, also only a few people of ancient Wu knows what it means to return this aura. Chen Jinyuan smiled, the Ba Mo Mu Xia pull to the side, this brother is I met in Mount Emei, from the great Liangshan Hercules, Ba Reversible Vest UK Mo Mu Xia, we all know, BAMO but powerful! The BAMO introduced to all. BAMO Nao Nao head, way: we called Ba Mo Mu Xia, you call me Ba Maw is, we do not know, after the brothers to take care of us! Brothers and sisters to take care of, is not? Talk is Tang Dashun, after all Tang Dashun loyalty league can step over, and started looking for new prey, listening to Chen Jinyuan Bamom Xia, can let Chen Jinyuan look, must have two brushes, couldn't help eyes brightened, not in the presence of all office, Tang Dashun has not publicly. BAMO heart do not know they have been Tang Dashun to miss out, also the open thought is his words make Tang Dashun some unhappy. Embarrassed Nao Nao head, don't know what to do, we do not mean that, we just didn't see here is nv! You ignore me? Tang Dashun eyes a stare. Not not! BAMO waved busy, in addition to Ji NV for experienced a failed marriage BAMO, undoubtedly is a tiger, especially like Tang Dashun such a strong nvxing. So the BAMO face Tang Dashun aura, in does not stop violence sweat. All hearts are BAMO dark;
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