Pei Na leave what happened

June 26 [Wed], 2013, 10:55
> [Volume III] [238] Hu Yong roses awkward face God sè although a little embarrassed, but the idea seemed very calm, unable to raise their hands in roses, with action affirmed Wu spectrum questioning, then he asked: "You are the schools do? how not to sit in the hall, a lecture was about to begin. wWW! QUAnbeN! COm" Wu Hu Yong spectrum did not see the panic in the eyes After the failure of the pernicious and confession, so he will go to strike up a conversation. In fact, his heart has another idea. Hu Yong flowers move gave him inspiration, this time to go out again to buy flowers apparently too late, anyway, Hu Yong flowers also irrelevant, why does not he borrowed one to use? "I have come to a Friend refueling." Replied Hu Yong, then, Wu's eyes are always separated from the spectrum that bouquet of roses, "buddy child, your flowers also used not?" "Ah?" Hu Yong stunned for a moment, smile : "Do you want to?" Wu spectrum very shameless nodded and said: "really not Xiangman, I have come to his girlfriend refueling. came forget flowers, you do not want to spend it, forwarded to me how ? "Wu Hu Yong spectrum shameless so feel strange, but this straightforward act of compliance with Hong Lane nice people attitude towards life. As the most vulnerable young people to accept new things, HU Yong Wu spectrum moves on very good impression, and his flowers, and then a push forward, said: "the best use, no matter how good things can not play it if maximum effectiveness , has become bad. since you need it to you, I wish you and your girlfriend life together. "" Thank you! "Wu spectrum will take him through, free hand side of the money bag, side asked: "How much do I pay you." "No, you talk quite hit it on when you and your girlfriend to give a blessing." Hu Yong Wu spectrum seen wearing clothes is not how high-end brands that rose nearly a thousand pieces a lot, but he did not fear Wu spectrum dig so much money but embarrassment. "That's how the line that a lot of roses are not cheap blanket." Wu spectrum'd recognize Hu Yong wearing designer clothes, given not care about one thousand eight hundred children who may be the first time for Liu Ziwei white flowers that is picked up , saying that some are not always nice to go out much. Hu Yong Wu spectrum pat on the shoulder, said: "I do not, and will make friends when I called Hu Yong." "I Jiaowu spectrum." Hu Yong smiled and looked at his watch and said: "I went , and we have the opportunity to talk to you. "" Well! "Wu spectrum did not insist paying, that this young man named Hu Yong quite some meaning. Positive thinking from there into the lecture hall to listen to Liu Ziwei, looked down her arms a large bouquet of roses, it touches made difficult to play. So will certainly lead to coax into chaos, so unassuming that he does not meet the intent of coming early this evening. Thought, and had to work hard while, before the flowers into the car to go out again. .................. From the auditorium to the school gate on the two lane road to a Miss spectrum thinking about a return to the very minute it at most of the time, the flowers down and then look Liu Ziwei speech is also late. He ignored the order of speakers came to power, but did not think Liu Ziwei would be the first stage of the players. And so put a flower back, just the end of the second speech contestants, Miss Liu Ziwei have speech spectrum did not know before. Happily sitting in the last seat auditorium, craned their necks to wait Liu Ziwei play. The result until the end of all speech, he did not see. Until the beginning of the presentation, he knows, the original Liu Ziwei put back in his carriage when it has spent over speech. Liu Ziwei speech record is not particularly good, took a second prize. But for Miss spectrum is, this is enough,Oakley Monster Dog Online, after all this is Liu Ziwei debut participating in activities, such results have been considered rare. The only regret is not able to see Liu Ziwei debut. A little bit of disappointment, he went into the background. See Wu spectra appear Liu Ziwei look by step some panic, she blushed Chen Dao: "How long have you?" Wu spectrum and said: "Soon, you see the prize is very good for the first time to participate in activities will be able to get the second prize. "Liu Ziwei pretty little face sè some, still some hesitation, asked:" Are you really arrived a moment? "" Of course. "" That you do not see I took the stage chanting? "" no. "" That's good! "Liu Ziwei patted her chest, big sigh of relief," I packed up, go. "Wu Liu Ziwei afraid spectrum probably be able to understand the way he came to see the psychological , Liu Ziwei although he respected the wishes of his heart in the end did not see the look on it is regrettable. And Liu Ziwei was very fortunate, she urged itself every moment, Pei Na do not need to say, it was an evildoer like the guy, but she is more than a set. Cattle Lily although seemingly good beat, you can sing Who she is actually a genius, it is doomed in the eye of the future to shine on stage. Then I myself, not Pei Na audience than the stage off than not cattle Lily, let Liu Ziwei how this inferiority complex? So Liu Ziwei heart simmering effort. Pei Na defeated the idea too ethereal, cable xìng not to think about her, it is dedicated to thinking about how and cattle Lily fighting a fight. Cattle Lily's strengths in the arena, to fight, she naturally also on stage. She can do nothing natural tone deaf, singing competition is not feasible, only to find another way out. It now appears that speech seems to be a good way. However, not completely overcome before cattle Lily, Liu Ziwei bottom of my heart do not want to see the first Miss spectrum. The reason is simple, he was afraid to see her Miss spectrum of the green on the stage, thus forming directional thinking. They went to the school gate harbor diverse,Oakley Pit Boss, Wu spectrum was about to open the door to hold out flowers sent Liu Ziwei, will occur suddenly sounded surprised cry, "Hey, son Wei school girl,Oakley Monster Dog Sale, so late you have out of school or something? "" Wu spectrum? "then saw the Wu Hu Yong spectrum, see Liu Ziwei and Wu spectrum standing position, he instantly realized what, suddenly embarrassed unknown party thing. Wu spectrum just hold the roses in his hand, nor to send them off no. Samsam had first greeted with Hu Yong, and then said: "Huxiong which is ready to go home?" Hu Yong plaintive nodded, his voice is not the slightest confidence, "Yes, go home." "Car yet? If not drive, I send to send you? "Wu spectra look bosom of flowers, also look at Liu Ziwei, HU Yong finally put his eyes fell upon my heart cry again and again, nǎinǎi two legs, the first time in his life bargain, actually encountered such a situation, you do not call as people live? Hu Yong this is really embarrassing, awkward feelings do not know how to heal over, also lamented his heart again and again, "No, I opened the car." "Then - then, goodbye?" Wu spectrum grinning Samsam smile until Hu Yong lonely turn, he remembered not giving people contact, busy to catch up to swap the phone number. And then came back, the arms of flowers but do not know how to deal with, and immediately had to Samsam ground vehicles. "This flower is ready to give me?" Liu Ziwei how to see how this bouquet is very familiar, and my heart just feel sad flexor abnormalities, before also thinking about what time this article will give her flowers, but do not he was actually very quickly took it, but it is picking up someone else to spend unnecessary. Flower girls care so much, might as well say the girls care about is flowers share of affection. Affection to, even if it is a dog's tail grass, can also favor Bode girl smile. Liu Ziwei no doubt Wu spectrum of her affection, and he is not sent to the dog's tail grass, which can be chosen to watch a large bouquet of roses, her mood is low waves. Damn guy, you do to such a degree as stingy? Liu Ziwei only almost necessary to curse out, looking at the eyes of Miss spectrum naturally gone good eye sè, tearing all the way roses petals, until the supper of the restaurant, which has been devastated large rose bouquet beyond recognition. Wu spectrum indefensible that when the mouth dare not speak. It's natural to eat supper meal boring. Yi rì dawn, I think last night's embarrassment, a long time ago, let Jane Wu Jue spectrum repackaged 99 Rose gets here, he personally put Liu Ziwei bed, and always keep her eyes open. Eyes reflected the anger made no meaning, sigh of relief. Although Liu Ziwei not to pursue the matter last night, early in the morning it can be seen when you send flowers NG spectrum, but there is no joy emotions. This day out to play when the mood also seems less expensive. "Wei" eaten on the way home at night, Wu spectrum hesitated and asked: "Do you have a?" "Ah!" Liu Ziwei mouth though do not care about things last night, but my mind was still uncomfortable all day have become lukewarm, gently this time just grunted. "Pei Na leave what happened that night, you really do not want to tell me?" Liu Ziwei suddenly surprised a moment, apparently did not expect Miss spectrum questioning even with such a large span, she snappily authentic: "That night it did not happen. "" Oh, then when nothing happens. "Wu looked to one side to spectrum, said:" Wei son, so you had born rì the time, it made me a woman, okay? "" ah - "Liu Ziwei instinctively hum, nice facial child suddenly shocked, pondering what Miss spectrum, then rapidly climbed the face flush. She will be buried head down low, whispering: "I have your woman, okay." "I do not mean to say." Wu spectrum free hand, and put Liu Ziwei light on the thigh light whirling, tilted his little finger in that tightly stretched crotch out bomb the bomb, said: "You're just my girlfriend, I want you to do me a woman a woman, unlike the girl as a woman, okay? "This dead guy - Liu Ziwei's blush even more, and thought: What kind of, so ask exports so straightforward, it can not romance that quietly and naturally done directly yet ? "You do not speak to that promise, ah!" Wu spectrum does not bother Liu Ziwei moment heart in mind, look authentic joy: "If you promise to do my woman, I can tell you about a troublesome things ...... "! # Baidu search Read the latest and most complete novels <
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