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July 22 [Mon], 2013, 17:37
> "You're still not a man, it is so afraid of his aging mother do? Worry! Aging mother will not eat your ......" Bucy sweetness chase out of the bar, one will see Solitude firewood trot want to leave this place, of course, hot pursuit a few steps and shouted. wWW! QUAnbeN! COm nonsense! Of course I was a man, but a man's man. Asked by a woman he is not a man? Du Gu Qiao really feel humiliated, not to mention my heart is really a bit uncomfortable, the young master does not get angry, really put the young master as sick cats ah! He turned and walked a few steps forward, his eyes glanced over Boosey lascivious sweetness upper and lower body, color Mimi said: "You really want to know I am not a man do? Actually very easy, and you yourself Try not to know ...... "Bucy Sweet Sophie cursed loudly obscene, click on the red face of a sudden, the phrase ambiguous words she heard clearly. Aging mother did not really bully others slept ah! To tell you, so after his aging mother to find ideal Prince Charming, and he tried before it starts to tell you what is man. "Do you think you will be afraid to say his aging mother do? Demons, you have the ability to Come! Aging mother to ensure waste take your little ** DOG!" Really are not afraid of death. Own untouchables, are also not afford to hide it? Solitude firewood is really no way to take this tigress, maybe God is to send this woman to torture their own right! And her stay for a minute, and the next second he would not have felt the urge to kill! Boosey Sweet Sophie saw this big bastard Solitude firewood have to leave, trotting rushed in front of him, pinched waist, look ferocious, said: "Hey, you're dead ah! Aging mother there to talk to you, you how we can go too! really not educated, hum! "I'm not who you want to stay away, none of your business? "Tigress, I was not a man, you did not dare try try, of course I go myself, is it still left to suffer you call it!'m Not retarded the young master, it was not so stupid?" Solitude firewood as it should be said. "Cut, his aging mother to be looking for a man, that's not your demon ah! Guy that wants his aging mother, but dozens of trucks loaded finish, how wheels are not your ......" Bucy sweet and soft heart of a tight A little timid to say, that was before she said, before those men do not know her temperament, one to see the beauty of course, is posted up, but since know her temperament, you never no man dared to approach her,Louis Vuitton Sale, even if and then have a lecherous limit it! Do not for a woman to give up their beloved little brother that! Is it really? Solitude firewood chest have the answers, but still reluctant exposed the spirit of a gentleman's demeanor her the lie, not so sweet and soft so Boosey embarrassment. "Well, now also listen to your nonsense finished, the young master to go back to rest, Shubufengpei the ......" "aging mother did not tell you to go, you dare to go, really mad at me ......" Bucy Sweet Sophie is still a ton of bricks, was rather seen the Yellow satiated taste. "Tigress, you in the end there's anything to please you breath it finished, the young master do not want to waste valuable time." Du Gu Qiao really a bit impatient, either do not want to use force against a woman, he would have to use force only point this nasty little cute tigress drove away all day, twitter, and the monk some one! "Humph! Do you think there is this Xianxin aging mother talking to you? Tomorrow is my birthday, I prepared a daddy for my birthday party, he called his aging mother sure to please your scene, so his aging mother will come to you , you do not just do not give his aging mother face, you do not just do not give me daddy face, you do not just do not give me Boosey family face, you do not just do not give ...... "right Fudu Gu Qiao such a person to certainly not soft, sweet and soft Boosey bother waste any more words, and just the threat of it. Asked people in the world there is such a feast, really outrageous outrageous! Du Gu Qiao smiled to hear her saying these things, in fact, she does not talk so much. Even threats are used, as long as the Bu Xian too offer, he will go, after all he's in the future, there are many aspects of the plan need to rely Boosey family, if she refuse it, then later arranges come in trouble. "Tigress, you said so much, I wanted nothing more than to go to the party Well, the young master promised, you can go now!" What, he even altogether agreed. Boosey really a bit of sweetness in their ears suspect is not a problem, why the dead demon so readily said yes? Originally thought that waste some tongue too! How he then okay! Right! There must be some conspiracy. Think of it, her face a cold, cynical, said: "The devil, you quickly say, do you have any conspiracy with his aging mother in, you'll never beat me Boosey family idea ......" This is what with what ah ! Du Gu Qiao helpless smile, they do not agree, she said his timid. Himself promised, she said he was definitely what intrigues, what also allows people to live without? Really do not understand her mind that day, I am afraid no single second of it is normal! "Tigress, you speak some truth good, all the young master has promised you will be punctual for appointments, and you want to do? Better now, but still wonder if I have nothing sinister, with the point of your mind to think about, if the Master really want for your family Boosey unfavorable, that night I had to kill you and your daddy, and you know that no one can stop me! but I did not, on the contrary, and your daddy had a good talk, you If there is nothing sinister feel like I do it? "Bucy sweet and soft although I think Solitude chiao say justified, but in order to face, how can I admit that you think about, is still very stubborn, said:" You Chinese people the most cunning , who come to know that you are not to retreat to the offensive, the first impression I get my daddy, then you better perform the dastardly evil plan, hum! your small mind, his aging mother one to look out ...... " and the reason this woman is simply a waste of time. Numerous facts Solitude get firewood from this truth, truth will never talk to her, and to deal with Boosey sweet and soft to cross this woman can only govern cross, she do not speak the truth, you have to speak more than she truth, so she will not get you off. "Tigress, the young master's tolerance is limited, if you say one more thing that you will put the young master to pull your tongue, you do not believe try ......" Du Gu Qiao eyes flashed a fierce light, it is so full of murderous stare Boosey sweet and soft hold. Boosey sweet and soft heart, a fear, subconsciously took a step back, and now she is also a little afraid, Du Gu Qiao good talk does not mean he is a good man, how could you forget that he himself was a brutal murderer too? Himself and his touch for so long, knowing his man, certainly says it will do, for their own sake lovely tongue, his aging mother put this tone forbearance,Oakley Sunglasses Holbrook Cheap, the devil, and you later on God bless you please, do not fall into his aging mother hands, or his aging mother will let you survive,Oakley Sunglasses Daisy Chain, Qiusibuneng. Ha ha ha ...... Solitude firewood saw Boosey sweetness by their own scare, proud smile, smiles: "The tigress, the young master may go first, you're good to eat here northwest wind it! might even achieve weight loss wonders too! Ha ha ...... "Carter, it went straight away. Dead bastard, smelly bastard. Boosey Sweet Sophie kept in mind curse Solitude firewood, looking at Solitude firewood soon disappear back well back, suddenly thought of his father confessed thing, loudly shouted: "Death Devil, you are wanted by the police, and I Daddy has for you pressed it down, but he let me tell you, m country's president has been biting you down, look at the meaning that would not let you, for this point he can not do anything, I hope you can settle ...... "Du Gu Qiao Erli is how good, sweet and soft Boosey Hande so loud, he certainly does not reveal the word to hear it. The Bu Xian really impress too, promised to help immediately do it, really worth distant friends. This is strange to their own country's president and m not met, not to mention what hatred, but why he bit his hold it? I'm sure it looks like the surface of so simple a dignified m his country's president, he was only a few people to kill it, you need it with such a fuss? I'm sure there are unknown reason, think that he made a decision, going tonight ...... (full novel network www.quanben.com) <
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