Yueyang is responsible for the observed

August 12 [Mon], 2013, 10:09
The 810th chapter: sprint, congenital; supreme realm of Yueyang not to retreat and Bai Shuanghua attack the evil black site, on the contrary, he reversed direction, two sword nail she in silver haired heart and brow. The silver haired old man dreamed he is really in the Yueyang attacks, body tremors. Then painful shivering in the destruction of two North Face Outlet Sale sword. He is a humanoid life Guardian beasts of war, and not really dead, but, if he suffered a serious blow, or under the law to punish the evil, the site is not possible with pain mirror and sent gifts will harm to him. Yueyang has paid attention to, and see through this point, before the attack site evil, with black GUI Zang and Bai Shuanghua beat the silver haired old man to peg...... Site evil very slowly, bound by moving the body, want to escape from Yueyang second wave attack. He did not know that this XIO what kind of North Face Outlet Sale attack, however, he knew would never simple. Pa! Yueyang palm brush off site evil helmet. This ingenious swept over power, no damage at all, does not cause against the day Lord armor, and this force abstruse deceived the day the armor itself 010 site, like the evil he shot off the helmet. Sissi "sword, hacking on site evil head. The sword cut a mouth on the site the evil head, the sword spirit through body into, and cut out of a deep crack in the ground. A XIO mechanical beast, quickly appeared on the site at the foot of the evil, evil hands site pain mirror micro side, the sword strike by prison he, damage transferred to XIO mechanical beast body, the XIO things immediately into dust. Transfer open this cut, site evil before the resumption of the free, when he escaped unblemished snow on the second, only to find him, the more I do not know when a serpent XIO lolita. Not only is the innate ability, and the domain, a lock on the target domain and transfer the supreme realm will hurt. The ability of snow flawless has other evil is a more detailed observation. Weaknesses in this! Yueyang is responsible for the observed each other in the battle of Dong. When the Princess Sissi rotating Excalibur, again starting site evil neck, second XIO mechanical beast appeared, but let Yueyang to grab a crush. Site evil laugh, there are behind a XIO mechanical beast appeared, he bear the sword attack. He waved his axe to fly Sissi, and provoke the axe gang, cuts down to XIO Wen li. XIO Wen Li eyes bulging. Bound talent violent eruption, ax site evil also holds the essential chop action, fixed lag, even with the axe gang, also set in the air. The animal will power, in this a moment beyond the binding site evil genius, treasure, and thoughts of the four. Yueyang and XIO Wen Li coordination tacit understanding, at the foot of the tiny spots, I do not know when, has been condensed into the eternal North Face Ribbon Clearance wheel...... XIO Wenli free gifts, leaping, double pick beheaded in the site magic axe edge, site magic axe cold shivers, in XIO Wen Li ingenious rotation, eerily detached from the site the evil hands, throwing flying in midair. The sky, condensing the Qinglong Shengli of Sissi, is ready for the. Snow flawless ten times faster than just attack, in the temple.
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