small magnitude earthquake

August 08 [Thu], 2013, 17:38
"The domain name please; known as" Li Jingyuan in the 604th quarter of the Olympic Games calls, is finally done, finally can have a good rest for a few Mens North Face Gore Tex Sale days carrying their North Face Gloves own luggage, Li Jingyuan walked towards the parking lot, greatly draws breath after several months later, he finally from the Olympic busy. Come, now is North Face Outerwear Outlet also the home to have a good rest for a few days in the last couple of months, although Li Jingyuan did not participate in any of the shooting, but some had not relaxed, and even can be said to be busy to the extreme, it is no wonder that he is such a physical strongmen will feel tired in May 12th before fatigue sources, Li Jingyuan mainly psychological, because it is too worried about the Wenchuan earthquake happened, so he in training, psychological pressure is very big, "Jing" God is also very difficult to concentrate, to ensure their quality of training, he will have to consume more energy to fill the vacancy. "His worry didn't last too long, although the earthquake happened, but compared to the tragedy of history, it was a lot better, this just let him loose a gulp of air history The earthquake caused countless people were killed, and this one is not so exaggerated, after Li Jingyuan, in on the day of the earthquake, the vast majority of people of Wenchuan county are concentrated into the open to watch the show, so when the earthquake occurred, these people will not have any influence and may is heard his prayers, when the earthquake happened, not like the history that suddenly, straight up is the highest intensity earthquake, but before the main shock is several times lower intensity pre earthquake in history, that a major earthquake fourteen twenty-eight when is before the first the earthquake but this is not the same earthquake struck, begin from the 14, has made several small magnitude earthquake of magnitude 5 or so don't look down on this a few small amplitude vibration, there is a small earthquake this several times before, let more people aware of the danger, escape the building factories and other dangerous zone in advance, so in the earthquake of 28, basically have no what person is in danger of the earthquake happened, but casualties but only the history of the one percent left Right, see this situation, Li Jingyuan was greatly relieved casualties reduces, but the material loss but not much less, so after the earthquake, Li Jingyuan immediately launched the emergency fund he had prepared, sent the branch of China into the disaster area to the rescue, from the earthquake started, till the day ends, his side has invested a total of about three hundred million RMB to buy all kinds of disaster relief materials, because the action fast, resource mobilization is very timely, at the beginning of the play an important role because performance is a "Se", obtained from the political Fu recognition for what Li Jingyuan did not put on the heart, he is not for the things that made these things, and to receive recognition of shape are not he, only China branch manager Li Jing yuan was down in fear, again into the training "Jing" God status returned to normal the quality of training, the moment is...
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