felt the sharp Jianqi

March 27 [Wed], 2013, 15:45
The first is more! Blood electric strength of the House @ @ @ @ @ @ now compared to half a year ago to enhance the many, not to mention China Yang repair progress, is the practice of other members of the nine are Ray prison cultivation is by leaps and bounds, successfully entered yuan government Fam, a lot of practice to the realm of Dan infants Fam ninth heavy epoch poor step can open up their own yuan government, of course, people are basically Chinese home, when home Zhuge family members, but they are basically blood electrical House members itself, blood electrical House China not Young that they are loyal. Focused on the entire Ning Jing City, in addition to the day Um Villa not strength among the many forces of blood electrical House is also scheduled to be on the big forces. The past six months, the blood electrical government and other large forces inevitably friction and conflict, but they are wins multi defeat less a result, the strength of the blood-electric House evident, it touches more and more of the other forces fear. These forces, including Yu League, Cao Tong home, ponley door,Oakley Jawbone Outlet, awe-inspiring government, etc., all want blood electrical the government nipped in the growth stage, but Miss Phoenix evil either external or internal speaking are mysterious the presence of shock and awe, as long as these forces do not have a very strong master out to deal with the blood of electricity House, the other no matter how they suppress, are nonetheless not blood electrical House, but makes the blood-electric House in the rapid growth of strong pressure . Blood electrical government in the development and growth, membership has increased a lot. The past six months, the blood electrical House is basically the Chinese home, when home, Zhuge home three most financial firmly grasped in the hands of the blood of the strength of the electric House suddenly soared. However, Lu absolutely these are not interested in, and did not have time to manage him after listening, let Wei, Hua Yang they decisiveness blood electricity all the size of government affairs, and do not need to pay attention to him this has been done to walk away treasurer of the main government even he also wants to pay out house master of the place, but Wei Hua Yang they do not there is no one to support him, even if he did walk away a government master, the crowd did not comment, but is not he resigned from the government the main bit . Lu must basically ignored the blood-electric House affairs, but his status in the eyes of the blood electrical House members did not lower than Wei, Hua Yang, the actual power of the people, even the status is still very special land must Not to mention that he passed down exercises blood electricity by "how amazing,Oakley Limited Sale, just be able to produce nine are mine prison such a huge role in amendments to improve things on land sufficient to determine absolute blood electrical House members status, but also, the first master of the blood electrical government nominally white king of evil, or his brother, no matter where on the one hand, the land status of a break in the blood electrical Fuchu special! If there is no blood electricity by nine are Ray prison, blood electrical House certainly not grow up in a short time to now the degree. "Well, you love to gnaw engage gnaw engage, I listen to your wants." The land must not insist on it, feel that when a main government imposing look very good. Here, he directly from the void, the nine Leishan arrests camera out, suspended in the living room over. Nine are Thunder Mountain is a land absolutely the things, Wei, China does not Yang and other blood electrical House senior even not able to control, land must still open the law to tell of them, where the past six months, even if the land never, still did not affect blood electrical House members to which the practice. See land must Jiudu Thunder Mountain to arrest photo, everyone face doubts sè does not know what he'll do. Land must just gently smile, does not speak, it touches the body out of the eighty-one five of light ten sè the powerful Jianguang, and dense floating around Thunder Mountain in the nine. These eighty Jianguang are in order goods, top grade bands psychic weapons issue, it is hidden in the land must get Jiuxiao of Reita internal batch psychic weapons, including some with thunder, apparently is biased in favor of the mine is xìng psychic weapons. "This is ..." everyone looked at those Jianguang, felt the sharp Jianqi, and even skin are cutting pain, could not help but horror up. Wei Yuan, Borghese and six women is more crowded in the land never around, relying on his gas machine, and only then those invisible Jianqi to offset the "I first joined Wu Shrine eighty-one psychic weapons, now come to establish a blood electronic government arsenal, want to be able to enhance our blood electrical strength of the House." Lu never saw a crowd and smiles : "knife, tert, health, big brother, China Big Brother, you Thirteen people selected to start in two like a sword, after which I will put the rest of the closures in the nine are mine mountains, be awarded to some of the blood electrical government has a significant contribution to the disciples, of course, these psychic weapons in practice sector is also a considerable amount of wealth, so the repair for the state did not reach above the realm of God vein sub, or do not come easily to use, it will easily trouble, Wei, Hua Yang et al nod, understand the land never mean, the powerful psychic weapons is not generally disciples held. Where is they're welcome, everyone chose a top grade bands and an order goods psychic weapons, and the same time, they are very conscious to their own previously used or beneath contempt order psychic weapons all offer out supplement about to establish arsenal. Xiong Xiong is not yet appropriate to use the psychic weapons, or with an absolutely goods Where is the land never looked envy Xiong Xiong face 24 a guy took out the thirty-six goods must Where which twenty-one gave them the remaining fifteen, were all placed in the arsenal. These thirty-six goods must Where, is the land never set Plough sword in Wu Shrine. "Thank you, Master!" Xiong Xiong people get a powerful weapon, all was not pleased, Dan infants Fam of two hundred thirty-four heavy monks has absolutely goods Where is the practice community, there is little they how can upset? Lu never thought, again the congregation Wu Lun to the Guardian, said: The Guardian Big Brother,air jordan shoes, all the Wu Lun you take, although it is just beneath contempt order psychic weapons, but I think it is very simple, maybe for promotion possible, and weapons repair, it can bring the power of superior Wu Po Lun, perhaps you can from the study and understanding of some Budokan esoteric maybe! "Wei took the congregation Wu Lun, watching engraved above Wu learn moves, a time excited. Hua Yang They also did not say what this congregation Wu Lun in their hands, at most, that is a good low-grade bands psychic weapons. Lu absolutely that Pitt boas sword into the arsenal, it touches the Mongolian Long SHUANGJIAN left to their own use, he knew, if they go into practice sector to own yuan government Fam, the first rebuilt for use beneath contempt order psychic weapons appropriate, at least not too much to be dramatic. As a result, his body at the moment there are three exquisite psychic weapons, ten top grade order psychic weapons, eight-order goods psychic weapons, two beneath contempt order psychic weapons, of course, there is a channel Jiuxiao preta , other Yibao! The arsenal, hundreds of weapons, and the most powerful psychic weapons, overall not too shabby a small faction of the small door small family may not even in practice sector There are so rich blood electrical House. Lu absolutely hundreds of weapons into the Thunder Mountain Jiudu sealed up, wait until the right time, you can come up with to really enhance the strength of the blood-electric House! With the nine Leishan Yibao nourish these psychic weapons, where the power will become more powerful. "That's it?" Borghese see copies of his six sisters, could not help but angry, very angry stare at someone, and own a small hands in front of him.
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