the most powerful of the strong level of God

March 29 [Fri], 2013, 17:33
Change ** girl to hot woman, but after only a few blink time, pair exudes seems like like is proud the stones usually pearl sè Ze bimodal gently trembling appear on the front of the pengfei ye! Looked down along that impressive peaks, slender and rounded legs tightly close together (.) That the implicit emerged wisp of lush Grass, prompting imagination so beautiful former pengfei ye not only did not the heart for, but rather a face frost, shouted sternly: "Vamp! already I repression, actually want sè. lure me? seems that you do not know, 'dead' word how to write! "As Ye Pengfei concept of spiritual, five glaucoma huge mountain suddenly on shè a road striking light, the red bare the Cen-Na to ripped Road force chains! I saw, round after round of amazing glaucoma Mans, not ripped through the Cen-Na once disappeared, but criss-cross the Cen-Na's body to completely blocked up "cluck" Cen-Na actually still smiles tenderly "actually not into temptation, ah, big brother, your concentration is good and strong" pengfei ye face expressionless, cold shouted: "What means you make out!" "Oh, so powerful prohibition, there is so much You look, I do not make the sacrifice to Cen-Na pretense sigh breath, Jiaoqu hot still completely planted, but her momentum, but it has happened has undergone enormous changes "that shares a mysterious force, more than just strong at least ten times! "reincarnation Excalibur whispered reminded Road pengfei ye nodded his head reincarnation Excalibur feeling more than pengfei ye jīng quasi keen but at this moment, pengfei ye have also been very clear. felt, Cen-Na body inside the strange changes! Both feeling more keen reincarnation Excalibur, Road force chains pengfei ye, they are not clear, this mysterious force, and in the end come from - () do not know, how should I do to these shares force to the suppression of destruction! In addition to directly to the destruction of the Cen-Na, it seems that no other was "done in advance of the arrangement but still can not be captured alive ah pengfei ye silent and shook his head once, pengfei ye intended what yīn seeking tricks do not have to go directly to the repression Cen Na through that after five years of life and death to hone pengfei ye think, even if it is a true three man of God, it is difficult to escape the reincarnation array repression,Nike air max UK, however, asked in detail about the Cen-Na's past record, pengfei ye but changed his mind , decided to use the Cen-Na illusion fascinated for a little while, and then shot repression when the real grips with the Cen-Na, pengfei ye just think, if no prior cloth under the illusion placed the Cen-Na a Cen-Na may get away but If there is no illusion that a disrupted mind now, I am afraid, Cen-Na necessary change from passive to active, even though to take the lead in pressing the fight itself, can only kill, no other ! Pengfei ye never live at the mercy of the people - one thousand glaucoma, turned handle a thousand sword, it is hurt yīn mythical mysterious sword broken days! Blood sè soul jade tower in the strongest to exist three yīn God volt sea, and finally grim fly out a powerful broken soul of read and quickly instead the pole yīn astrotech array, toward Cen-Na $ infants and mercilessly the disease shè away! Days broken sword broken physique broken soul thoughts broken its soul thoroughly kill anyone not through refining Cen-Na, her strength, her memory the face of such a powerful attack, Cen-Na was cold sneer up: "sacrifice, half of my soul!" proud bimodal, suddenly appeared in a swirl like a black hole, if it had been the substance of a Road appalling spiritual pressure fluctuations of the general, since the bottom of the whirlpool, surging out! Still just tied Cen-Na Road force chains, Dayton time round after round of horrifying Reiatsu to touch on to pieces completely broken soul crushing yīn God volts sea of ​​read, this spiritual pressure to H back only his sword broken days in Cen-Na's body, however, might also have been to perhaps even the delicate skin no way piercing "yīn to the taste of God is very powerful, it seems is the the three yīn God! No, I am afraid that is the four yīn God! "Although the concept of God can not penetrate into that black hole, but reincarnation Excalibur or soon determine that the presence of power in reincarnation Excalibur, while silent reminder, Cen-Na of smiles tenderly of sound, also pass over "my big brother, this taste? your surrender, the existence of this impending, but even Cham Lone Star, the most powerful of the strong level of God, did not dare to face Oh, "the most powerful figures in the Cham Lone Star! That was eight man of God! This Cen-Na summoned Is it eight,Air Jordan 5 Sale, or even nine yīn God? Are you kidding, chaos is my soul? Pengfei ye cold eyes looked mysterious black hole, calm, said: "the mere four yīn God, dared posing as high-end existence? Get out of here to go back!" Broken body out of three places at once, three measures swordsmanship catch on as a meteor instantly into the mysterious black hole, "What is this?" black hole depths roar Youjingyounu, pass out, "ah! is reincarnation force! Get out, get out, do not pestering me! "bursts of roaring increasingly weak, of the powerful yīn God abandon the black hole export, quickly fled toward the distance ............ Cen-Na panic she had never heard of, who can stop offering the sacrifice of strength even hundreds of millions of miles away, the other planets, then left alone to face the siege of six three man of God, also smooth strokes out a powerful yīn God,Mens Air Max Triax 91, destroy all the enemy this time, they have This time, their full sacrifice half of the soul be overestimated Ye Pengfei difficult case for the year of their own, but also is the sacrifice of one-third of the soul, trick out a three pinnacle yīn God , want to move out of a four yīn God not wanted, just one stroke, the powerful yīn God actually it fled! "No, this is not possible to" Cen-Na panic muttering, "He of a kid of God, and how might scare away the five yīn God? This is impossible!" In the face of the iron clank fact, Cen-Na was still Can not believe it was like in a dream! "Reincarnation mood, most grams yīn God my body Thunder spiritual power, is also the supreme power of grams evil grams ghost plus the polar extreme force love Road force, my reincarnation Jian Zhen, even if it is five the yīn God they do not easily face! the "the four yīn God, if they wish desperately, can also be ruined the transmigration small Jian Zhen Ye Pengfei's, however, Guizu most selfish unless really Cen-Na controlled Otherwise, they Where possible desperately for the Cen-Na? Pengfei ye ruthless verdict: "Vamp, you accept their fate!" The broken days sword and broken soul of a hit again in the Cen-Na body! All of a sudden! ! ! "I know why you can not be accomplished man of God!!!" Hoarse cry, life and halt all attacks! (To be continued)
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