Remain is caution of draw out arm, remain is elaboration of quilt Yi good

May 11 [Fri], 2012, 17:50
Pour on the bed of Monster Beats By Dre oneself's villa, hug own lover in the bosom.Li Bai Tian in this time, just felt one real of easy.A feel to sleep be called by the living creature clock to come to, Li Bai Tian is feeling pure spirit of absolute being great for the first time Cheap Beats Dr Dre over these several days. Remain is caution of draw out arm, remain is elaboration of quilt Yi good, remain at lover of the forehead leave light 1 to kiss.Find back Li Bai Tian who belong to oneself's life, the mood dulcifies to sit in the living room.Be lookinging at newspaper and eating breakfast. composed by 0511lingfang
Looking at newspaper top is all oneself and Tuesday's figure everywhere.Have already become more benumbed focus Li Bai Tian to oneself, for those concerning own news was just an eye to once take.In fact the Li Bai Tian's now's interest Cheap Beats By Dre in newspaper isn't big, just because of together He Bi together of half year developed a habit.The time that has breakfast, if don't turn over newspaper and then will be uncomfortable.Only turn over concerning the section especially at the time that Si reported, cloth's Li Bai's genius would hard have a look.And these report, aren't outside surprised either to shout section especially cloth Si of strong just. The winter Xie period of virtuous A comes to a for a month, so especially the section cloth Si Monster Beats Dr Dre have to enough whet to match a period.This makes the ball team that is built by a flock of strong dint player, there is an opportunity to acquaint with mutually.Be unlikely in the second half match quarter, ex- few gameses opening a match are respectively wars. But make the medium surprised what to shout BE.Section especially the cloth Si warm up a match in one from the same method A Lyons while only matching to do a circumstance for a day in.With 4:2 scores defeat Lyons.In this game, section especially the cloth Si is only the crary impact that depends on a flock of single soldier and slice the extraordinarily brave of He, cut leading the way of method A sheep at Ma Xia.This makes people again know, Li Bai Tian's insight knows the person's ability. Li Bai Tian, who once had breakfast, starts player's life of exhaustive regression oneself.Give first He Bi Da a telephone, understand a section cloth Si especially there of circumstance.Result He Bi again brought Luo the uncle a good news especially.This news be, Barak arrived a section cloth Si to report especially! Cheap Dre Beats Barak is seeing occupy an inside the virtuous definitely virtuous Wei an inside field position, but inside shell the inside again young tiger is fierce matchless, and 1 owns world player's ability of look down
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