you were looking at them you would say they were very much similar

September 03 [Tue], 2013, 17:53

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MALVERN, AR Malvern hasn't seen a football player like this for a long time."If you were looking at them you would say they were very much similar," said Darryl Baker, who coached Hill and now referees Jimerson's games. "I mean they both run really fast, good kids, run with the same style."Like Jimerson, Hill attended Wilson Intermediate School and dominated the football field so thoroughly, the league invoked what came to be known as the Madre Hill Rule. Once Hill scored three touchdowns, if his team had a 14point lead, officials banned him from scoring any more touchdowns. Now, for the first time since, the Wilson Intermediate Football League is using the Madre Hill rule again to tackle Demias Jimerson."I got, kinda got shocked because I didn't know that was gonna happen, but it did," said Jimerson. Adding, "I'm ok with it."Principal Bryant, the defacto commissioner of the Wilson Intermediate Football League, says the rule isn't meant to punish Jimerson. It's there to help the other fifth and sixth graders on the field develop as football players too."The other players on both teams, 21 are just left sort of, this is all Demias," she said. "So that's why the Madre Hill Rule has been implemented."But the Madre Hill rule is only for fifth and sixth grades. Next year, Jimerson goes to seventh grade."I'm gonna run hard and bring our team to victory," said Jimerson. Then he added, "but God always comes first, before anything, and grades second."God, grades, then touchdowns Madre Hill Rule or not.Jimerson played a couple of games this season before the Wilson League invoked the Madre Hill Rule. In one of those games, he scored seven touchdowns. Jimerson's team is undefeated.Football is a team sport; unless Demias is singlehandedly coaching, snapping, passing, receiving, and/or running the ball, the players on the team are working together to score. The "de facto commissioner" demonstrates her ignorance with her comment: "The other players on both teams, 21 are just left sort of, this is all Demias." This rule serves to penalize the entire team for accomplishing the goal of the game: scoring. At age 11, kids understand competition and that effort gets results. As the mother of a 10yearold, I would defend my child's ability to exercise his talent in the context of a coordinated team sport. Allowing kids to work through disappointment and failure is a far greater lesson than teaching them that life should be "fair". The bright spot in all of this is that Demias is obviously a great kid and has already risen above the fray with his assessment of the situation. Congrats to Demias and his family for demonstrating true character in the face of pandering to mediocrity and social promotion.I'm not sure if this has been clarified or not, but the "Wilson Intermediate Football League" is simply a collection of four intramural teams. This is not a leaguethese are students playing against THEIR FRIENDS on the the field. When they are in 7th grade, they will be on the same team. So yes, it is quite important that each player develop his skills. Congratulations to young Jimerson for recognizing that he has a great talent. He will be a name to watch in Malvern football for six nike air max tildud year. that is if the private schools don't come in and recruit him sighWhy is everyone so riled up by this? This outstanding young athelete say's he understands,and is okay with this.

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