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June 15 [Sat], 2013, 15:53
> No pop fiction network, thousands of avid reader both online car parked in the Town House gate, rose fruit jump carriage, went straight to his father asked oncoming book Collage servant, "to see my father did not. Www, quanBEn, cOM "" princes were recruited palace went. "servant standing on the roadside, respectfully answer. "My brother and the third brother is not coming back?" Rose heard his father did not see in Fuchu, stopped. "Young master and three young master had just returned to the government, are now in the Eastern Hospital it." Wen fruit immediately transferred to the head, and ran Eastern Hospital went. Wondering, since big brother together, this time probably will not be in the bedroom, do not reflect on,Oakley Sunglasses Sale, went to the den. To the door, the unexpected discovery actually shut the study door, thinking they should have important matters to discuss, she was not going to bother this time broke. This should turn left, go to the kiosk in the courtyard waiting. Who knows just out of step, they heard inside the 'black' bang stand up sound, then is the big brother of that rough noise son shouted: "You're not really back Jing Yi surname, last name Regulus, and when I admit you are so personal. "Wen fruit slightly surprised. Crept near the door. Breathless. Looked through the crack inside. Yi Yong's brother and saw the wind stand before the book case. Standing face to face. Yong's eyes widened. Such as fighting cop to cock; while Yi wind is screwed tight eyebrows. Strongly forbear; in the book after the case. San Yat look of indifference to sit on the bench. Watching the competition between the two. Yi Yong of land Ginko not replaced. Attached Yi wind. Three people one by one are dusty. Apparently are far return. Not enough time to gasp. But has been arguing on here. Read this Zhenshi. She touched the earth violently. No longer leave. Set in place to listen to what they say. "Can not you do something cool?" Yi wind hanging on both sides in hand clenched his fists. "Calm down? Our loyal Wen and his son, bloody battle for the general country for many years,oakley sunglasses sale, after several death, almost overcome the threshold of Hades lord, you to good, an urgent telegram called us back to say Resurrection Resurrection, said Xie military power on the solution of military power. "in the car, who had already heard talk about the end of military power solution of the matter, and now hear brother said, already know that it is Sizzling stapling things, can not help clenched fingers. Although she does not care whether the Rose family owns what military power, but for the purposes of Rose and his son, it is a big insult and a fatal blow. Yi Yong wind looked straight into the ground bully momentum, not retreat, is still well-meaning, "too hard-edged certainty of human suspicion, such a simple truth, do you not understand? Why not take the opportunity to put off his body bashfulness , happy leisure? wait after this limelight, and then long-term perspective. "Courage Leng Heng," suspicion? Who suspicion, is not you Huangdi's! idle? I will fight, I come back to do what you say? day wandering birds cockfighting ? now want to re-arrange follow our brothers for many years, but also come reconsidered? "Yi wind sighed," the current situation, and you are not do not know, this long period of division, together for a long minute, Pu Yu Erguo alliance has only skin deep This seemingly calm surface of the river, the river has long been under the waves milling around, once the two countries consider themselves the time is ripe, the blade must be connected, and to the Princess's identity, can never be abandoned Yu Guo, Mei home to take this opportunity to exit this vortex, What is wrong? Do you really want to mother juxtaposition on the battlefield, while the prince held a husband and wife do? "heard here, be understood at the end where the discourse hidden meaning of this 'little trouble' is just the beginning. Wen fruit heart like a knife cut out the general pain, his hands trembling slightly, at the foot staggered in time hold the door frame, just catch herself, elbow hit the side window frames, making noise. Busy turned withdraw Jizou. "Who?" With the courage of the He Wen, his tall figure of the earth have been forced open den carved door, jump out, "Stop." Wen fruit had stopped, turned slowly, his eyes can not panic precipitation, "Brother, I was." house duo listened to her voice while watching her in this direction, the eyebrows a Yang Yi, to be full of joy. The chess wind look not so leisurely, though their eyes are shining deep complexity to look, is happy, is the pity, the more it is worry. It should not be just a topic she heard. Three of them are reasonably martial arts person, she lurking at the door, should not I do not know. But they are terrible quarrel, and different feelings. Plus prior commanded before, people are not allowed under the close, so they will not be someone to talk to hear. Then what do they think of fruit rose back to the government, quietly stand in the door. Look at her expression, listening to their conversation went for. Yong's slightly surprised a moment, immediately look to scowl into a smile, and he was not good at camouflage of the people, this face becomes too fast, do not look very natural, but in the eyes of concern, but it is not the slightest false, "Sister , back when the government? "" Just. "Since being discovered, Wen fruit simply do not go, holding brother stout arm, into the study. "I also learned that you back to the government were robbed of things, the desire to grab you back, they say you have to be rescued." BOLD Speaking stopped, looked up and down the next rose fruit, then said: "You all right do? They may have embarrassed you? "" No, they are very nice to me. "Wen fruit stand straight sweep of the case in the book of chess wind one side, can not tell what kind of taste. With rest of the in-yong,Oakley Sport, Yi wind nor to her, say anything, just nodded his head toward her light, but the eyes to the meaning of love and sympathy and not be obscured. Yat indifferent face, with the warmth of this sister, he is a very loving way, smiled to her, "Come here." Wen Yi fruit of obedience walked around, sat down by him. Yat stroking her farm, "Night Panther gave us a lot of trouble though, but he was a hard-clank man, not ill-treat the fruit from children." Wen fruit pale face, and slowly contracted pink , shut up without saying, be it for Yat default. Yi winds will look in the eyes of her face, their eyes cold, windy and Yang Zhao warmth. If not avoided Wen Yi look back at the wind, she'd like to know, Yu Pu relations between two countries since the chord as Bengjin, every minute touch off him how to deal with the marriage between them. She believes Yu Pu relations between two countries, to this point, not a matter between overnight, then two monarch also stride marriage. Thus, they are nothing but peaceful means with which to cover the surface, they privately infighting, she and in front of the people, but these shady dealings fig leaf. On the up, they are connected with the life of the the. She did not participate in the political affairs of these things unclear, sleepwalk to be excusable. What about him? All this look in the eyes, bright in their hearts, but still a clear conscience when the fig leaf, he for what purpose? When the truth brother said, is for their clan Regulus do? ***************** Later will make up three-shift owed ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ((To be continued,) nice novel all in, tell Your friend <
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