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August 23 [Fri], 2013, 11:53
; I rely on, slip of the tongue, and old truce! We also have a look in the past, this boy vast bump, don't make what dispute! Ram pushed aside the road less chi Dao xiao. The road less crazy smells speech is also no entanglement, asked: what is that? Is the white tiger the nobles of the Empire? Buck Shaw ordered to nod a way: he is one of the white tiger emperor four Grand Marshal marshal who rain rain, legend in war, called leaders tiger Empire young generation, this man not to be offended! Afraid of what they do! We now have explosives, as long as the mass for the armed forces, the white tiger Empire also dare not underestimate our! Said less careless of. Ram Tao: Although the word is such, but now we are not fit to fight the Empire, if once and tiger empire war, those surrounding look at fiercely as a tiger does Empire would rush forward, shuangquannandi four hands! The road less crazy smells the speech can not help is also ordered to nod, way: faster we go to have a look! The boy for not high, don't let him suffer! And so on -- ram Shaw suddenly called out to the road less chi road. What are you waiting for? Hurry up, or you'll be too late! The road less crazy shouted. Buck Shaw pointed to him, smiled and said: you want this out? Time is pressing, hurry to freshen up! Uh -- less awkward scratching the head. And at the Nangong from, has rushed out of the road less crazy laboratories, the laboratory is the Dragon Royal Academy of the edge of a small courtyard, is less crazy independently prepared. If Nangong is not familiar with the dragon imperial college, out of the small hospital, all the way around, finally pant for breath to the so-called Zhenfa classroom! Said method the classroom, it is a huge field Yanwu, two more than the great wall around the high, the North Face Ski Outlet center is a huge battle. This big battle is used to actually teach students Paibingbuzhen, around the battlefield, around the numerous small sand table, is used to teach theory matrix. At the moment, the whole battlefield filled to the crowd, a sand table in the back side, Cang static hand tightly wrinkly, eyes unblinking stare at the sand table. In opposite to her, a matter of handsome young son shook his folding fan, seemed very relaxed, and abnormal face but also with a little smile. Let, let! Please let let! Nangong marked with nimble body, finally from the heavy siege killed a blood Road, came to the front of the crowd, distance less than one Zhang Cang Jing distance. I rely on, is actually a toy boy, mother, toy boy without a good stuff! But you gave me the best place, if make to my wife, this talented young master will never Chilliwack Bomber Men Sale let you go! If the heart is secretly said Nangong. Eyes on the boy's body, the hearts can not help but move, this toy boy with a women to be envious of handsome face, delicate and pretty face, with some cool se. Nangong if the eyes can not help but fall in his temples, slightly a ponder, can not help evoke a smile. Whenever the Dragon Temple, man, are generally not trimmed, while the woman is different, this toy boy CG55 Kensington Parka UK sideburns neatly manicured, see. Not the girl, is a metamorphosis. This is to determine if the original Nangong, until the eyes rested on the one book!
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