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> Wing month .... You're dead ... WwW. QuAnBeN. cOm every time Yi Lian move when they are really angry you want to kill this tone. Step toward Ellie Ammann, ready to pull Yi Lian stop her runaway Buffett but eventually failed. Jiu ice prison! Three pairs of pink and silver light wing commenced in an instant, protective suits with side slowly float Yi Lian body Na Ying gas pressing on black silver pink silver magic light after a lapse of many years again appeared in front of Buffett's . Shiny pink silver hair shining in the magic light of the same color next becomes increasingly has a mysterious beauty. Be inspired by the magic of Wind driven Yi Lian's battle dress with hair slightly swinging. Suspended in midair Yili An addition to the kill on Wing has no other thoughts,North Face Down Coats Outlet. What magical things ordinary people secrecy with her ware? ! Yi Lian the Kansai the incantation Association of the ordinary warlocks in the eyes with three pairs of wings eyes shining Scarlet light has become the general the existence of the devil, but added Negi but feel this with two classmates of the Class A Some, after all, they do not know what is Point to lift a finger of his left hand on Wing, sent a faint light that the back of the hand at nursing palm on top of the sapphire fury Yi Lian almost to mobilize the most part magic, huge magic the gathering so that around A violent winds are blowing. Even without the help of this world magic wizard Yi Lian magic is no enemy. To see such a strong magic prelude, if you do not know on Wing Yi Lian is the real thing, she really is an idiot. Without any hesitation on Wing turned and began to run away, directly jump into the nearby woods. In her opinion, perhaps in order not to undermine the woods, Yi Lian slightly convergent. Unfortunately, on Wing underestimate Yi Lian feelings for his sisters, also belongs to the Ice Wrath of God! Thus although the power will decline slightly a little bit, but the release rate will be fast on the front line. Even so, after the decline of the power of ice Wrath of God is not to be able to withstand on Wing. Magic gun with arctic attribute magic from Yili An fingertips that point of cohesion, then the outbreak. All the obstacles, and then a powder silver magic light pierced the Yi Lian Wing month from Wing month physical roaring past, fired straight distance. The dazzling magic light shining full three or four seconds before slowly fade, even if the light faded, but still left in the eyes of the crowd burst blur. Many people in this short period of time, even the eyes are not depending on the material, the tears water are stimulated to flow down. Poor woods, leaving a bare scars shocking. Yi Lian endpoint toward the direction of the originally Wing month out on top of a ray go all the trees are all of order ice. Crystal clear trees that stood there, like not suffered blow wildly. However, as long as the knowledgeable people are aware, these trees as long as the next moment after being touched will completely scattered into powder without leaving a shred exist in traces here. The light voice so that members of the Kansai the incantation Association of mouths shuddered timid even began to tremble. Normal this time Buffett, saw Buffett fly directly Yi Lian's side, and then said: The words on Wing does come, just probably after she jumped into the woods they summon a phantom, then the body secretly sneak left. to go. Can circumvent Yi Lian locked sneak speed inevitably impossible too fast, Yi Lian point of self-confidence is still there. Since the speed is is impossible too fast, then on Wing should still be in the woods. Watching Yi Lian backs away, Buffett helplessly in front of the crowd below, said: my exploration magic level is not how, but than her sister or a little better and I take a look, lest she find flying. moment, the wood is fragrant, chawol please, do not let her get lost had asked what level of chawol can get lost in the home is really worrying. But here, after all, there are still a lot of people, total Biyilian a much more secure. Although probably if you really fight, Yi Lian one can be the the entire Kansai incantation Association to put turn it. However,UGG Bailey Mini, total number gives a sense of security, or much larger than a person. Even put Yi Lian body, this theorem is still applicable. Unfortunately, this time Buffett's decision can be said to be wrong. Because in Buffett chasing Yi Lian searched most of the day both on the outside and still have not found on Wing, where, and when they returned, the entire Kansai the incantation Association headquarters turned out to have been completely silent for a. A large headquarters the entire Kansai incantation Association petrochemical, including Konoe Wing Chun,. Even with several students Nieji together except missing the Nieji tomorrow to dishes, wood is fragrant, the moment, the eve of mapping all become a cold stone took the face surprised as some imply in the eternal. While chawol not know where to go. Although they are still part of the petrochemical magic can be lifted, but the enemy so put out together in Tiaohulishan, Yi Lian hearts increasingly angry. However, the the rage normalization anger, at this time, but she did not catch the monthly Wing when so impulsive, but forced himself to calm down, to see to the ongoing exploration of magic Buffett. combat, but they it so few children ... to the distance. While Negi his Yili An important degree is not high,UGG Women's Classic Tall, but so let the enemy to meet, how could? To mention at risk as well as the initiative to come to the wood is fragrant and the moment. Even if they are not Yili An initiative to close as sisters, but do not say they will not care about Mingyilian. Buffett just looked of a Yili An away back then put on a long time did not use protective clothing. In the woods at the moment, tomorrow dish two and later arrived Yonggungsa real name, Nagase maple, Goofy trio has been plunged into a bitter struggle. Been fortunate enough not to be the eve of the mapping of the petrochemical seize the opportunity from the hotel being called to the assistance of the three are worthy of major combat effectiveness of the two Class A clear surface, the face of a huge number of ugly low-level, mid-level demon, although they have scars achievements, but they are nothing but still energetic look. Dragon King's palace, the real name of the gun bucket surgery,UGG Mandah, Nagase Feng forbearance law also, or Goofy ancient boxing full power, plus the moment that the the God the Ming flow of fencing, and tomorrow dishes that can be directly ignore the magic of special ability to them before the devil brought tremendous casualties. Just such a high-intensity combat, after all, is not so easy, and if so continue, they are five absolutely going to die at the hands of these demons. Number of advantages in the power advantage does not reach a certain point where the case is still very effective. Even some moves on the vulnerability of a golden light flashed, the reinforcements finally to the five people gradually began disadvantage. The wearer's own protective clothing, Buffett just arrive directly tens of light-emitting sub-Ling gun lasing out. Of these photons Spirit gun with different speed and angle to hit directly as Tiannvsanhua general Class A in 2002 four students around the most threat to all the demons will breakdown the body of these demons in an instant, direct wins away their fighting, so they lose the possibility can continue fighting. 's name, or even to have forgotten she insisted 'adults' word, but yet the next moment changed their own expression. Buffett regarded as the best to speak of one, even natural spend chawol also not as, because chawol often may not understand what you're saying. Below in the excitement, the moment had forgotten to use the honorific thing entirely in a tone of equality with Buffett during an exchange of. But, of course, this is actually Buffett has been hope. directly Buffett played waving five workers and injured seven lost all combat effectiveness. However, this is not the moment to care, she naturally know to be Buffett called [..] .. <

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