do do things offensive to God and

November 12 [Mon], 2012, 13:08
Traincollector HTML simple template model , relationresultTags: title , relationresultTags: , relationresultTags: , relationresultTags: time , relationresultMind quickly turned many ideas ,and a bit of a deep look ,nodded , can ,since it is Xunyue make your request ,the Beijing where we will do corresponding interpretation work but we hope that military action as soon as possible to stop supporting soldiers line also as you said, not in active the attack, maintained in today front back two hundred miles can ,but the retreat in two hundred front provisions only quotes from the northern line, in Jiangsu until the peace talks ended, or guard refused to retreat one metre Zhu bit slightly frowns ,just see him tough ,know I am afraid it is difficult to make him in Jiangsu on compromise ,to talk about this problem ,said: so we next discuss after the end of the war the political arrangement ,reasonable to say that China should not interfere in the internal affairs of China ,but as a in China for many years, the Chinese people have deep feelings for old friends, I on behalf of the British Empire, hope and Xunyue make exchanges views after all future our country will inevitably follow your dealing with the regime of Zhu learn words although talk in an impressive way ,but in Li Han can turn one what Not to interfere in China ?What Chinese people old friend ?Is all bullshit story ,from the Opium War to date more than half a century ,the British people in China do do things offensive to God and reason ,take good things, so only the shameless politicians and diplomats have no shame to speak out his face slightly impulsive ,not more than two years of training has made him master of the politician basic quality ,I don Zhu bit say live this outrageous things a bit General Zhu did not find Li Han slightly changed expression ,or himself off the reel to say : to make you Xunyue to courage and as ,I admire as in China have important benefits to the state the British Empire ,apparently intent and smart people consular you mean ? Li Han received a sentence I mean haha ,Xunyue make your excellency ,should say China is the meaning of Zhu bit blinked furtive look and said , you can really do not understand? Politicians to hide the head covering all of the hate ,Li Han a generational his meaning ,then hit a ha ha : for the present situation in our country ,a person of noble aspirations and consular you like in your country we start with expressed concern at the national protection war ,as is the justice ,the eradication of the traitor ,as is the construction of an better Chinese ,at present this kind of anarchic conditions obviously does not meet the interest that with great power comes great responsibility ,I as Guard commander for the present domestic situation should bear part of the responsibility of erosion ,Yuan president suffered a bad shot ,the current domestic if ability comparable to Lee afraid few in desperation ,supposedly temporary management of domestic political situation as to what the name of ,I do not think the good ,in this transition period, I will be the planning functions of the ministries ,rectify the local order ,recovery of the provinces around production ,development of industry ,business ,economic fight in Congress before the completion of restructuring to build ,try to restore and create a good political Oh ,Xunyue environment so that it seems to have got the idea .
.. ... Zhu Erdian narrowed ,Li Han this is the price he is obviously not surprised ,what is in charge of ,it is to seek the highest power of this Congress is now no longer exists ,but the congressman was Yuan Shikai forcibly repatriated to return ,but still exist in the he must really be revolution of saints, why not directly to the members of heavy call back ?What is called fight in Congress restructuring completed ,this sentence is the focus of heavy two words love may not wrong, in Zhu bit of opinion, this is human weakness ,as long as there are weaknesses will have to deal with ,in his eyes, Li Han is a Yuan Shikai appeared on his lips ,imperceptibly smile the Chinese internal situation changes, China ,is a change of government ,does not involve the basic state ,will not affect the relationship with all countries ,which I had with the German consul Frantz talks too, Mu minister also agrees so ,also please consul Sir also convey this to your minister .
the great powers recognition of the Republic of China holding the handle , don on the government struck much benefit Li Han as the original Yuan Shikai, but that Yuan Shikai is from the hands inherited regime ,and Li Han is from Yuan Shikai to the antecedents are not bright, after all some shrewd politician caught the girl wanted to knock something out Oh Zhu learn quick two ,apparently before it had this plan but Li Han soon he step ,Go directly to German route UGG Coats On Sale,took the lead in the powers of Fort unload half wall Li Han knows a bit of what Zhu fight ,pretending not to know Reversible Vest Canada Goose,just say wait until everything is back to normal ,we will also seek to establish friendly relationship with all countries ,the establishment of the Republic of China for more than three years ,should play in the world big role as you wish ,Xunyue make your excellency ,the imperial government for the maintenance ,development of the traditional friendly relations between high expectations ,for Xunyue so you also holds a very friendly attitude for you to brush the political effort to show sincere admiration of Zhu learn playing to a halt also .
Need not , we hope Xunyue so that you can play a active role in china ... ... Thank you for your government ,I can just in the transition period temporarily responsible for the future ,the duly elected president after the election ,if I can ,I will hand over power to the national publicity than I fit nonsensical appears to be a politician the necessary skills, at least for now Li Han on this point down completely no custom Zhu bit shook his head , no, Xunyue so you must ,at present China erosion situation ,but you can assume this responsibility, the rest who can assume this responsibility to the congressional elections ,only to get the support of the rest of your country ,a person with breadth of vision that will vote you I promise you this ,but .
.. ... But what? Zhu finally get to see a bit of a key ,Li Han quietly ask a bit of face is Zhu , China minister allow me to convey to you ,we can choose to support Xunyue make a step ,or even sitting on your president throne but we support is the premise ,the first China ,order will be restored as soon as possible ,you need to ensure that no more for the Beijing government you pursue other liability ;second ,China interests in China should be confirmed ;third ,we hope you can choose positive and open economy the strategy .
.. ... I think what should not be difficult ,of course ,a pressing matter of the moment is to restore order ,as for the other ,I believe that all can talk about Li Han ready to accept either course order ,answer very vague Xunyue so that you are a sensible man ,to cooperate with you I feel joyful Zhu bit see heat almost, port wine cup said , as China bright future .
In a continuous glass against the crisp sound, Li Han finished among the states with the shuttle visit ,in addition to the German secret and talked about some specific cooperation matters ,and other countries are some vague statement or declaration Li Han although cannot at present major powers .
In order to avoid taking over ,have big trouble but can promise anything ,and this is his heart was against his husband can take temporary setbacks ,not false ,but also a close in Li Han diplomatic efforts at the same time ,he led the army government also began to take over the Beijing regime arrangement with the peace talks matters I Wuchang over the central government power is inevitable ,but considered before playing Lord Protector banner, still need a name ,But also necessary in the parliament vote by the consensus reached between with foreigners ,Li Han has started to take over the power .
talks things ,even if old quarter of a trip ,I to Sasuke old quarter of Li Han diplomats basically gave him sent to the United States ,Europe to lobby big railroad bond ,also thanks to Zhang Jian last year to help him deal with a peace ,but also have some experience can be worthy of use and now they occupy the absolute advantage and advantage ,this agreement is mainly in order to compete for the future government of tall seat ,Zhang Jiangen Tang Hualong ,believed that the Beijing no matter who when sending representatives in the native canada goose jacket sale,he fought ,are very difficult to mistake while everyone is acquaintance ,Li Han .
He the United parliament has not only because the beginning of this year Yuan Shikai ordered the dissolution of Parliament under the province provinces ,to give him a few months to avoid treating excuse delay is fear ,to block down although combination parliament in his several tap ,a eunuch did not, but the parliament people love Ascot UGG Boots,especially to now about to step on The Republic supreme to the seat of power he can hardly be avoided congress election is heavy ,and monk ah ,the Republican side this year, you are always in charge ,now it faceless beams and their progress party need to court ,but mostly we are now in the control area to earn nine into above local seats which I put to you, we are now controlled areas including Xinjiang Province ,Inner Mongolia ,Chahar, a total of seventeen provinces ,all local government will work with the Republican Party absorption ,I let financial appropriation for over three million ,Republican members enrolled with the expansion Seseng ah ,you don happy early last year, the wall fell in rhesus monkeys loose one hope you will bear in mind this time of peace talks, we try to bring Congress election scheduled at the end of the year ,early next year, you have a half a year to prepare the Fujian warlord Li Houji has the day before yesterday by the KMT expelled, such as Sun Wen party people occupied Fujian have a provincial foundation the re-election of Congress that we need to confront the KMT with progressive party competition ,the difficulty is not little requirements is not high ,the house and the Senate to take Six into above the seat, the cabinet in which we must to form if the Republican Party has so many advantages ,also cannot accomplish this goal ,I should consider whether the Republican .
please rest assured ,with the monk must complete instructions from Mr Li Hangen for victory quickly ,not only to the northern group Canada Goose Heli Arctic Parka, contrary to expectation ,even his you also
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