Xiaoang let Cheng Huan

July 31 [Wed], 2013, 10:14
> Overjoyed after ripples feeling very tired, the body does not make the slightest effort on the whole person's body hanging in the Cheng Huan, she hoped Cheng Huan in her ear kept talking, talking and talking, and only so as to make her feel people are still beside her. Cheng Huan culmination gentle as possible and carefully nurtured the dreaming sister, slowly move the bed, because he saw my sister's eyes narrowed, it seems very sleepy look, it's no wonder, waking up Wen Jian child was put out one, you can not tired! As long as the heart is tired. Cheng Huan put my sister on the bed, cover thin quilts. Ripples hands clutching it so Cheng Huan's hand, did not fall asleep until release. Cheng Huan unblinking eyes and looked at the sleeping sister, which ripples some clear cut, let her become more fragile beauty, long eyelashes flapping slightly due to breathing, is not a good color on the lips , to bring out the beauty of the strange disease Your face, reminiscent of West Pengxin picture. Wen Jian children covered in the Cheng Huan handle the other hand, said: "Master, ripples sister had fallen asleep, you are not out to see!" Wen Jian children surmise surmise heart is restless, seems that she has to work harder ah! Cheng Huan Wen Jian children turned to see clear beautiful eyes, said: "Jian children say is that I neglect!" Just to get up, clutching the hand was suddenly tight ripples a bit scared Cheng Huan hop, see ripples did not wake up until assured, evidently not free from anxiety ripples sleep ah! Two front door, Cheng Huan not gone, because standing in front of meditation it! Cheng Huan Jing Si looked up, eyes have doubts, confusion, and look forward to tension! Cheng Huan's heart is like being a cat scratching like a little afraid to look at the eyes of meditation. Wen Jian child to see clearly, so the can not ah, the more get more rusty on the bad, Cheng Huan gave a look at Cheng Huan's back pushed one. Wen Jian children Effort to make the just right, it looks like Cheng Huan who walked past. Closer look Cheng Huan, meditation is simply strained to the extreme, even the palms are wet. Wen Jian child is a push, half went on calm at Cheng Huan, watching the little girl in front of her heart, but to rely on their own ah! Hand Women's North Face Down Clearance stroking meditation natural bald, said: "There are no small meditation think I ah?" Everything turned out all that is not of their own imagination, as if the heavy burden Womens North Face Down all because of this sentence and removed it, generally teardrop bead wire across the bright smile, though contradictory but harmony, meditation naturally extremely Shun Cheng Huan feeling that strange face and said: "Of course there ah! Hello high-ah!" Now meditation chest only to Cheng Huan also below point, how to see how some unexpected. Everything is so natural, natural to the unbelievable, it seems love is not to explain it! Cheng Huan holding meditation hand and said: "Come on, we went to see them!" Unexpectedly meditation broke away Cheng Huan's hand and said: "I went to watch my sister!" Then sit ripples past bedside. This North Face Windstopper Sale allows Wen Jian children commendation secret heart, OK, this little girl is also important to know which light which. One out to face the crowd, say tension that is false, took a deep breath, his eyes sweeping a circle, came even Jue couple in front of deep Shiyi Li said: "Brother Yisow on, brother ..." even Jue Cheng Huan took over the hand, straight shaking and said: "Brother, say nothing!" look can exchange everything, so Cheng Huan truly feel the warmth of fraternal brotherhood. Now everyone Stuart House is really a break, a bit messy, the only steward Stuart poisoning bedridden because of the wind, inside and out even Jue by the couple actually take care of these outsiders. Of course, this has been the owner's approval friends. Mei Ying really understand the fourth brother's mind, knowing that he is now in no mood to face so many people, said: "We went to talk about it in the hall!" Watching Jue Cheng Huan and even couple walking in front of the rest of the people do not know if I should follow up. Jade Fantasy care whether those Chenghuan Gang Pong with a move she passed, she did not want to Siyaomianzi a pain, do not want the back of the TV drama together more uncomfortable ah! She was quite a thorough look. Some people take the lead in that there is nothing to say, Wen Jian child is doing with it in the back of Cheng Huan, others follow suit. Hall seated, Cheng Huan a look at the crowd and none AFTER magnolia, Jane months. They do not know where to go, to see ink phoenix, Southern Juan, armbands them, the eyes have dared to stay, if he alone with one of them, that perhaps some words, which so many people, in the heart of Cheng Huan some do not live up to bounce. Even Jue said: "fourth brother, you do not talk about this thing after!" People also want to know why the Cheng Huan became like this now, even more people want to know that he rescued fairy thing, because the cold month so that everyone can not forget her. Cheng Huan Jie said briefly after the departure of the things from Qincheng roughly explain a bit, so look into the present as he could not say what they were asked to coldest, Cheng Huan naturally can not say friends, because the outer cents on their side, he wanted to get into trouble or less good. Chenghuan Gang finished, a sound of footsteps outside the hall, followed by a face looking angry Murong Pitt appeared in the doorway, his face tense poetry followed behind Sophie. Murong Bi Cheng Huan came just heard, the heart of the fire Proton to look up on the run, could not restrain their emotions, one ran over. Two people look at the intersection of the air, you can almost sparks, two are alone knew how the matter clear, especially Murong Pitt nap just wear clothes not very neat, prominent Xiaoang let Cheng Huan One head is big. Two on the visual can have three minutes, holding the sword Murong Pitt's hand end is drawn out the sword, Guanghua filled, cold shiny. Others do not know how, I do not know what to do. While he kept waving poetry soft Murong Pitt's hand, anxious not know what to say, how this can persuade ah! Murong Pitt's eyes were red and his own harm 有苦说不出 people in front, pointed tip thrill Cheng Huan. Murong Pitt is really bitter can be, it is that luck, guys, while Italy took throats vomiting, seizures up this once, let alone kill ah, she really wanted was to kill himself, could not help but spit especially where large spit up, while others also noted that the Murong Pitt physical condition, Mei Ying, two pages, too! What do not explain, is the sum of four brothers feelings debt. Poetry soft but terribly distressed, anxious and said: "Dear husband, you should not matter ah!" Murong Pitt said as he was banging back. Murong Pitt almost threw up the bile, can still staring Cheng Huan. The public eye who is also uniform falls Cheng Huan Cheng Huan sweat on his head down, thousands of ready Wan preparation, did not expect to kill Murong Pitt will Tingzhaoduzi out how this can do ah! Ink phoenix Minzui smile, seems to have solved the two together, but added that kid a cheap! <
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