Maybe this is an error

October 21 [Sun], 2012, 10:53

Long time did not write the log now write, I feel a bit strange that sentence right: A Moment of Romance days old; If any man love the person is also happy, sad, longing, pain. Midnight, people have been asleep in the wandering, restless souls. Tears vaguely see their sad faces. Loved you, have attachment, also regret, maybe this is the imprint of youth; losing you have thoughts, have painful heart-breaking, and perhaps this is the sentimental tears. End the night, desperate addition of some, that had belonged to my smiling face, and a little away from me, even if there is tomorrow, only more heartbreak you are unable to retrieve the past, the future is getting cold night, I so miss your love, and I miss that once beautiful future, why did you leave, why affectionately kissed me you will be willing to let my hard wait, this night had finished, I pull off day since you leave my side, my heart has been in the memories of the past. Thinking the accidental acquaintance know and love, I do not cry! Thought us together happy day, I do not cry! Hold you thinking had deeply, deeply kissed your face, your lips, I do not cry! Looked ever play the local plants and trees persist in your breath, I do not cry! Looked at the familiar smiling face in the photo, looking at your bright smile, and I do not cry! Watched the pair of lovers on the road, happy, smiling, sweet, thinking we, I, do not cry! Looking into their own hands, the front surface of your smile, your face, I do not cry! Sky floating in thin drizzle, the wind gently blowing my hair, forget the dark sky, I do not know you right now, than I'm happy, whether real forget me, I do not cry! According to strong cough, severe nausea, an access to one of the smoking, thoughts, and sorrow of heartache, loss, and I do not cry! Dear, to know you, whether it is a mistake to fall in love with you, whether it is an error, but I can not control yourself like you fall in love with you! Maybe this is an error, is a joke, is the arrangement of God, it was all over now, I do not cry! Honey, I know you are not alone, not lonely, not to let tears miss time! Maybe I would have been alone UGGs Kensington Boots Sale, always wandering, always hovering, I do not cry! Dear, do not know you at a later date, in a sudden have a day ever think of a boy, a love you boy, also live in this world, I do not cry! I will not cry. Perhaps they have no tears UGG Bailey Bow Outlet. I will not cry. Perhaps they have no strength to cry. I will not cry. Maybe they're not for you torture me, do not cry. Maybe he did not want to stand where we once loved with crying. I will not cry. Maybe they should have a new life is no longer in your days alone crying. I will not cry Air Max Alpha 2011 Mens Outlet. Perhaps the tears should not cry for you. Dear is deep? Dear, lit a cigarette, looked at the text, I wrote, do not cry! Honey UGG Ultimate Bind Boots Sale, I do not cry! But tears water drops next to the computer! (Past touching story)

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