Rao is the Apache who the creator God bless unable

November 10 [Sat], 2012, 15:06

Cattle bb novel Read recommend some equally good-looking novel and Road the warlords Heaven heritage of entropy Princess inferior concubine gold medal Princess () hair burrowed Long fiercely glared Chutian one with the monsters are turned away. The Chutian 眯缝着眼睛, dumbfounding, one-stop actually dare to stare at him! ? Are you kidding, does the dragon do not know the the Chutian overhead thorns dragon ring! ? Chutian wronged that burrowed dragon, because he really did not know the thorns dragon ring, but do not know the man in front of the screwed up eyes is the master of the sky, thousands of Maronite God! He does not even know Chutian the mermaid around Classic Mini UGG, is the master of the ocean. Suddenly, the surrounding soil suddenly turned into seawater, grunt, grunt, those monsters unprepared, life and drank a few mouthfuls of seawater. law? I really do not know that these monsters is a lack of knowledge, or simply not Protoss. Drill looked very special burrowed Long and his men to deal with seawater, the Chutian this standard Advanced Protoss are assimilation, oppression come around seawater assimilation cost life elements, it will not only be able to adapt to the marine environment , but at the same time practicing divine the burrowed Long is discharged on the body with a layer of body care light shield abruptly seawater squeeze. See the light shield, especially burrowed dragon shields him pale red, this should represent the upper quadruple God, light shield no trace of divine power fluctuations. And his master did not even know the quadruple assimilation. This ...... Chutian mermaid on the visual one. At the same time, the underground passage, skin deep! Brothers they will Yaofa, fast ...... team monster stick could not move. The mermaids low moan. Seawater shocked, burrowed dragon they 被震 the faint. The mermaid then lifted the fourfold assimilation Chutian Road: Double-check some drilling earthworm, he said: . Long trial, Chutian they stopped her, smiled and said: Mermaid strange. Chutian waved Apache, We brought him to the body lair! open space channel in the body, and drill into. Brothers up! The who will Yaofa monster gone! See the brothers did not wake up one by one, with the tail of his sauce with a tail whip, finally let everyone woke up. Also faint reddish skin looked appearance, but rather ordinary human hypoxia-like. There are a few more bad monster as if simmer faint limp down to the other monsters to him. Ground-penetrating Lung Lai Buji to pondering Chutian their whereabouts, do not go back, not only of his brothers, and I am afraid that he should be suffocated. The Chutian not sense the outside ground situation in the ring Kids UGG Classic Boots, but Apache was puzzled, because he felt the loss of life potential of being burrowed dragon, and the speed is very fast. Hear his heavy breathing, just like the human hard labor labor day. Bolted and ran with a team of monsters in the ground, the speed relative to the Protoss is not fast time Apa Qimo operator, after about ten minutes or so, burrowed dragon stopped, just listen to him anxiously shouted: open the door, the Maronite Ali multi back up! . Just entered this space, Apache heart shocked, but the awareness of life and death, heart instantly calm. He aware of all of their own divine being detained, and 12 behind the golden-winged unconsciously open. Apache open in burrowed dragon Ali more than body space, soon collapsed! This space detained divine! Apache thoughts electroporation boss and Neptune in the ring, absolutely can not reveal the acting. His teeth resist this power of prohibition, but the ban is too strong, Rao is the Apache who the creator God bless unable to support the long. Is this space imprison creators God planted! ? Apache teeth support and listen to the drill ground dragon big breathing heavily at the moment, glad and said: Yes, Big Brother, in the past it had never seen such a powerful monster! Kazakhstan call! really suffocated brothers! Well, the brothers back home, I went back with the Father say, and then tonight went together to the cross! The burrowed dragon nostrils hum a strange tone Canada Goose Youth Chilliwack Parka, sauntered walked his huge body with every step, they tremble look, Apache pressure and body weight. Finally, after seven or eight hundred paces burrowed dragon Ali, this space imprison forces defeated the Apache creator God bless. Bang! Poof! The burrowed dragon's hind legs suddenly ripped through the blood flowers scattered Wow shouting his pain. Place rolled over and curled up with the hind legs, crying for help Road: , was with his eye's blind spot, rapidly flew up into the sky. High-speed flying, but Ray Eagle instinct. No god, Apache can be done so that the ordinary human eye can not see his shadow. So the burrowed Long behind a golden flash, then found nothing. Heard cries for help, a large number of monsters, then Apache has been with the ring flew up into the high-altitude, he quickly looked at four weeks, which is a mountain range, the flourishing trees lush, tall green trees dotted with red, blue, yellow, and black, the colors of the flowers shrubs. Lai Buji carefully looked, Apache chose a most lush foliage of trees, to determine the above, there is no danger of falling up. Trees occult acting, do not need a god, because perennial Eagle Ray can survive on life in the Maronite beside, there must be the means of his self-preservation. Quickly with foliage obscured a small space Canada Goose Mantra Snow, Apache sweep through the leaves one, not far from many of Warcraft is carrying the drill Dilong Ali multi walked to the top of a hill, while he was hiding in the trees under empty sky birds after. Apache This assured that took his ring, he found, drive space with the magic ring turned bad, and act decisively, Apache force snapping the ring, this release Chutian mermaid. The Chutian also recovered, low voice asked: blessing did not hold out long it was being detained. people? Apache, you can not even keep the man-power are not? does not come out, in addition to the 000 mark of the beast! The Chutian see beasts, India UGG Mini Bailey Button Paint Splatter, that necklace lost the beasts, India protection Mermaid slowly raised again closed, can not help but blurt out, the only beasts India Cockle Flanagan branches split a seam, followed by a small head drilled out. Plump Canada Goose Reversible Outlet, big eyes, small nose, two pointy long ears, and so when it completely, mermaids, only to see its body and head together, is a fist-sized meatballs, no arm only two small round short legs with claws. This little thing with their feet on the claws to hold back the bark, stumbled eyes opened his yawned, see opposite mermaid, suddenly face crazy change, computer access: ready to rest? Hou door the entropy women look door lady concubine scared China the strongest Queen's first class lady wealthy mistress ace Diao Fei Shu difficult life geniuses Princess of the best in the world eloquent minister

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