This time we turn off the lights to go forward

November 13 [Tue], 2012, 12:41

Bovine bb novel Read recommended for you and wife Road the warlords Heaven heritage of entropy Princess inferior concubine gold medal Princess a sunny Moonlight, a fleet of 12 freighters and five warships in the southeast of Newfoundland on the Atlantic sea, a sea flat driving. Sudden underwater rather abruptly emerge a black cylindrical object, they are dragged the long white traces breakneck speed silently Chaona fleets channeling the past. Quiet night, the officers and sailors dressed inside the cargo compartment are listening with. Boom - boom - Middle-aged man dressed in white uniforms, carrying two stars on the shoulders, he calmly said: the submarine fleet in the distance of 1000 yards again attack! This time we turn off the lights to go forward! came to rise from the sea, When the cover is open, wearing a white sailor uniforms a drilled from the inside out, and then went to the deck to breathe the fresh air of the sea. Major, or old UGG Denim, the white uniforms of the soldiers in the lifeboat get dirty very easily, and the submarine spent one hour in the water becomes more turbid air, these looks are minor problems, but not to improve not ah! After listening to the opinions of colleagues, he does not have much reaction, but said: to the stability in the real play! end of the exercise, I still have several live ammunition to the above proposal! Soon. The lead ship of twinkling issue arc lamp signal. held up his telescope, standing in the same position of the officers beside him. Trade For Germany, the United States has an important significance, the United States remains opposed to exile the British government sent warships attacked Germany Atlantic routes, and even more reluctant to send their ships to participate in such attacks UGGs Mini Bailey Button Boots. Therefore, the British Government in exile and Canadian warships must face alone Guadeloupe German Atlantic Fleet, attacks and counter-attacks once become very intense. Exiled British government already has a battleship, a war patrol to 1924 after nearly 10 years of restoration and construction, four heavy patrol 16 light patrol, 37 destroyers, 50 torpedo boats, 30 mine-laying boats But no matter, compared with the heyday of the British Empire Navy on Germany Navy. The fleet is insignificant places. Since the German Guadeloupe into a major naval base and stationed the main force of the Atlantic Fleet. Has a battleship, battlecruiser, the German fleet, the aircraft carrier often came to Canada, off the coast of Ge, from time to time along the walk twelve British government-in-exile or Canadian ships and carrier-based aircraft, airships and submarines strict vigilance of the waters this. Plus German spies to penetrate British ships ten times attack at least seven German fleet will be found and rounded up the number of surface warships attacked the German merchant routes, and thus, over time, has a certain strength of the British fleet sent fewer submarines gradually become the main tool to fight attacks. , In exile from 1920 to 1924, the British government the Navy sunk and captured a total of 51 German freighter, on average basic monthly one British knife submarines and nearly a thousand officers and men also paid a heavy price point of view, from the loss of both the number of ships. Britons account for less than any cheaper, this attack on the war turned out to be a warning to remind the German public enemy persists, so things in Germany, the Navy budget by whether civilians or Members appear reasonable. Edward VIII and his government-in-exile, Guangfu British Isles, the short term only hope is a vital war Germany lost the fight and then domestic unrest, as they be possible with the power of the United States to return to hometown. torpedoes and the roar of the German, the British officer who was born in 1889 each of the hairs of the body seem excited. The dark shadow of the ship is drifting away from the sea, this 12 submarine fired a total of up to 48 exercise torpedo, seven torpedoes hit four goals this result to get the the successive British Navy combat fared well a. After just three days, the command of this submarine fleet commander Maj. Brandon was summoned to the British in Montreal Coach Backpacks Handbags, a Canadian joint naval base. Brandon aged 40, a look of aging, even young when basically no chance with the handsome, civilian background, did not attend college or a military academy, the original qualifications mixed with a gun up in the Royal Navy of the British Empire the lieutenants of the length of the class bully, but unfortunately the once mighty British Empire has this non-the Xi than the Navy elite killed in killed, captured or captured, and there are many of people with the status quo on naval extremely disappointed mood choose the the retired career change, coupled with long-term lack of ships, the British Empire Navy elitist huge loss irreparable. Of course, this also gives the opportunity to Britney Logout succeed, a total of five German freighter sunk in the attack on the German airline ground combat, with a total tonnage of 41,000 tons. This record ranks first in the British Empire in the Navy's submarine force, Brandon also was promoted to commander of the first submarine detachment. General! Another two people sitting on a chair in front of his desk, one of Brandon is very familiar, Major General Aaron Brown, his boss, three days ago that the exercise of the commander. Other faces Shenshangnajian white uniforms do not belong to the decline of the land empire. ace submarine commander Major Brandon Boyd! hard to believe, has always been old-fashioned place German went so far as to come up with such a lack of imaginative excuses which only said they simply ignored any country! We do not want to provoke a war, but we must do before the invasion of the enemy! this passage, Maj. Brandon hearts suddenly burst grief, while the American officers also slightly nodded in agreement. American friends had to stay in their Pacific Fleet in Hawaii and the Philippines, for German contend only an Atlantic Fleet, which is not sufficient and the German convoy stationed in Guadeloupe Germany Atlantic Fleet combat! Only first stabilize the Japanese, the U.S. Navy's Atlantic and Pacific Fleet hope to concentrate the formation of the advantages of the German Navy. During this time Gucci Handbags Sale, we must use a variety of ways to delay the footsteps of German wage war to stifle their Atlantic maritime supply lines is one very effective way! If not withdraw itself can not be obtained in the short term strategic initiative. At the same time, it also let Brandon greatly relieved, he had originally thought that the British Empire Navy ready to support large German fleet submarine attacks, that although it is possible to obtain good record, but went to the attacks on the other The submarine will undoubtedly narrow escape, think of dozens of ships equipped with advanced anti-submarine weapons German destroyer hit the submarine light this scene is enough to let Brandon nightly nightmares. Navy identity as a cover for attacks at sea, and the Hill Lt. Col. these American submarine commander! And evidently submarine commander in the U.S. and British naval rank is not high. When Brandon is still conjecture, Hunter will he commanded: After not know their true identity, understand? submarine! Navy plus the Canadian Navy of the British Empire the current total number of submarines to 37 Americans disposable sent a submarine force twice this figure, it is indeed consistent with the Americans what should be a big habit, lavish, large number of mass. Brandon still thinking about how to arrange to of these submarine and crew accommodation, Hunter will be some tired issued an eviction notice you will what needs to directly contact my aide-de-camp, he will try to arrange for you! At this time, the Americans stood up and followed Brandon out of office after an American military salute Admiral Hunter King. Next to the Hill, Lieutenant Colonel Brandon always feel a little awkward Foxe Bomber, not because of anything else, the gap between the two men's height is somewhat larger. Brandon 1 meter 76, the British regarded as mediocre, the American man was a full one meter a few. The two men stood together but a distance from the head, I really do not know such a tall How did you come to join the submarine force, it is estimated that the activities inside the submarine bumped his head no less. Reluctantly, Brandon looked up and his new partner, said: beat those haughty German, just do that they have been working hand in glove with the Japanese! Pacific maintained an overwhelming advantage! participated in more than four years ago, the South American war ships. Ins and Outs sunk a total of 32 Chilean and German ships, the there is a British Crown warship! Brandon eyes reveal an elusive mean, like sorrow, like Lost, seems to miss. Unconsciously, he has been nine years away from their homeland, relatives and friends in vain, even mind hometown to the impression gradually blurred Canada Goose Camp Sale. and depending on the rank of the level to give the sum to appease gold, can return to his hometown and separated from their families, willing to be Paradox when police. Willing to firefighter firefighters engaged in agriculture, handicrafts or light industrial activities or enjoy preferential tax policies, the only limit is not allowed to move out of their own home within a decade. In attracting such a policy, after the war has been a lot of people through a variety of channels to return to England, especially in recent years, as the British economic situation gradually improved throughout the reconstruction work is also in full swing, there are many homesick British Empire soldiers return to Britain. Intelligence according to the confounding which the spies sent to Britain being revived, only a pity that the British army conscripted locals, these intelligence officers can not enter the military departments Discovery Military intelligence should have to spend a week or two! Major, if you do not mind, this time I want to stay in your boat. matter more is that the field on submarines, he has been wondering how to make the German smell latent mere mention. Soon after, U.S. submarines Sure enough, as about the arrival of a few each night, will have a submarine into the naval base in southeastern Canada, after modification works is tense, variegated submarine uniformly sprayed into pure black, the bridge ID also replaced the British Empire Navy submarines serial number, the boat also raised the flag of St. George's Cross of the British Empire. Of course, each officers and men on the boat are put on the uniforms of the British submarine force, one of them with a strong local accent, but with the identity of the British Navy as a cover. Although the United States and Britain are doing everything possible to strictly observe the secret, but the many German spy lurking in Canada and the United States or quickly get accurate intelligence. To this end, the Ministry of the German Navy has made a positive response within just two weeks, more than 150 ships, destroyers mobilization to the German Atlantic routes, 35 mine-laying submarines and 40 normal attack submarine is increasing adjusted Guadeloupe naval base. In addition, the Department of the Navy to the Cabinet and Congress drew a motion plus made 120 anti-submarine ships and quickly through the eight largest German shipyard - Konigsberg shipyard, Royal shipyard, not to Meiweiseer shipyard Vulcan Shipyard, Stettin, Kiel Germania shipyard, Kiel Huowa Stewart shipyard, but the Ze Shuo efficiency shipyard Krupp shipyard to undertake a the batch orders shipyard workers began working overtime , a steady stream of raw materials sent to these shipyards, a 1200-ton hunting submarines in time to be completed before the end of 1924. This time, the German tanks had stabilized, the firm embarked on a wartime system, entire countries are doing to prepare for the upcoming battle ready for a break? Hou door the entropy women look door lady concubine scared China the strongest Queen's first class lady wealthy mistress ace Diao Fei Shu difficult life geniuses princess eloquent minister of the best in the world

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