Tsunemi, explore shops, let me regain confidence, and the original fat paper to become the United States to marry your mother

May 29 [Tue], 2012, 17:52
This time to try on several dresses for the majority try experience has been looking for the beautiful dress shoot wedding photos, I can only say to try on, after a sudden I kind of immediately under a single impulse, because the permanent home, I have long forgotten as a fat paper with a little self-esteem and regrets ~ ~

First paragraph: the gold V-neck dress ~ ~

To be honest, this dress is actually really good, If I could lean 10 pounds of meat, then wear the effect should be better, but even so fleshy, personally feel that the overall effect is still very good. ~ ~ Please allow me narcissistic ah, ha ha ~ ~

Upper body design: this dress upper body design is still very delicate, and the bright spot is the upper body. ~ ~ First is that the deep V-neck shape, individuals still quite heart water, V-neck, because it can bring out the fullness of the chest, at the same time visual effects that can stretch the upper body ~ ~ Come talk about the shoulders with a personal feel, so the shoulder belt is pretty safe, not afraid to fall down ~ ~ strap on the side, while a large diamond jewelery. embellishment, and a few tassels hanging down, or very dynamic ~ ~ so that the strap is not so monotonous ~ and the shoulder strap and another mystery when viewed from behind, the shoulder strap on both sides extending out to form a curved curved ribbons hanging in back, is still quite nice oh ~ ~~

In addition, careful MM will note that this dress the upper body also applied to the design of the lace, white such as underlay, against the golden yellow is still very coordinating beautiful, but gentle and delicate lace can a woman's side shown dotted in the middle of the chest, as well as a tassel ornaments, the overall effect is very good ~ ~

Skirt design: this dress is the waist design, style belt made by the wide ribbons, waist firmly fixed waist effect played a very good ~ ~ skirt with a little bit small tail, is not particularly obvious, but still achieve the effect of the closing body oh ~ ~ plus satin fabric, light sensitivity is still very good, in general, this dress is still quite atmospheric, intellectual ~ ~~

Second paragraph: ink blue pleated dress ~ ~

Say the truth, Tsunemi home MM just take over this dress, my heart thump a bit, this color will not be old-fashioned, pleated skirts? ? So big I did not pass through it, will not fit? ? A series of questions come up in my head, but not the nerve to say, and I thought, forget it, anyway, are used to try it, I did not expect ... I did not expect ... haha ​​~ ~ I do not say, JMS Figure know if ah ~ ~~

Upper body design: First is that when I hesitated, color, ink blue, giving the impression that the more old-fashioned kind, but to wear to the body only to find the original so the lining skin ~ ~ is not old-fashioned, the opposite is very atmospheric. ~ ~

And then say that it is the style, the design of neck hanging from a security standpoint, it is quite good, because wearing the dress of the time, we mostly toast, so the volume of activity is quite large, believe the skirt will fall down, but not afraid of hanging neck ~ and, this crane the neck, is very delicate, full of bright diamond covered the entire harness, it is particularly shiny, is not monotonous oh ~ ~ The key is this hanging neck, not simply from the chest edge to hang themselves, but there is a curve along the chest below the style up, so that, on the one hand, more security, on the other hand to the chest can hold up Shoulong ~ ~

In addition, V-neck, will set off the chest is full, the chest oblique fold effect, but also from the visual feel very layered, also very three-dimensional ~ ~~

Skirt design: this dress, high waist design, on the one hand chest firmly fixed on the other hand, will look slender, covered Xiao Dudu ~ pleated skirts swing, be regarded as a trend this year worn or very feeling only a little retro flavor of the United States, and vertical stripes, pleats, the feeling is very thin the ~ ~ In general, this dress is still very satisfactory, wear it when I was still thinking about, to bring this dress shoot the King of the study should be particularly stick ~ ~

The third paragraph: red gold fishtail dress ~ ~

Dangdang ~ ~ ~ This dress is my grand launch, I put it on I was too a sense of accomplishment it - because it is the tail, I put on my zipper, I wear on, but that does not feel the fleshy Oh, so therefore, I want to say, love you ~ ~ suddenly confidence Bel increased ah ~ ~~

Upper body design: It seems to be the shoulders with deep V-neck to the spike, suddenly discovered that this design super is right for me, ha ha ~ ~ in fact, to be honest, this dress really is a seemingly ordinary, but the upper body does very amazing ~ ~ previous dress, it does not have too many ornaments to modification, but for simple color gold wire streamlined embellishment, it has been this beautiful dress perfect interpretation out ~ ~

Shoulders with a simple atmosphere is safe, reliable, deep V-neck, and my own strengths show no doubt that, Allow me to once again narcissistic about wow Kaka ~ ~ back is a deep-V design, so before and after echoing is still very coordination ~ ~ to say the highlight of this dress, I want to estimate the color gold lines on the clothes ~ ~ chest vertical twill waist is horizontal divergence out from a point twill, and slowly the gradient, and then vertical straight extension, really, I do not know how to describe ~~

Wearing a dress when I talk to and henme the MM, perhaps clothes on the prize money line will be so good self-cultivation effect ~~

Group placed the design: this dress is also a fish tail, did not expect since the last challenge tail, I actually fell in love with a fish tail of the ~ ~ lining is the effect of the continuation of the upper body to continue cultivating it, in the crotch of the effect of Hongsha made a little skirt, very hazy, and very flirtatious ~ ~ In general, this dress I was very, very satisfied, because on the one hand it to meet my little vanity, on the other hand, the upper body really good oh ~ ~

Fourth paragraph: Bra pure Qi ~ ~

Richie to try so many dresses have to change to change the taste, the incoming pure, huh, huh ~ ~ Richie readily take, it is also very beautiful, the key is thin ~ ~~

Upper design: M-type Bra design is also very much in line with my request, both to bring out the chest fullness, also Nengzhe to block the effect of axillary fleshy ~ ~ yarn surface oblique fold, so that the chest is more three-dimensional sense special yarn surface pure and clean ~ ~ below the chest, with a row of big stones jewelry to be decorated, both the upper body is no longer monotonous, but also set off the role of the chest, with a small waist design feel. ~ ~ the waist with a large number of small diamond pieces to be decorated, especially flash, and V-shaped waist cutting, in particular, was thin it ~ ~

The skirt design: I wear the Qi did not wear the skirt lining Oh, but Peng is still not great, right, with enough yarn layer ~ ~ and the texture of the yarn is particularly good, particularly the delicate ~ ~ Punta Punta veil accompanied by a little bit of diamond design, light, Twinkle, twinkle, ~ ~ very nice ~ ~ personal feel, this Qi is particularly suitable to go out wearing it, both to be married in the bride's pure and lovely, yet little lively Oh ~ ~
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