Working at Home Not All It's Cracked Up To Be

November 07 [Wed], 2012, 15:07

Working at Home Not All It's Cracked Up To Be

Nearly every office dweller fantasizes about the joys of working from home: Dressing in PJs instead of suits. Eating from the fridge and not the vending machine. Listening to birds chirp instead of the boss bark.

But Superstorm Sandy has created legions of people who can't wait to get back to the office.

They include parents who have struggled to juggle conference calls while their kids scream in the background. Also families who have fought for days over the use of a single home computer Relevant Products/Services. And even executives who have conducted business with the only device Relevant .

About one-third of American workers work from home at least occasionally, according to Forrester Relevant Products/Services Research. But massive flooding, power outages, transit shutdowns and school closings that followed Sandy forced thousands more from North Carolina to Maine to do so this week. And many learned that it's not all it's cracked up to be.

Michael Lamp, a social and digital media strategist who has been working out of his one-bedroom apartment in the Brooklyn borough of New York City because his office in the Manhattan borough is closed, sums it up on his Twitter page: "I'm getting sicker of it with every hour that passes. I might be slowly losing it."

Lamp, who converted his coffee table into a desk, says he longs for face-to-face interaction with his colleagues at Hunter Public Relations. And he's finding it particularly difficult to share his workspace with his live-in partner.

"I love him very much, but I would rather not see him 24 hours a day," says the 28-year-old, who proudly admits that he can't wait to greet his manager in the office. "I'm going to run to my boss's office and tell her I missed her face.If you want to read about buy mosaic in a non superficial way that's the perfect book."

Dr. Alan Hilfer,Our technology gives rtls systems developers the ability. director of psychology at Maimonides Medical Center in New York, says it's normal to struggle with working from home. He says it "has its own set of difficulties" that people who don't do it often aren't always aware of.

"There are many more distractions than working in an office," he says. "Even people who do it on a regular basis find it much harder to structure and discipline their time."

Hilfer, who lives in Brooklyn and works in a hospital in Manhattan, knows the distractions firsthand. He was working at home on Thursday to avoid the difficult commute in the storm's aftermath. But he kept getting distracted by Sandy updates on TV, projects he needed to get done around the house and his wife asking questions about what she should get from the supermarket.

Other movies that filmed in Orange County in recent years have included the Oliver Stone-directed 2012 film “Savages,” which filmed in Laguna Beach, and “J. Edgar,” which shot at the old county courthouse in Santa Ana. The courthouse was the setting for the infamous murder and kidnapping trial of Bruno Richard Hauptmann highlighted in the movie directed by Clint Eastwood.

“It was startlingly similar to the courthouse in New Jersey where the trial took place,’’ said location manager Patrick Mignano. Arrington “opened the doors for us,” he said.

A number of television shows also shoot scenes in Orange County, including “Criminal Minds,” “CSI: Miami,” “Beverly Hills 90210” and,Load the precious minerals into your mining truck and be careful not to drive too fast with your heavy foot. of course, the reality TV series “The Real Housewives of Orange County.One of the most durable and attractive styles of flooring that you can purchase is ceramic or porcelain tiles.”

The best known show associated with Orange County, “The O.C.,” focused on the lives of a group of people in affluent Newport Beach. But the show was actually filmed mainly in Los Angeles.

Arrington has had to do more with less. Since 2008, her budget, financed by the county, local cities and private donations, has been slashed from $125,000 a year to $20,000, she said.

While that limits money available for marketing, Arrington attends local industry events, such as this week’s American Film Market in Santa Monica, to drum up business. She has been working with local park officials to streamline the film permitting process and promote more filming on the county’s beaches, such as Dana Point.

The Media Alliance of Orange County,This document provides a guide to using the ventilation system in your house to provide adequate fresh air to residents. a nonprofit charged with promoting local media and entertainment industries, has been hosting meetings with location managers and casting directors to highlight available film locations and crews.