Would you like to learn secrets that will improve your golf game

April 24 [Thu], 2014, 10:02
Would you like to learn secrets that will improve your golf game? I know I would. You may be like me. I am athletic and competitive and I admit I like to win or at least walk beside the best players in the game. How would you like to learn the secrets of being better than average? • Imagine yourself breaking 80 regardless of your ability.• Learn the secret of how to hit the ball farther than you have ever hit it.• Learn the secret of how to improve your swings.• Learn the secret of how to shave strokes off your score.• Learn the secret of straight drives. The first time I hit a golf ball I was so bad my trainer decided to give me some old golf balls and told me to practice knocking the golf balls across the pond. (He knew very well that most of the golf balls would end up in the pond.)Regardless, I had a lot of fun hitting the balls, but that is not playing the game. To add to my misery my ゴルフバッグ hands were blistered and my back hurt. I cannot imagine anyone being as bad as I was, but lessons were learned that day at the golf pond. The only hole I did well was number nineteen at the club house. Body alignment and your posture stance are important when preparing to strike the ball. My hands were blistered because my grip was too tight and I was using the wrong iron to hit those golf balls. Instead of feeling angry thinking I was being punished for being such a bad player, I should have corrected my attitude and spent my time in constructive practice. Have you been having problems with your grip?It is very important that the palms of your hands are placed very carefully around the club. There is a correct way to hold onto the club. You do not want to squeeze the shaft too tightly or too loosely when hitting the golf ball. The correct iron needs to be used. I kept hitting my golf clubs incorrectly. I put quite a number of holes in the green and dug out more grass plugs than golf balls. I am sure the greens keeper was not pleased about the earthly destruction I had caused. Back pains were caused by swinging my golf clubs incorrectly. I was trying to imitate what I thought other golfers were doing without having taken time to learn how to hit the golf ball correctly.When taking lessons, one learns to get an effective swing with the expected results:We need correct ゴルフ激安 body positioning which includes the correct stance and proper alignment of the spine. • The right timing, not only with the ウェア 服装 physical readiness, but also the mental preparation• The correct order of the swing• The key is a thorough understanding of how the body moves with the coordination of the muscles and the skeleton.By: Tricia DeedArticle Directory: just could not be anyone worse than me, but if you are frustrated and truly want to improve your golf game. Take golf lessons today. Visit the sports section of Tricia Deed at and review Welcome to the GolfSwing Book.
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