Zhang Ying held out his hand over

July 22 [Mon], 2013, 10:37
Head admitted!

This is nothing to ティファニー 指輪 hide, but iron also like to put out their ティファニーアウトレット own achievements commandos, from time to time to boast about!

Yeah, so give me a look? Zhang Ying seemed interested and asked to see their Dagui Zi iron weapon, a good eye-opener.

Iron thought, think anyway, has fire air missiles, and put simple hair fire is handed him!

Zhang Ying pick in his hand, looked up and down a long time, did not understand how it is, this thing had to be reconciled and returned to the iron.

Zhang Ying took the fat fed to the fire device, plug it back iron backpack, made fire control points in half, you can split and combined, separated only one foot in length to length, into backpack more than enough!

Yes, Zhang Yingzhang, I have come to help you ** In addition, there is a command to convey! Iron then remember バーバリー バッグ the main purpose of the trip to and quickly removed from the backpack a twenty-nine Army military military orders!

Zhang Ying held out his hand over, expand and looked to the above, see above says, Given the recent Japanese resident initiated provocation to me frequently, so needless negative command over defenders retreat, where there are the Japanese provocation troublemakers on the spot to fight back, unwilling to do Let territory! The following inscription is twenty-nine Army military, there are even red twenty-nine Army military seal and Linge's autograph.

Well, really great! Suffered so many years of useless gas, this was finally able to have a free hand to play the game! Zhang Ying generals so happy in his hand shake for a long time, this quiet, General Order put to the self.
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