Multiple Optimistic Facts of America Paint Market 

September 19 [Sun], 2010, 10:11

Though it isn't easy for wood painting market in 2010, there are plenty of factors which can bring the optimistic opinions to the business. The rebounding signal and the high raising fever of DIY willing of the customers is bring the expectful future to the wood painting market. According to the research of Freedonia, the protective coating of wood products and the market demand for related preservatives will maintain the 2.2% annual growth and expected to reach 30 billion dollar when 2013. From the present economic situation, the gradual revival of real estate market will probably become one of the driving force resources for the increase of woodware coatings. Besides, the demand of home products for woodware coatings and preservatives also keeps positive increasing.ugg bailey button In Vilnius

The increased requirement of painting is benifit from the high plendix development of product constructure. Suitable Ways for Halloween Costume The expanding of the apply of tense boards and the daily care of wood furniture supply the wood painting and wood perservations enough market requirement. These are the good news for wood painting market. But in some specific aspects, wood painting is facing with some development dilemma. Under usual conditions, what has the largest share in wood care products is the application of decorative wood and furniture, such as floor plate, cupboard, and wardrobe and so on. Real estate which has gradually got out of the depression and the budget increase of home decorations of residents also let the woodware coating manufacturers see hope. In order to keep their place in the market, the coating material manufacturers take pains on the colors, construction effect and durability. In addition, manufacturers also concern about the ingrediants of coating material and the enviornmental protective performance of raw materials. Paint manufacturers in order to maintain its market position in the field of wood coatings, in color, construction effects, durability and other properties, they do their all efforts, in addition, manufacturers are also very concerned about the coating formulation and environmental performance of raw materials.How to Go With Right ugg classic short in for December

Out of interior part, we will check the exterior application status of wood products. And it turns out to be not so optimistic. With the rapid development and application extension of newly emerging materials, wood products are undergoing the dilemma of market shrinking. Meanwhile, suppliers of exterior woodware coatings and preservatives have suffered the same impact and strike. But exterior can bring growth points to woodware coatings and this growth will come from the maintenance purchase of large-sized infrastructures and the maintenance and care of exterior facilities of family houses. How to achieve growth? The results of market research shows that consumers for high value-added paint products is the source of profit growth, reflecting in specific physical indicators is the better results performance power, longer durability time and more convenient method of coating. How to realize the growth? According to the result of the market investigation, consumers think that the high value-added coating products are the source of profit growth. Reflected in specific physical indicators, it is better effect performance, better durability and more convenient method of coating.

Mike Kozlowski, the marketing director from Thompson`s Water Seal thinks that the product refinement of exterior woodware coatings and waterproof coatings greatly reduces the decorative cost of exterior wood terraces. At present, the average cost of American household on the terrace woodware painting is between $ 100 and 500. As people spend more and more time at home, it is necessary for us to spend some time in dealing with the house's backyard and balcony to make them seem to be more beautiful, therefore Thompson' sWaterSeal thinks that outdoor wood lacquer's market share will be improved in the year of 2010.

CarlMinchew, product development director of BenjaminMoore notes the recent problems of wooden materials' application. Because more and more composite materials win the market by their low cost and outstanding appearance, they take the place of wooden materials. With this status, Minchew expresses that although the demand for coatings of exterior woodware materials is reducing, the market size of coatings for wood preservative concerning houses does not change a lot on the whole. Seeing from the sale fingure of Benjamin Moore in 2008 to 2009, the sale amount of outdoor wood paint is larger than indoor decoration wood paint. In 2010, Benjamin Moore believed that the recovery of real estate business will pull up the house decoration market and paint enterprices will get the benifit. The need amount of wood architecture such as the outdoor plat will be increased. This is because in the eyes of many consumers and clients, none of the compound materials is more suitable for home terraces than wood. In recent years, the technology of waterborne wood coatings formula has made remarkable progress and consumers put more emphasis on DIY, which provide an increase-keeping driving force for the future of woodware coatings.

Mike Kozlowski introduces that the main reason that Americans are so meticulous in the decoration and maintenance of home terraces is their DIY spirit. You must know that it`s a big expenditure for the masters on decorating and maintaining their houses. Many people will carefully design their own terrace, such as uniquely designed fence in the balcony, add decoration, a large input makes owners more inclined to self-labor, reducing the costs to achieve their design dreams. ThompsonWaterSeal has succeeded in promoting series of waterborne woodenware coatings, which is good at qualities as well as appearance. From the markets' feedback, waterborne environmental protection and low VOC have become customers' most preferred properties.