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July 23 [Wed], 2014, 13:07
her rival, is also very difficult to win. Like the past, only saw the first warrior, the first thief, first Master title, never dare a person known as the best in all the land. sexy bikinis uk But this time, almost all of the default, NIE is the best in all the land, this is what a privilege! Nie said riding into the sky in the dark wing of the dragon's back,, to an air force. At the just completed the morale of troops still bloody, sexy bikinis uk Nie Yan smiled, after a bloody battle, these guys fighting experience more rich, and the angel that consortium of flight forces The whole army was wiped out., this world, who can be equal to them! "Nirvana inflammation!" "Nirvana inflammation!" sexy bikinis uk All the game player expert tribes were sent bursts of applause.

Nie words made a gesture of quiet, the game player will immediately quiet down, his bright smile way: "brothers, crap I have not much to say, start now to feast the army!" Hear the words, they immediately jumping. "Hear the name, sexy bikinis uk came over to get things!" Knight's lament loudly, "said the first top ten, the spirit, the enemy ???????, a seven order flying mounts, three order six flying mounts, five order five flying mounts, twelve order four flying mounts, twelve order three sexy swimsuits flying mounts, reward a legend, three pieces of equipment the legendary items, five senior.In the past, turned to the left hand to heaven: "our captain is coming." The left hand to heaven, can not help but have strong expectations, but is Lin Xinyan, suddenly had a strong hunch, did Xue Yu the captain, who is Nie? But wanted to think, and think the impossible, Nie where before didn't contact sexy bikinis uk with virtual game, when all the last saw Nie Nie, who looked was not how good, but if the Nie who mix was not good, and how to clear the three hundred thousand copper coins compensation? A group of people are quietly waiting. After a while, a dressed in a black cloak of game player appeared in their sight. "He came!" Xue Yu excited tunnel. The left hand to heaven, feel