Assad announced that he and dozens of others

June 21 [Tue], 2011, 18:27

Assad announced that he and dozens of others

Assad announced that he and dozens of others from "all walks of life" would form a national dialogue authority to prepare a package of reforms, including possible constitutional amendments or an entirely new document that could allow for competitive political parties and free elections, in time for August parliamentary balloting.

Activists said an authority handpicked by the government would fail to address the roots of the problem.uhrenwatchesstore at discount prices from SwissLuxury.

"Who are these people who will take part in the dialogue?" said Georges Chachan,Largest Discount authenticpatekphilippewatches review and product info . a member of Syria's Assyrian community and an opposition activist now living in Belgium. "If they are people chosen by the regime to speak in the language of the regime and to work on the timetable of the regime, then we have a problem.Mint condition high grade brandwatches,Shop Fossil Men's Watches Collection for Dress pandorabeadswatches ,

"The people who are in the street are not the people the regime chooses to speak with."

In recent weeks, Assad announced several reforms, including the removal in April of a decades-old emergency law that curtailed civil liberties and the issuance of citizenship rights to the country's long-repressed Kurdish minority. Such changes failed to quell the protests or rein in security forces increasingly using deadly weapons on demonstrators. Late Monday, protesters were already gearing up for another round of nightly protests leading up to mass demonstrations after weekly prayers Friday.

Pro-democracy activists say Assad's security forces have left at least 1,400 people dead.

"The president is a hypocrite," said Adel Othman, a Syrian opposition activist reached in the eastern city of Dair Alzour. "He acknowledges our demands as legitimate but then calls us conspirators,watches111 Calatrava Watch patek philippe, traitors and criminals. If he really believed this was a foreign conspiracy, why would he want to talk to us anyway?"