Real Madrid and infighting!

August 29 [Fri], 2014, 16:13
After the first game against Sevilla, J Lo suffered criticism, but football is like life, is always full of revenge, while Colombians also received their own opportunities, the Spanish Super Cup against Atletico Madrid, he with a goal to re-prove himself. This is not a fantastic goal, he can not be compared with the best goal in the World Cup in Brazil FIFA 15 Coins , but this was his first goal in Real Madrid, he can finally cheer in the new team a goal. J Lo is still a long road at Real Madrid, Real Madrid's new on the 10th, hope to use their first goal at the Bernabeu, as the initial impetus of the new sailing club. Real people are expecting him to be successful.

Real Madrid and infighting! General greeting teammate Casey Casey deadpan indifference Real Madrid captain Iker struggle with Arbeloa, if continues. The first leg of the Spanish Super Cup Real Madrid and Atletico Madrid before the game, Real Madrid television channel capture in the scene. Real Madrid Arbeloa generals within the channel starting eleven players of Real Madrid tribute, he should talk Cheap FIFA 15 Coins Carvajal hug, then patted Bell, Marcelo and Pepe, and for Pepe beside Casillas , Arbeloa gently touched, straight and walked out. Casey treat Arbeloa, also stood there blankly, said no. This lens naturally escape the Spanish media, Catalan media, "World Sports Daily" direct wrote:. "Arbeloa no regards to Iker Casillas in the channel," the newspaper claimed, "Casillas told Abel Waikoloa rift still exists between the two as if across great distances. now out of a new chapter, Arbeloa their competitors within the channel Carvajal (same as right-back), Bell, Marcel Luo, Pepe, who greet and even to just join the Cross greetings, except neglected Casillas. "

Spanish media "Aspen" also indicates that there is a gap between Arbeloa and Casey, "cold greeting between Arbeloa and Casey. Arbeloa had a very warm greetings with his teammates, but to Casey there had changed. "" Marca "said Arbeloa Real Madrid player had been with a warm greeting, but to Casey where it becomes cold. Arbeloa this summer with Casey made a lot of topics, the Buy FIFA 15 Coins two once playing online war of words. Initially Real Madrid fullback Arbeloa on his Twitter forwarded an article claiming that Casey is "Real Madrid cancer" article, the article accused Real Madrid's Iker Casillas to anti-media burst a lot of material inside the locker room , even called Real Madrid Iker cleaning. FIFA 15 Coins
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