Talking about "Kung Fu Soccer"

September 02 [Tue], 2014, 14:43
Children are, you have to have team spirit The event went to Shaolin Temple, of "football dream" in the second quarter of an audition arrangements, 21 soccer players from around the country who will elect 14 crowd, this year there is the opportunity to go to Inter Milan, Tottenham two the famous football club "practice" for a month. Teenagers at high guidance led to a nice fun and nearly a FIFA 15 Coins week of tension in the Shaolin Temple. Because of the need crew, this team Shaolin special "guest" four or five o'clock in the morning usually get up, breakfast, practice, meditation, actually turn out to be less football, before his departure, playing against the second group, the idea is let Shaolin monks fans live over the addiction.

Talking about "Kung Fu Soccer", Leilei said yesterday: "Of course I have seen Stephen Chow's Kung Fu Soccer movie, but then again it is too exaggerated, football itself is to work hard in order to play well, I think this to. my biggest inspiration is most needed effort, which is the most in need of football you see, in addition to cultivating the Shaolin monks, as well as a long time meditation, Zen, is to repair the heart, I think this may It is our lack of Chinese football. "Leilei that "in the past, our players tend to pay more attention to physical aspects of training, while ignoring the cultivation of the mind, spiritual into the football field, it should be is to control their emotions, for true football experts, Cheap FIFA 15 Coins this is a basic quality. again, this time we audition criteria is very simple, not only to see the children's football skills, have investigated their willpower and team spirit, there is no team spirit, no matter how personal technology is also no good. "Talked about his teaching plans Mabian and Leilei frankly stated:. "Now home to raise a family, more than a son, you can not, as a few months in the village school stay on as before, but every year, half a year to go, the main what is the distribution of supplies, anyway, do my own greatest ability to help those who need help the children. "

South America, Brazil and Argentina meet in October Hutch hundred times nest Derby feast This summer in July, the Brazilian football war in this shrine of football slowly extinguished, as Germany took home the trophy, after re-shuffle world football fans carnival also slowly came to an end. For the watching fans and watch the pseudo-fans, the World Cup success, not just to Buy FIFA 15 Coins witness dynasty makeover and a second "rooftop see" upset after, leaving many people to spend a another crazy and memorable summer. The only drawback is always not quite over the jet lag and the TV can not restore the site. In the three months after the World Cup ended, the Chinese fans finally ushered in a feast of their own giants. October 11, at the National Stadium Bird's Nest, from South America powerhouse Brazil and Argentina will be the resumption of fighting in the east China this land belongs only to compete for a century dominance of South American football honors - the South American Super Cup derby. FIFA 15 Coins
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