August 27 [Sat], 2005, 7:47
Yes,I'm doing long destance relationship with Scott, now. I thought it's ganna be okay, but it seems like not okay. I was unthouhjtfull. Canada is too far, to do chat, talk, and meet ! Even I like him, I don't think I can continue the situation like this, becasue if a couple don't meet togather, how can they trust each other? how can they know each other seriously ? how can they suport each other ? That impossible ! Don't you think so? When you really really need him /her, and wanna meet and talk, but you cannot do that. Yup, my dad told me that even they like each other so much, if they are far way each other, and can't meet, their feeling ganna be decrease. I don't think Scott will come to Japan. He said he will, but in the reality he is busy, and to come to Japan is very expensive. Umm... if I think about this I feel very baaaaad...

Family broblem 

August 26 [Fri], 2005, 20:59
Umm...it seems like I've have family problem whole my life. I'm very very worried about Keisuke now. He is very nice guy, many people like him, yes, he is very attractive. When he started to think about his future seriously, I was very happy, and I thought he can have good life. But, now his girl friend became pregnant, that's why he gave up to go to a university, all his joy in his life, and he decided that he is having his responsibirity, I mean; he is working... I can't forgive that Bitch !!!! She destoroyed my brother's future. Beside, the other worst thing is mom is strange to Keisuke. She told me that she cannot believe and care about Keisuke any more. So, if Keisuke comes back to apartment sometimes, mom asts strange to him, and saies mean things to him. I hate that. Because, I think he is unconfortable here usualy , and mom's this act makes him more undonfortable here!
I don't care somebody think I'm very cold person. Still now, I cannot help thinking thet bitch gave up the baby, and separete from my brother. I don't wanna see my brother's unhappy face few years later. I really don't. I really hope Keisuke and Taka will have happy life. What can I do for them? I hate that I don't have any power everytime.

I wanna go to a university ! 

August 26 [Fri], 2005, 15:32
Well... after I came back to Japan, I've had many times talking to my family. One of the main topic is my future. Yes ! I don't know what I wanna do! what should I do ! I know that it's not good, actually too bad; I just wanna use English, because I like this language and thought of Amerian, no no actually if you know English, you can talk many kind of people, becasue now English is world-wide language. I cannot explain, how exciting to talk to different kind of people from you !
Any way, it's unfair , I know that, I didn't study when I was junior high school student, and high school student, but still I wanna studey more. Papa told me that you should go to real society, and you should get some job. I know that, but the jobs I can get now is so law... If I can get university degree, I can choose much more, and better job. Besides, there is some possibility getting some skills, too. I totally understand papa'e mean, if I have some strong believe and dream, and then I need to study something for this, to go university might be usefull, however in my case I don't have such a strong thought and dream... How can I do for it ? Yes, I don't have, but I wanna study more. I guess I want to get more confident to myself
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