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> Three hundred and twentieth IX into the Golden Triangle (a) the first day, Ling Tianyu went to school, regular meetings, teaching plans, Ins and Outs of a busy morning, that would be more open and more boring, and finally Ling Tianyu simply not listening, lying on the desk pen, appears to be doing the conference record, actually? It took two big turtle, while muttering, three horizontal pricked add eight, put circle to long claws, stretched out his head painted tail, great tortoise appeared. wWw, quanbeN, cOM striking yellow side could not kicked him, whispered: "Do not muttering, do not trouble trouble." Ling Tianyu molested her and said: "You're barking again, I give it two turtles named ...... "yellow striking the foot under the table mercilessly kick from the past, Ling Tianyu has long been aware of, and raised his leg survived this attack, only to hear the left Lu Wu shouted, Ling Tianyu in This laugh happier. To this kick, Ling Tianyu lose a noon meal, this meal is definitely money left over, because Ling Tianyu intend to bribe the old section of their own to go to the Golden Triangle, and somehow, and say hello to the old section, leave this process is still required. Then it can not decline benefactor looked arrogant. Old section touches also happy for Ling Tianyu leave, he received two words are not agreed. These days Ling Tianyu coaxed two girls at home, and occasionally checking out Murong one thousand rumors, bars, awe-inspiring security companies often go ...... away from eighteen death row have been six days,oakley sunglasses outlet, and Ling Tianyu wondering, tomorrow night That is the deadline, and in the end to come back a few do? Seventh night, Ling Tianyu bar waiting in Vienna, from eight o'clock waited until midnight eleven, seventeen death only came back twelve, with five runs without a trace, the tiger quite depressed , sitting opposite Ling Tianyu silent, Ling Tianyu not mind the way it touches his face and said: "There it an hour before to twelve, twelve back before, I will not blame them missing appointments. "The sea and his four brothers got the news in advance, has been in the bar waiting for it. Tonight, the soldiers went to the Golden Triangle Ling Tianyu plans to develop an important night. Related to the success or failure ...... half past eleven p.m., Tiger running out of patience, said: "Yu-brother, I think five of them will not come back." Ling Tianyu laughed: "It's okay, it's not there twelve brothers all back what? back are brothers. "who knows Ling Tianyu powerful death row in Ling Tianyu speak, they are accustomed to shut up, for Ling Tianyu temper, they have not completely figured out. Ghost hand, two sides of the black sitting Ling Tianyu smoking, Ling Tianyu holding a bottle of beer, drink it slowly. Ling Tianyu casually asked: "Tiger, you went to see your mother, right, how the illness?" Speaking of his mother, the tiger extra excitement, said: "Yu-brother, thank you, if not you, my mother will definitely worsen the disease, surgery is now a wealthy, but surgery was very successful, raising a few months on the line as long as I put the money you give to leave my dad, and let them make up the body to give mom buy something, I also told them that I was to redeem oneself, will be back. "Ling Tianyu sighed:" I will let you come back. What time is it? "| Tiger looked at the time, said:" Yu-brother, twelve o'clock. Even if it does not come, I took the remaining twelve brothers can work is not bad that five people. "Ling Tianyu reveal their smile, said:" I will make them come back. "on the side of two black whispered: "arrest people come back." two telephone calls to black out bandits, brigands there was news, immediately put five personal information to tell donkey, donkey and Xiaocai with North District racing who, in Within a short period of half an hour from the three places of entertainment within the grasp of KM to three people, brought to the Vienna bar. These three individuals are brought inside packed in sacks, sacks are not in the car, but with a motorcycle dragged all the way to the bar, and at this time the three men what it was like, we can imagine. Private rooms, one a blood sparkling sacks, three familiar faces to climb out from the inside, the donkey on Lingtian Yu said: "Yu-brother, the other two left the KM, the ground state it, but already ......" donkeys do wipe the neck of a gesture. Lingtian Yu nodded, looking to climb out from the inside sacks three people, stood up and asked: "Look at me, who am I still remember it?" That's three people now know fear, constantly nodding. Ling Tianyu smiling, said: "I remember who I am useless, I remember what I said fishes, I'll give you seven days to arrange a good time for you, give you money so that you enjoy, but you play a little too far, and even forgot I let you come back, so I was very unhappy. "" Yu Yu brother ...... ...... "a death row off, said:" I was wrong ...... beg you to give me a chance ...... "Ling Sky smiled, did not speak, two black rose and said: "Yu brother I went to deal with this." Ling Tianyu nodded and said: "handling clean point, and then go to busy your right." two black people left with three , Ling Tianyu re-sit, facing the opposite thirteen death row and said: "Now you officially joined the Speed ​​family, and I welcome you, you go on this step, then we have to do something more exciting The tiger led, follow me. "Ling Tianyu people do not know where to take them only at your back, Ling Tianyu followed around two people, ghosts hands and Xiao Ru, two of them in the side,Clutches And Evening Sale, is the fear of these death on Ling Tianyu disadvantage. But not now appears that this worry is unnecessary. A beer within the plant, several searchlights will be cold here, only a few gatekeepers within the plant's younger brother, Ling Tianyu only brings Tigers this group of people, as well as the sea and his four brothers. Came to the factory after the war all in a row, Ling Tianyu pointing to several vehicles inside the plant, said: "The sea get down point sample." Sea greeted his brother, taken down from the car hit several wooden boxes , open wooden box from the inside out is a black firearm. See tigers they blindsided Lingtian Yu said: "You're not wrong, is this stuff, arms, and there are a number of goods to be sent to the Golden Triangle. Expected starting the day after tomorrow morning, Tiger, you will use a few people over there gun? "Tiger said:" I only used pistols, this gun ...... I have never seen. "Several other people are also similar, Lingtian Yu said:" Do not worry, I'll give you about the sea , professional special forces background, to give you the time of day tomorrow, followed by the sea and his brothers learn a gun, can learn how to see your own ability, which is a life-saving stuff, later to be frequently used. "little tiger excitement, asked: "We will have our own gun after it?" Ling Tianyu: "Yes,Oakley Active, after a lot of you have your own gun, I simply went to the Golden Triangle to the purpose and you say something, the first to go, I personally led the shipment to the Golden Triangle, how to get along, you have to remember the tiger, the second may have to make your own Yahuo passed. to the Golden Triangle, there will be someone fitting, of course, the domestic pipe card side, I'll get that out of the border, the real danger is when you ensure that arms in hand, do not be taken away. This is your basic tasks. Simply put, you are escorted logistics companies members, but our logistics company to go a little bumpy road. "one death smiles:" I also when anything at all, that is, arms smuggling Well, than I used to grab. robbed people safer. "Ling Tianyu laughed:" You think there is nothing wrong, the first to go, stay about three days in the Golden Triangle, to the other side, you use these three days to familiarize themselves with the case of the Golden Triangle, where the how complicated, I am saying no more use, only you get to go to appreciate. "Tiger said:" Yu-brother assured that we will strive to protect the security of each consignment. "Ling Tianyu:" Tigers do not need you any guarantee, sometimes also unable to avoid a sudden event , I sincerely put you as brothers, but what you do not want to risk, you can buy the goods lost, people are not really gone. ocean this cohort only five people, you have thirteen tiger tonight sleep early tomorrow morning to come here to learn to play along with the sea guns, starting the day after tomorrow morning. "walked Ling Tianyu sea side, whispered:" Sky you come here. "Ling Tianyu the tiger said:" You should be familiar with firearms here bars, each elect one of their favorite, and then find that they teach you to use Ge Jige. follow me to do it, have your happy day. "Ling Tianyu to one side and the sea, whispered:" This time you really intend Sky What a person look Dinglun? Yesterday, I thought a day, five or let us go, you go Yahuo led to exquisite jade, Dinglun local armed, but he may not believe you. And I went to there is an advantage, even Dinglun found wrong, it will not hurt you. After all, you and the shaman also played down the play. Also, I strongly recommend that you have your own in the Golden Triangle base, or what are the clouds. "Ling Tianyu sighed:" that place high cost of land, you want to get a stronghold, easier said than done? "The sea:" That stronghold of the things we put off temporarily, this time to see Dinglun, let me go it if I come back and help me take over the bar, let Xiaoya go home ...... "" get out! "Ling Tianyu scolded:" You hold this attitude, and I can not let you go. "sea smiled and said: "We are running a good thing, but not to the armed forces and Dinglun chieftain falling it, I just say this ...... previously in force when each task execution has left last words to say, This is a habit I have. "Lingtian Yu said with a smile:" You boy, this habit is not good, get rid of me. "sea:" Let 's, and to the Golden Triangle, the five of us secretly left to go Looking Dinglun, you take this group of people Yahuo Tigers past, try to get an accumulation point. "words are not numerous. Four days later, Ling Tianyu convoy came Golden Triangle city, heavily armed group of five people sea convoy to leave quietly, looking Dinglun this forces gang. Ling Tianyu mansion open to the shaman, the team went after the building closed the door on all. Wolf, purple exquisite and exquisite jade came to the first floor. Ling Tianyu smiling Xiaoyu said: "hard work." Exquisite jade hint of a smile, Wolf held out his hand, greeting: "The Sky this road hard." Ling Tianyu also polite, said: "In order to make money Well, what is hard to count it? Who we are miser it? ha ha! "Wolf laughed together. Ling Tianyu on Wolf said: "The last time I give you back to the list you still keep it, to the inspection it, are all here." Wolf pleased and said: "Well, I polite ... ... "the people around him, said:" inspection. "Several people on the bus to go see weapons, Wolf also holds a list with the past. Delicate purple and Lingtian Yu smiled, followed by Wolf walked over. Ling Tianyu greeting: "Tiger, come here." Tiger walked up and stood Ling Tianyu behind him, asked: "Brother Yu anything?" Ling Tianyu the tiger said: "She is our family who coaster, you call She heard a small Yujie definitely not lose out, Xiaoyu who was a tiger, a tiger after delivery came on the whole. "Tiger said:" Little Yujie Hello, later also please take care. "Delicate Jade laughed:" Yu Brother, Where did you got such a sensible man, ah, comparable donkeys, two black and a few of them much easier. few of them had never heard sister called me. "Lingtian Yu said:" Tiger Look, Xiaoyu but very less praise people. "said Tigers touched the back of his head:" Yujie I first arrived, there are many rules do not know, if I have anything to do after the wrong place, you're welcome, despite the lessons it wants. "Ling Tianyu said: "Xiaoyu You see, give you face. Tigers we are here to stay for four days, followed by four days the more you get out Xiaoyu, and let her introduce you to the form of the Golden Triangle, a good learning point, very useful. "" Yes! "Tiger respectfully said:" I know yu brother. "Ling Tianyu laughed:" Also, I tell you, oh, want to learn marksmanship, looking Xiaoyu is absolutely unmistakable. "Just then, Cang wolf came, pleased, said: "test is over, as are many, it is tough! prepared Beaujolais weak tea, to give brothers Jie Feng." Ling Tianyu also rude, the tiger said: "dinner break, are rare abroad once you leave tomorrow to go out for shopping to bring back his wife and children right, get some souvenirs fine, here's urinal more fire, I almost bought back when the vase with. "meal everyone laughing. During the evening, Wolf King a few drinks to Ling Tianyu, chatting chatting, digressed on a question of money, it has been hinted Ling Tianyu hiding, hoping the price you can offer some of the arms. Ling Tianyu early and hid it through the air, and for the price of arms, did not let me. In the control room shaman gas teeth itch, did not dare offend Lingtian Yu, Ling Tianyu offended not only buy good merchandise, and even drug distribution routes have become a problem. Golden Triangle City, at the junction with Myanmar. Sea and dick tied up into a mysterious castles, the youngest in the fourth Five were ambushed on a mountain about one kilometer, driving M200 aim at the sea and the second child. Barracks, the sea saw this mysterious Dinglun. Dinglun wearing an undershirt, his head with a straw hat, cigar in his mouth and asked: "Chinese people?" The sea: "I am where people are not important, the important thing is that we can work together to bring you your want something. "Dinglun Diao innermost cigar, asked:" Why do you say that? can you give me what? "The sea:" to bring the weapons you want, I have come to do business You have been so tied me, does not seem right. "Dinglun:" I have to prepare for, ah, you say you have a good weapon, where it? Let me see. "sea:" You are afraid of release I am against you right, you're not sure of my identity, I do not let me go, I can clearly tell you, if I want to harm you, you definitely will die ...... "Dinglun dismissive and said: "bragging who will." depths of the sea into the ear headphones came the youngest voice: let Dinglun squad you stand up close to the point window, I can shot interrupt his cigar. Sea on Dinglun said: "I never lie, you do not want to prove to you what you come to see me with my body what." Dinglun stood up and walked towards the direction of the sea, when he passed the window, A gust of wind blowing from the front, leaving only half a cigar, his face burning pain. Meanwhile, his straw hat, but also fly. Five two youngest and proud of high-fives. Sea, said: "Now I believe it, my brother on the outside, if want to kill you, you are now the head occurs at least two holes of blood." Dinglun hurried command shut the windows, sea, said: "We have no malice, you now should know. "Dinglun look at the wall hit by bullet holes, shocked and asked:" What is this gun? "The sea:" M200, heard of it? currently the world's longest sniper guns, precision how high you can see. "Dinglun will not know how M200? Excited and said: "Give them two relaxed, tea." The sea and the second child two people sitting on the sofa, Dinglun also put down the attitude of the rich soil, and asked: "You really do arms business? However, the first time such a meeting. "her second child, said:" Otherwise, how do we meet it? does not prove it, would you believe it? "Dinglun:" But you proof way is very easy for me to misunderstand, but this effect Our next cooperation, I would like to know, you bring me anything good. "sea full of self-confidence, said:" This depends on what you want, such as M200, like it? like I can give you Some allow you to leave first with, feel good cooperation that can find me again. "Dinglun confused, the man in the end want to do? When in the local militants on a head, certainly has his mind, rather than a fool. Sometimes there is a great deal more we looked, the greater the risk behind. The sea seems to look out Dinglun doubts, said: "early to say what, our goods is very good, but the price is too high, if you can not give what we want the price, I will not cooperate with you." Dinglun blurted: "Price can be discussed, first talk about your asking price." sea ruffled five fingers, said: "the market is at least five times." <
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