An insight of today. 

November 21 [Fri], 2008, 5:11
Hello dear FUCKER !

Today i’m in a better mood than I was yesterday <3
I don’t know why.. its just because :’D

Even if I had annoying things to attend.
I had to go to the doctor for an ultrasound to check if my thyroid works effective and regular (and fortunately, it does.) and I went to driving theory classes .. (only 4 times left, yai ! :D) … And even if the weather was bloddy cold and rainy, I feel like .. I’d say okay (and that is really better than days before, but I wont say why coz its too private..).

Well, I’m happy to meet my dearest friend Sarah tomorrow (coz with her, its always dead funny and she just let me forget my worries :’D)
So.. that’s the first reason why I look forward to the weekend (as I mentioned on my entry before).

The second one is, that I’ll travel to Essen (bigger town close to mine.) to buy (non-)permanent hair colour <3
I don’t now which colors yet but I think I’m going to test a new color (in combination with pink, of course. (and blonde / brown, coz I wont dye my whole hair, just some highlights.) And I really like dyeing my hair, coz I like to change myself (but I don’t like changes in general..).

And the third one is, that I can finally do this fucking first-aid course for my driving licence coz then I have all my forms altogether and I cant postpone (:’D) it anymore and as a result, I don’t have a bad conscience XDD quite logical, right?

But, okay that’s it for today. <3
I still have to do my fucking english homework.. eeeeh… but hell.
Goodbye, bitches and faggots.

Yours, WARU.

(Don’t take my beloved addressing for you too serious.)
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