The crane hook material and manufacturing technology

March 21 [Thu], 2013, 11:54

Integral parts of the crane hook group are composed of a few simple parts by hooks, nuts, thrust bearings, beams and pulleys, etc... Hook in terms of shape is divided into two kinds of single hook and double hook, single hook by definition is a hook hanging cargo hook, it can only be lifted lighter lifting cargo from double-hook lifting heavy cargo is relatively heavy, but talk about the hook lifting goods, can not help but think of those goods fall because of unexpected failure caused, resulting in a significant injury and loss of life or property safety. Therefore, the quality requirements of the hook is quite strict, and the safety performance of the hook to achieve, you have to begin from the structural design of the hook, the configuration of materials, manufacturing methods, and in the process of manufacture and use to strengthen inspection must be timely and maintenance, to find any unreasonable scrapped update.

Question about hook material.
In addition to withstand the weight of items, from the crane lifting mechanism in the starting and stopping of the moment of impact load energy, but also can not be underestimated, it must have high mechanical strength and good hook lifting hooks impact toughness, high carbon steel material brittle, usually of stress concentration and crack defect sensitivity, better quality low-carbon killed steel or low-carbon alloy steel.

Knowledge about the manufacturing process of the hook
According to the manufacturing method, the hook is generally divided into forging hook and laminated hook forging hook overall manufacturing cost is relatively low, is also very easy to manufacture, so the application is more extensive, but forging hook once destroyed, also You can say all scrapped. The laminations hook is connected into a multi-piece rolled steel rectifying intermediate with buffer tableting, can buffer the pressure to bring the energy, even if the individual steel breakage took place, it will not affect the overall fracture and breakage.
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