Crespo gave Battier high marks

March 18 [Mon], 2013, 18:56
Crespo gave Battier high marks. "He was like Edward - Hooton (Edward Francis Hutton), although usually not too much, but if we are always willing to listen to him." (Note: Edward - Hooton securities brokers in his name was founded in 1904 Company EF Hutton & Co. Thereafter, the company became one of the nation's most famous securities brokerage firm on Wall Street has been handed down such a sentence: "When EF Hutton talks, people the listen.", (regardless Edward - Hooton said, people always willing to listen.)
After the game, a reporter asked Kobe, the presence he gave teammates what kind of advice. Bryant replied, "my guide was very specific, all arrangements were set by the opponent's defensive strategy, at the same time, also with the other adjustments adjustments. Of course, the ultimate aim is to use the opponent's defense found offensive opportunities for ourselves.
Referring to the experience nike air max 24-7 men's of coach, Bryant said reading each other's defense is very important: "you want to keep an eye on changes that have taken place, we have advantages, and then make sure that each player in their best position on the maximum possibilities to ensure success. You know, Dandong's mind may be thought 1 million options at the same time, Nash and Howard at that time on the pitch, they are difficult to note changes in all fields. I just sat there, so I can see more clearly.
In addition to the personal attack, Hadden has not forgotten in this game as teammates did ball, which are considered a continuation of the momentum of the last 8 assists, but mistakes a lot less. Such as emergency stop after the third section, take a break, danced with one hand empty umayr whipped the ball to the bottom line-Arsic (Arsic bothering dribblers are double decked); 4 minutes 50 seconds nike air max 1 canada left and the third section, harden breakthrough near the free throw line, jumping threw the ball near the basket, Chandler-Parsons-catch the ball with both hands violently buckle.

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