Forcing notebook rhythm ! Large inventory of multi-core architecture Tablet

May 08 [Thu], 2014, 16:47
Once upon a time still to have a small series of their own laptops and excited , but things have changed in the notebook seems to have quickly become a home appliance , like a pure functional products , there is not much novelty stylish atmosphere . Compared to the emerging tablet appeared in contending situation , different chip architecture different appearances product after another outbreak of the infinite creative potential , called the new darling of the consumer electronics market .

Actual market performance also proved this point , the growth rate of the tablet PC market hit record highs, and has affected the traditional notebook market share, great " death sentence " notebook rhythm. Following small to introduce several different quality Tablet PC chip architecture for friends .

Recommended Products : GDIPPO P706

GDIPPO P706 debuted in 2013 Taipei International Computer Show , the machine uses the latest generation of Intel's X86 architecture based on 22nm process to build the Atom mobile processor , the performance side even better performance , and in the Android 4.2 system support can be your office right-hand man .

GDIPPO P706 aluminum body uses to create the overall design style is simple , the atmosphere, the silver paint also UV highlight it looks even more extraordinary , the whole body weighs only 345g, it is very easy to carry out . Interior 8.0 inches IPS touch screen, supports 10 -point touch, the best display resolution of 1280 × 800, the screen ratio of 16:10 , the display is quite satisfactory.

Hardware , GDIPPO P706 built-in quad-core Intel Atom Z3740 processor , clocked at 1.33GHz, 2GB memory and 32GB of storage capacity . And there are front and rear dual cameras , front of 200 million pixels, compared to 500 million pixels rear , you can easily meet your travel photos and videos using social needs .

Now many have joined the Tablet PC product design elements , with a detachable keyboard , GDIPPO P706 is using this design . Except that it is equipped with Bluetooth technology to connect with the keyboard, unlike other flat products , such as Microsoft's Surface is the use of contacts. Unfortunately, the keyboard needs to be recharged .

As an Intel Atom processor of flat products , GDIPPO P706 compact design refinements , while grip feel good, but also address some of the performance end of the routine office tasks , ideal for travel more white-collar workers to buy.

Recommended Products : JXD S7800

JXD S7800 With the performance especially of improvement across the screen resolution , and gradually caught up with the level of the Apple iPad , in Spen, gesture recognition and other special functions even more than iPad, Android tablet leader continues to move forward .

Designs on the most obvious change is the back JXD S7800 imitation leather plastic back shell , feel and perception are very good. Class imitation metal edge of the fuselage using a plastic shell , looks very beautiful. In the light of the fairly good control , 7.9mm thickness and 535g weight , portability in similar products doing well.

JXD S7800 screen also is 10.1 inches, but the resolution from 1280 × 800 spans to 2560 × 1600, to enhance the degree of detail on the display is very clear . The camera also has a more significant upgrade , with a pre- 2000000 rear 8MP camera, greatly enhance the usefulness of camera functions.

JXD S7800 using a self-developed eight-core Exynos 5420 processor , clocked at up to 1.9GHz, the match is rare 3GB memory to run large , with the depth of customization Android system, not only in the actual running of control experience outstanding results are very good. Whether it is watching a large rate of high-definition video , or playing 3D games can run smoothly.

JXD S7800 inherited and improved Spen its unique features, with its corresponding shear and global intelligence memo book and other features that make business users more convenient for everyday use . Another both fun and useful features is the multi-window multitasking , allowing users to do several tasks at the same time greatly enhance the efficiency of the plate .

JXD S7800 excellent overall performance , the Android tablet is absolutely regarded as a leader in performance and functional abnormalities powerful, high-end housing areas , although not using atmospheric -grade alloy , but its plastic shell leather craft class perception is still very good , like friends can look at.

Recommended products : Window N70S

Seeing many PC makers in the Android tablet market done fast, and as a traditional PC giant Dell finally sit still, launched its own Android tablet products, including Window N series is its very good product . Following small presentation in which a 7-inch Window N70S for friends .

Window N70S workmanship is simple and reliable. Although the back shell composite plastic material , but it uses a kind of skin scrub treatment process , and feel the feel is still very good . The middle of the fuselage with a circular Logo, monotonous after the shell to add some highlights. In the light of the general machine control , 9.5mm thickness and 305g weight , now is not too thin.

Screen , Window N70S equipped with a 7-inch 16:10 IPS screen with a resolution of 1280 × 800. Although compared with 1080P even higher resolution screen displayed on the degree of detail there are some gaps , but in the 7-inch viewing area displays the overall effect is good .

Top of the screen has a VGA resolution front camera for video chat is quite easy . The back of a 300 -megapixel rear camera, and not with flash , photo effects in general, of course, and not many people take pictures with the Tablet PC.

Performance , Window N70S uses a Intel Atom Z2560 processor, with 2GB and 16GB of internal storage memory on the performance is very good. Meanwhile, with the run-in Intel and Android systems , Atom processor and software compatibility with Android is getting better , as a routine use is no problem.

Window N70S design is not amazing, but solid and reliable workmanship rigorous material . Configure performance is also good, more than enough to deal with daily entertainment .

Tablet PC faster and faster development in the field of entertainment iPad and Android tablet has been able to replace the notebook the most functional, flat areas in the business office and meet the needs of the vast majority of light work . With the enhancement tablet notebook processor performance alternative could be bigger , but the experience is much better touch applications in notebooks , notebook manufacturers if they do not speed up the pace of innovation is likely to be flat to extract a personal electronic consumer market.
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