Eight Fantastic Stories In 2009 Chosen On Times, 1

December 23 [Thu], 2010, 13:35

American Time Magazine unveiled the ranking list of eight pieces of top weird news in 2009, series of odd news were in the list including torturing the prisoners with music, prison-themed hotdog shops, the air line company imposing toilet use fee on passengers and an American woman superfetating in the period of pregnancy. The specific list are as follows:The Merits and Misunderstanding of ugg classic cardy

British airline company planed to charge the toilet fee to the passengers. The sky seemed not to be so blue for the airline bussiness troubled by the economic recession in 2009. Facing the shrinking profits, some airline companies adopted the methods of raising the surcharge of luggage, food and beverage to compensate. In contrast, the British low-cost airline, Ryanair takes more steps to increase revenues, announcing that it would charge passengers for toilet fee. Ryan air explained that they will fit up card reader to charge passenger 1£( approximate 1.65 $)for using toilet. Besides, they also intend to remove 2 toilets from each airliner (3 toilets in total). Ryan air CEO Michael O`Leary was in an interview with "The Guardian", said, "We plane will be able to fly a lap around Europe an average of one hour, why should we prepare for three toilets? The charging plan for using toilets of Ryan Air cannot be put into practice for present. According to the estimate of officials, they needed at least two years in order to finish the job of dismantling and remodeling the toilets. It happens that there is a similar case, all Nippon airways in Japan has taken a similar measure that asking passengers to go to toilet before boarding in order to bring down the planeload, thus to reduce the fuel consumption.How to Tutorials

The famous American doll is of the same name with an arsonist unexpectedly. Rebecca Rubin is a doll created by American doll brand American Girl. Her identity is the Russian Jewish immigrants in 1914, living in Manhattan's Lower East Side. Rebecca Rubin in the real world is an arsonist on the list of F.B.I. Her nickname is "Little Missy", which sounds like a name of a doll, because it can be dated back to a series of arsons happened in Oregon as early as 1997. The name of the historical theme of children's doll, "American Girl", actually was the same with a fugitive's name, which was obviously a coincidence. Authorities said that Rubin was still fugitive with weapon which was a dangerous person.

3. Spain, the air contains trace amounts of drugs. If you want to experience very high feeling in Spain, you just need to go outside, take a deep breath, does this sound inconceivable? In May, the Spanish government research institution - Scientific Research Senior Commission conducted an air quality testing, which showed that the air samples extracted from Madrid and Barcelona outdoors contained trace amounts of several drugs, including cocaine and lysergic acid (a kind of Ecstasy ingredient). It is reported that air samples were extracted from air near an abandoned building in Madrid where a drug trafficker once lived. Barcelona air samples were from air nearby a university. The result of the test showed that there is much more drug in the air of Spain than in the air of other countries. Therefore, could you really have a very high feeling by taking a deep breath in the outdoor of Spain? The answer was evidently negative. According to calculation, the drug content was between 29~850 picograms in every cubic meter in Spain.

Four. The Chicago residents built the prison theme about hot dog shop. James Andrews opened a hot dog shop in the prison theme called "Criminal offenders Franks" in the western city of Chicago, employees are those residents who were released from prison. The hot dog shop placed with the word "flavor rather good enough to the introduction of crime" such as posters, which was decorated by cinder blocks so that make customers feel a sense of cooling. But not everyone wants to taste prison food. A council of Chicago would not allow Andrews to plug signs outside the hot dog shop, Community Board had also been against and try to eradicate this shop. Kevin Jones, an employee of the shop, who once was a drug dealer, said, "Almost every day we spend in the 'fire' and you absolutely never heard of such a thing. Suddenly, a hot dog stall become the discussion topic of all the people."