Food for Preserving Hair

December 23 [Thu], 2010, 13:30

Healthy hair can help you have a pretty appearance, and beautiful hair will absolutely help you become the public focus.If you would like to alter the hair quality fundamentally, you should know the food can keep the hair, which is very important.Some natural food is recommended to you to make you own smooth long hair unconsciously.ugg classic tall , the Necessity of Mom for for 2010 Winter

Researches show that people with hair loss are more likely to be short of VB6, VE, iron and zinc.In addition, the high fat diet will cause an increase of male hormones in men and lead to lose hair.While the almond is rich in the vitamin E and Zn, which can reduce the cholesterol and it is a super food to cure the loss of the hair.While seashells contain plenty of zinc, which can help cells regenerate and balance hormone, so they are critical to hair's sound growth.There are plenty of protein, iron and zinc in beef steak. Among them, zinc can make scalp gland cling to hair follicle more firmly.Why Jessica Biel all Like ugg classic short ? Who Knows!

At the same time, the most nutrition is from protein, so the high-protein steak is also good to hair health.The legume, in particular, the black beans are a good source of proteins and iron, which supplies nourishments to the hair.Eggs and dairy products, such as yoghourt, are good sources of proteins.Meanwhile, eggs contain selenium and magnesuim, these mineral substances can help hair emanate health charm.

Vitamin C in fruit such as oranges can help your body absorb ferritin more quickly.Moreover, its growth in the collagen is very important, because it will promote the growth of your hair.Raisins are rich in Fe, which can help the grow of hemoglobin.Then, the hemochrome can help blood deliver the nutrient to organisations and organs in the body. Because of this, the hair can get more power in growth.