The Nursing For Pug’s Eyes

October 18 [Mon], 2010, 15:35

If you find that your pug always scratch its eyes with its paw or blink very often, maybe there's something wrong with its eyes, and it doing this because of the pain. If it gets in the eyes caused by foreign bodies that can be used wash water be erased - its eyes softened, the wash water infiltration with linen bandages, and then wiping the eyes can be washed. Performance of eye trauma is that one eye of the dog suddenly suffer a great pain or can not open.You Know What? tiffany and co Keep to be Fashionable of the Season

You have to carefully look for obvious foreign bodies, especially pieces of glass, and then carefully take them away. Two Days Ago Rihanna was Criticized for Wearing links of london You can also wash the eyes with clean hot water to flush the foreign bodies. Don't put your dog in over-bright circumstance. You should take it to the doctor, and prevent it from kneading its eye by its paw or rubbing its eye by using other things. The eye also grant dogs, though that may appear to pour down, stimulate eyelash, cause eye pain and eye aglow, blurred vision, conjunctival inflammation, corneal, these problems can cause serious damage or blindness.The Most Attractive Gift of sabo charms Are Put Into Market, Get one Piece!

It should be invited to a reliable veterinary surgery, amputation of part of the eyelids (similar to people for something unrelated, cosmetic surgery). If the operation is unsuccessful, it will remove the eyelid is too small, otherwise the eye even more exposed. The abnormal secretion of the pug is a commonplace. Eye discharge that is also epiphora is a common symptom of the eye disease. You could help the pug wash its eyes with solution of 2 per cent boric acid every day or every other day. The pug is a short – nosed dog with protruding eyes so it often has lacrimonasal duct constriction, causing two long brown marks beside its ocular parts close to the nose.

If the eye itself, not only MaoBing brown industrious dry can cut, But if the situation seriously, please hurry up to see a doctor, don't use. Long-term use of certain steroid-containing eye drops easily lead to glaucoma, please be vigilant. The pug has big eye-balls with many tear secretion. It may create lots of tear from the eye corner to influence the hair beauty. So you should check it frequently.

Too much eyes water, too red eyeballs, and eye angles turning up "three eyelids" (that swollen eyelids) are signs of illness, and you should seek medical care immediately. If the secretion is feculent or takes on purulence (sticky, discoloring), in most cases, the eye has been infected. We should notice when such circumstances have appeared: Dog`s hair is not tangle around the eyes, or accumulated secretions must cause infection. Use cotton cloth soaked with warm water or special eye drops to clean up the round of eye, and then take the dog to a reliable animal hospital for treatment. It is our suggestion.

The protection on the pug's eye and nursing for the wound on cornea: because the eye of pug is big and prominent, and lacks of protection of nose, So the eyes are particularly vulnerable to injury ---- a long-term breeding of improved flat nose while to meet the breeders` preferences, for the dog, It is a "defect", which is not only likely to cause shortness of breath but also leads to a lack of protection of the eye.