Leave Forest for Apes to Live

December 22 [Wed], 2010, 9:13

Here is the heaven -- Nearly 20% of animal and plant species in the world which are known to people perch there and nearly one sixth of the world's languages and cultures exist there. ugg classic short , the Same Choice of Daughter And there are more undiscovered species and culture live in it silently. The whole environment looks like the initial simple appearance on the earth. Paradise rainforest, the biggest tropical rainforest in the Aisa-Pacific region, is so quiet and far away from the madding crowd.Proper Tips that Deserve to Learn for Maintaining Your ugg classic cardy

Human close relatives, orangutans and beautiful bird of paradise who have bred in bushes for thousands of years, do not know what the evil is and their home is being invaded. Orang-utan is the sole big ape in Asian, sharing 97% DNA with human beings, which is one close relative of us. And in Malay language, orang-utan means jungle people. These wisdom and shy orangered creatures are the biggest mammals on the tree in the world. They pick fruits in the forest in daytime, and build lair by branches and leaves at night. Orangutan had ever spread to Southeast Asia, but human`s crazy destruction on forest made the number of orangutan reduce from more than 315,000 in the early 20th century to 27,000 in 1997.

Now, in order to make way for plantation, a large number of forests have been cut down, causing sharp declination of the number of orang-utan. The latest survey shows that in Borneo leave only 45,000 to 69,000 orang-utans. Sumatra has only left nearly 73,000. United Nations Environment Programme (UNEP) has classified orang-utans in Borneo as endangered species, meaning they face a high risk of extinction. They are already critically endangered in Sumatra. Now, what is the living state of orang-utans? After the forests they live in had been replaced by the oil palm plantations, they had no place to go for food so that had to eat oil palm seedlings. However, eventhough the orang-utans are so pitiful, these starving orang-utans are considered to be the "pests" of the plantation to damage the oild palms' benefit by the enterprisers who want to earn money. They employ workers to kill them.

According to the data in orang-utan protection center, in 2006, 1500 orang-utans were killed by workers and die from the losing of homeland. In 2008, when the distribution map of orangutans in Isle Gary was compared with the forest farm map of Indonesia's Sinar Mas Group, our investigators found that the Indonesia's Sinar Mas Group's forestry not only overlapped with orangutans habitat, And deforestation of Sinar Mas Group had already destroyed these habitats. Among Sinar Mas Group's four forests, at least three of them were covered orangutan's habitat, where the original forest had been felled and planted oil palms. The orangutan habitat around the Bukit Tigapuluh Angeles National Forest is the only place that reintroduce orangutan successfully.

Most of the time, these orangutans live in the forest near to the national park. However, this piece of the region is in the sight of Sinar Mas Group at any time. Deforestation has destroyed homelands of organ-utans and many rare species, pushing these endangered species to devestation, and indegious people living in rainforests for generations have to leave their native places, becoming destitute and homeless. Indonesia is now the rapidest country in the world for the loss of forest. The rain forests in Indonesia reduce at the speed of 2% annually. It is taken down in the world record of Guinness. These red orangutans and rainforest needs a opportunity of "breathing ". Only enough people could not tolerate the negative reaction to deforestation can forest conservation be promoted more positive action steps.