2006年04月04日(火) 0時58分
New enemy...


Room Divition Manager!!!

He said that I can not go to exhibition, because I am Asian.

So, what?????

He is a BUSTER

My hope 

2006年04月02日(日) 22時30分
I went to Thai restaurant today. It was very nice. I ordered one fried rice and cold spring roll. Spring roll was not so good, but I like fried rice. After Thai restaurant I ate ice cream. I am full....
Also I went to Italian restaurant yesterday. I ordered Fantastica pizza and minestrone soup and tiramisu. Minestroune soup was like russian borucih and tiramisu was...Pizza was very yummy yummy. After Italian restaurant I ate ice cream.
I could lose my weight 4kg before I went to these restaurant. Now I can not check my weight, because I am scare to know my weight...
I have to start to eat salad for dinner from tomorrow.
Please please pleease don't return my weight

Common sense 

2006年04月01日(土) 14時28分
In fact I belonged to soccer team, when I was high school student. I told Chinese staff that I can play soccer, but they didn't believe me...WHY???? I liked to play ball games , so I took hard only sports class (otherhand I enjoyed taking sports class)
Today I found girls from Finland who can play soccer. They also had belonged to soccer team for long time. They are my new cowoker.I just asked them that which sports they like best. They answered that soccer is the best quickly. I was happy that I could meet that girls, because I haven't seen girl who can play soccer for long long time, and I think a few girl can play soccer. They said that they love to play soccer
Someday I want to play soccer with them


2006年03月31日(金) 16時25分
I dislike raining day
I dislike insect(especially cockroach...)
I dislike reptile
I dislike injection
I dislike violence
I dislike person who is unfair
I hate human resources manager


2006年03月31日(金) 0時45分
I went to play badminton with my cowoker after my work today. It was too hard for me to play badminton. I have not played badminton for long time. Before I went there, I thought that Chinese people cannot play badminton like me, but they can play very well. I really really wanted to beat Chinese people, but I couldn't So, I want to revenge someday!! However I enjoyed playing badminton
And now I have muscular pain... I wonder that I can work tomorrow ???
I hope that I could lose my weight

My birthday 

2006年03月29日(水) 22時46分
This is my first time to write. is my birthdayMy cowoker prepared birthday cake for me secretlyI was really really suprisedAlso last year my friends prepared birthday cake for me secretlyat our university.I think that I am fortunate in having such a good friends, and I noticed about this today. That's why I decieded to write this
But why I write in English??? Because it's good for me to learn English.
Anyway I want to say thank you to my friends and my cowokers
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