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August 18 [Mon], 2014, 16:47

Li Chun original frowned, he saw action in Chang-Qing Zhu speech inside the kind of perfunctory momentum, which had also expected him, so that he can not read this first type knife, and turned out to be as park the old lady was trained jianjue same unexciting, but obviously is a former thorn in action, as the knife, it is a little too normal. Zhu Father, cheap chanel classic bag that is not free to get a sword fool chanel handbags right? This is obviously not a knife,Chanel Le Boy Bags, this is not a sword inside the ' Pawn ' it?

Chang-Qing Zhu reluctantly explained: Li brothers, this is not cheap chanel bag the problem, this knife has always been this way, if it is immortal guiding, hands -in should be higher, the goal should be the enemy chest, then Jianhua flick,chanel stickers, shrouded throat, chest, shoulders, pubic region and other parts. chanel handbags Look at this knife in the first one dish snake, if the enemy in front, this move just above the pubic region, parts of the chest below the enemy can only back, because if not backward, chanel handbags in the hands of a crooked sword, flat cut and too, the enemy will certainly sliced ??.

However, this standard is to surprise you this knife must be fine enough, sharp enough, sharp enough. So chanel handbags say, this knife is specially prepared for you. Li Chun former listen carefully, feeling very justified,cheap chanel classic bag, he said, but what seems yet given a statement, but short-lived fad can not hear it,cheap chanel handbags, nodded his head and said : You went on to say, chanel handbags listen. Chang-Qing Zhu heart chuckle : Your clever after all of the martial arts know much, chanel handbags not specifically harm you, this door knife chanel handbags also to you, no practitioners should be common sense, chanel handbags 'd like to see how you use this knife France.

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