.21 (last) 

March 09 [Sun], 2008, 0:09
I have no clue how to delete a yaplog.. but I won't write here anymore, I'm sorry <3

Right now I'm working on a new blog which will be announced both on CLP-Comm (for Meiky) and Animexx!

.20 (Ueber die Unfaehigkeit mancher Leute.) 

March 07 [Fri], 2008, 0:40
Es ist doch unglaublich...
wie unfaehig manche Leute sind.

Einfach aus Mexx-Weblog kopiert. Ich bin zu faul, es neu zu schreiben. So it's in German ne.

"Ich hab ja mal darueber geschrieben, dass ich bei dem Plakatwettbewerb des DAV den ersten Platz gemacht habe, ne?


Heute hab ich erfahren:
Hab ich gar nich.

Ich hab "nur" den 2ten Platz, was bei ca 140? Einsendungen ja auch nicht schlecht ist. Trotzdem daemlich. Wie kann man nur so unfaehig sein, bei so einem Schreiben die Plaetze nicht richtig mitzuteilen?! Und das kommt dann erst nach 2 Monaten oder sogar noch laenger, ich bin mir nicht sicher wie lange es schon bekannt ist, raus!!! Sieht ganz so aus, als haette Carolin dann den ersten Platz. Naja, soll mir recht sein, solange ich meine 100 Euro bekomme (die jeder Platz bekommt) (ô o);"

DUMM eh.

Youtube laeuft nicht, dabei moechte ich jetzt Pippins Song aus LotR gucken D: D:

And I still want to write with "Linda" but I' don't dare concacting "her" via ICQ. D:


March 04 [Tue], 2008, 2:04
besser, aber geht bestimmt gleich wieder weg...
Coheed and Cambria - No World for Tomorrow

I SERIOUSLY NEED MORE SONGS OF COHEED&CAMBRIA D: I adore Feathers and No World for Tomorrow! (I don't even have Feathers as mp3 )

But in better news (or well, maybe not that better...) I stopped bass lessons today. Maybe I'll try it again when I am out of my "I don't want to do anything"-phase.


...I seriously love CAPS today :D :D :D

So now I'm off, learning French again. Or maybe not.... We'll see.



March 03 [Mon], 2008, 4:29


.17 (Ultimate-MP3player-ちゃん) 

March 02 [Sun], 2008, 22:31
ポワトリン - 橙と水

Yay! Today, I'll order my new mp3-player.
Some people say it's awesome, some people think it's really bad...
Now I'm confused. But oh what ever, I'll see when I'll get it...
If it's bad and brakes after a short time, I still have the chance to get my money back, ne. *love to amazon because they have such a great service* XD

Because my dad's birthday is today, we went brunching (?) in "Hotel Dreibruecken"... It was awesome But I ate way too much... xD;

I'm a bit disappointed of 176BIZ's new single... it's not as good as I thought it would be... (u u) But "kokoro e" is cute!

Well... that's it for now^^;

*goes to watch videos of today's obsession (which is not in the pic*



March 01 [Sat], 2008, 4:28
f*cking annoyed... and shitty too. Somehow.
平野綾 - God knows

It's really pathetic how much I'm not obsessed with this guy at the moment. LAWL.

Weeeell... spam goes on, ne.
Hm... here's the link to my musicial MySpace: LostSaiのMYSPACKEN Reloaded version because today I finally put up a "layout" and new songs *lol*

Something else~
I don't know~
I neither feel like falling nor "huepfburgig" (Insider!) but like... like crying and dreaming and shouting and I dunno what else D:

I'm totally annoyed, and I suddenly feel really shitty.
Meiky I'm sorry, I would've phoned you today but I don't want to annoy you. I don't even know with what I would annoy you. D:
My head feels like one big pathetic hole.


.15 (today's spam) 

February 28 [Thu], 2008, 2:08
アンティック-珈琲店- - 流星ロケット

It's a bit late, but
today I noticed that I like 流星ロケット a lot And, since it has an instrumental version, I recorded it! It doesn't even sound that bad I think
Plus, I recorded the message I wanted to put online....
Though I'm not sure how long it will stay online It's embarrassing somehow
Well, anyway.

I'm thinking about *** still. He won't get out of my head. *tells him to get out of there*



February 26 [Tue], 2008, 23:09

癒月 - Dear you〜cry〜


I really should spam my yaplog more often! A yaplog is meant to be spammed, right?!

Seriously, the picture is super-cute, isn't it? I adore Hello Kitty

Something I really want to watch right now is ひぐらしのなく頃に But I'm still somehow afraid or something *laugh* But but but I'll do my best to watch it soon *decides*

Ah, okay. Since I'm not really spamming anything with this but I have to because... I just have to xD I'll do it here!

I swore to myself that I won't. like. him. Because I never liked him. I always thought he is strange or something...
BUT when I started to watch so many Dom-videos on youtube and he has also been in them, ...I couldn't help it
Depending on his style, he is kind of cute, isn't he. And he said some really true things.

"I think being different, going against the grain of society is the greatest thing in the world."


"Dream the impossible because dreams do come true."

Nah okay of course there are more. *laugh* But anyway.

...you don't know who I talk about? That's okay, really *laugh* If you want to know, guess xDDD
A clue... hm...
He is also an actor from Lord of the Rings

I think it's easy now.

Oh, by the way.
It's one month now....

Okay, enough spamming
I hope you all have a wonderful day!



February 17 [Sun], 2008, 4:21

girugamesh - owari to mirai

Heute war ein Mexx-Treffen in CLP. War eigentlich ganz lustig, nur war es kalt ohne Ende und es war mal wieder extreme Grueppchenbildung~
Mini konnte ich zum Abschied nicht mal umarmen und Kura war scheinbar voll schlecht drauf. Kam zumindest so rueber.
Aber ich hab mal mehr mit Thuy und... ... ich weiss ihren Namen nicht OMG ich fuehle mich schleeeeecht~ naja auf jeden Fall mit Thuy und ihrer Freundin geredet xD Die sind auch sehr nett!

Sonst gibt es eigentlich jetzt gerade nicht viel zu berichten. Mum ist immer noch im Krankenhaus; so schnell wird sie da wohl auch nicht rauskommen.

Noch dazu darf ich morgen ganz viel Englisch lernen... Vokabeltests 4life...


February 12 [Tue], 2008, 1:20
the GazettE - 虚無の終わり 箱詰めの黙示

Iwie ist das Lied voll L I E B E

Ich warte gerade immer noch auf Mama. Eigentlich sollten wir schon laengst einkaufen sein.


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