2008年02月24日(日) 2時26分
ここで 中国語が使わけられませんから、新しいブログを作りました。

Vivien's Visit 

2008年01月28日(月) 23時59分
Vivien is my first guest in my new home.
I was so glad that Vivien flown to XM to visit me. I thought they are just talking around and even action would be taken, it will take a while. Vivien came even earlier than my family. So nice!

However, as I am also new in XM, I haven’t spent much time here and only one entirely free weekend in XM before, plus I am very poor in orientation, also not interested in searching good places around for entertainment or even eating. I was so shame that when vivien came, I can’t show her around and it is her take the lead. I was so busy on trip that I didn’t do any research to compensate my weakness…luckily and thankyouful that she has done quite a lot research. She knows where worthy to visit, what worthy to eat and see. Indeed, these few days I spent with her also a good time for me to take a good rest and learn XM. We went to the GuLangYu, Xiamen University and tried some goods foods in XiangHaoGuang and a café. Not much places, but I think we enjoyed our time. Only one night and half day Vivien was bored while I was checking emails and wrote my reports. The last night we were in my place, I had a long and deep talk on my bed. Nice! I wish we have more private time for such kind of sharing. Vivien, I am there for you, anytime you need me. Also thank you for your visit which means a lot to me!

almost missed my flight 

2008年01月14日(月) 23時21分
The mobile did NOT ring ... when I woke up it is already 09:50!!! but I have my flight 11:00 sharp!
God!! it takes 30 minust from my hotel to airport.
I made myself leave my room within 15 mins, already the max I can do!!
no make up at all, still have applied some cream..also eye cream.
ask for check out first, luckily smooth, then there is a taxi ready, good!

The taxi driver said it is really risky... may not able to catch.
my god, the road seems very crowd. is that going to be traffic jam????

but I told the driver, just try your best.
I cannot control, as I already on the car, it all depends the driver, and the road condition and my luck.
So I started to write email, make phone calls.
In the past , I must worry a lot, and keep you watch the road condition as the driver hong long we still have to wait,
can we or do you think /predict we can catch???
Now, I know, no matter how urgent how much I care, I can not control, I am not the driver, also there are rules on the road...

The only thing I can do is make sure next time, I do better. I must also request morning call, at least for the date with flight...
It is not the first time, my mobile not function or I can't hear....already two times late for meeting with MAX them.

Suddenly the driver said, which flight you are taking. Wow, arrived? so fast? It is only 10:30am!!
I thank the driver and run to check - in. Good no problem! Very smooth.

When I sat down. I heard the annoucement : MF 8512 will be delayed to 11:35am. So it is life!! Haha!
accident happens! We cannot control! For such case, take it easy!Even if you have a very important meeting...The only thing is you tried/prepared what you have to do.

Then I took the time to write this dairy.


2008年01月14日(月) 22時21分
It is my new house in XM. Such unit is designated for single! One bed room ,one living room, one kitchen and washroom. It is totally new. It is the critical reason I chose this one finally. The building is also new. Just built from 2003 and majority of my neighbors have not finished decoration, not yet ready to move it. The owner invested a few unit here and finished them quickly for rent. Very good idea! Each flat is divided into two. She is living at the lower part with her nephew. My flat is about 40 sq meter which is enough , but I didn’t consider it is on the fourth floor, facing north…quite noisy and very cold…. I can’t sleep due to the coldness and need to buy two heating blankets. Now considering to buy a heater. I got a cold after moved in.
Anyway, I was glad to have my own place. I plan to do some cooking there during free time.

But not until I move in, haven’t I realized there are a lot of things to buy, to physically compose a “ home”. Cleansing agent, rubbish bin, dishes plate, meal tools..different kinds of towels, vaccum, mirror, DVD players, hangers …tissue papers….etc.

dinner with SB 

2008年01月12日(土) 23時00分
Very surprised to learn SB is leaving...he is really a good boss with humanity.
He gave me a very high freedom to work and develop myself.
He reminds me to have good and enough rest to keep myself in a good shape, if I really want to work for CT for long time.
Tonight we had dinner together. Before dinner, I visited his house, which is very big and westernly designed, with open kitchen. Ar I had not much RMB, thought I could check out some cash with my plus HSBC ATM card, but it couldn't be done at Bank of Communication or Bank of Construction...luckil I had 300 RMB in my new debit card of local bank...ai...so the dinner is paid by him. Indeed I planned to treat him...ai...so cheap!
We went to 新天地 (Pudong in Shanghai) a famous place for night life. He introduced me a dessert ( a cake, crisp outside, and soft and sweat inside) , shit forgot the name...we went to a italian restaurant, but very full, so made reservation at 8:15, then we had a drink first. I tried "Margetrita" and he "Shoes of Japanese", which tasted better mine...we talked about definition of love (My meaning is: love mean you "willing" to scarify) and he urges me to make new friends in bar...together with David...god! Then we went back to the italian restaurant for dinner and had another long talk ...thanks for your sharing and advice!

Beautiful Wedding photo 

2007年12月30日(日) 23時39分
This are the most beautiful wedding album I have ever seen. Really nice!
Minnie looks glorious, bright, sharp but natural. She is so gloous like a model, very professional without pretence. Here I share with you some~

Minnie & Alex_Wedding 

2007年12月30日(日) 23時27分
Today is wedding dinner of Minne and Alex her doctor husband. There are two tables of schoolmates from LTP. Mr. Lam Yiu Leung was also precent. The wedding party was very successful. I like the part that the bride and groom practiced a dance and gave performance. They danced very well. A table is for dancers who are their tutors and classmates. We could see from the guestlist that there are a few tables of doctors and nurse. We jokes if we could meet young doctors there. Haha, I mistook a few doctors as waiters and requested them to take photos for us…
Jessica is the bridesmaid and dress the most lady we have ever seen. The foods and rundown are good ( photo sharing, singing –by signer and by grooms, dancing performances, friends greeting and sharing sessions). All the clothes of the bridesmaid and the helping team were sponsored by the couples. I guessed they spent much but wisely.
During the gathering, we are announced that three more couples are getting married. Rachel, Wilson (with Alice), Hoiping. Congratulations!

Working with foreigners 

2007年12月20日(木) 23時47分
The night before yesterday, I didn’t sleep as I had a morning flight, need to leave hotel at 6:30, and worked so late until 3 o’clock then packed my luggage, so decided not to go to bed, in the fear that I can’t get up and missed my flight.
This I disclosed to SB this morning, when I explained why I didn’t dine out with him and WV last night. I was so tired that I went to bed straight at 7:30 and slept until 8:00 this morning so do not join him for breakfast.
As my boss, he questions if I would like to work for CT for a longer time. If I do, I should not work all day and night. Even if it is urgent, colleagues shall expect two days for handling, and should not send an email after working hour and expect an answer immediately. He suggests me not to read a first email during holiday, otherwise, you cannot stop and ruin the holiday and rest. This is a good point I found after working with foreigners, I learn that we really need to enjoy life while we work. We shall not be only a workacholic. We need to strike a balanced and quality life. Then we can contribute better and longer for the company. It is really true and good for both side.


2007年11月23日(金) 23時59分
This dinner won from SQL.
When working with PPS, we need to prepare 3 lists, including a list of all red promo days, which cannot be sorted directly in excel. They said they couldn't think of a clever way to sort the list. After 5 minutes, I already thought of two methods. Predicting the first simple way was the one they had tried-- only can do it row by row. They said yes. Then I requested for a meal if I could think of a better way. CHR and Steven agreed. Later I showed them how I could do it by setting a formula which impressed them , especially Peter very much. Haha this I won an extra free dinner. This time, CHR brought his girl friend to join.
Though today is Fri, STB and I worked until 5 and sent me back. During this short time, we didn’t talk much, but the silence this time did not make me feel uncomfortable. This remains me about Kingston who told me years ago that friends do not feel uncomfortable at silence. So I was glad about this.
Per requested by STB , CHR picked me at the hotel and drove to Ghent, but lost the way , so 15 minutes late. Steven had been waiting there.
It is a Spanish kitchen. I tried the topical cocktail and rice. After the meal, we when to a bar to drink until mid night. I ordered a bear called "slaapmutsje" meaning go to sleep.
This time is so different, we had very nice talk.

Hans's Baby - Robbe Wynant 

2007年11月15日(木) 23時18分
Hans becomes Daddy!
SQL made a tour to visit them in the hospital just next to my hotel. I requested to join and told they bought a baby car as a gift. I insist to contribute a portion,5 euro. They would present the remaining cash in an envelope with gift. The baby is very cute and quiet, does not cry much, which I like most. I don’t like baby crying and don’t know how to handle it.
As a token, the host prepares return gifts as well. Hans prepare two different gifts: key rings and glasses with name of his baby. Also they prepare champagnes to celebrate. After a short talk, I took out a camera that surprised them…they said don’t understand why Chinese and Japanese always photo shooting while traveling and could take photos on almost everything. They seldom do like this. But I don’t care! So I started to take photos, but these became a session as there is not much to do indeed. Photos were sent to concerned afterwards for memory. But I was surprised my photos was put on the newsletter of this week.
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