the three big markets are moved

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Traincollector HTML simple template model , relationresultTags: title , relationresultTags: , relationresultTags: , relationresultTags: time , relationresultChapter 366th array and Sally Wu Lailve micro some angry : authentic habits can be changed !Besides ,real person of Xiu where is baby where to go ,not fixed in one place ,if new trade center has good magic pills and so on ,they will naturally come in great numbers .
If the three big markets are moved to the new trade center ,then this will become the blue star is the largest sector trade center ,there will be a lot of real person of Xiu Mu Ming come, when the country is prosperous .
As for what can be in fair trade center for sale, this need not worry ,you are big business ,know who can change the spar ,can sell .The master do not believe, you three major chambers of Commerce ,take out can sell goods ?You have their own supply channels ,if not so ,just open up channel .
In addition ,the city also can help ,for example ,you drink ,you can sell it in trade center ! Talking about wine ,tensions began to ease up .Sun Ping weak weak ask adults asked: master ,you give us a drink ,how to sell? Wu Lai indifferent smile ,mysteriously said : well ,is very simple ,a cup of also do not sell too ,casually ten thousand Shangpin spar is enough .
Only a ten thousand grade barite ! They heard Miss Lai words ,almost fell from the sky .Just a cup of wine ,will be ten thousand Shangpin spar ,so exaggerating Canada Goose Mountaineer Jacket!Everyone seemed to disagree with this price .
But not just when Huang An herself ,but very solemnly said: wine is worth the price .The Duke of adults ,I will offer one hundred million Shangpin spar ,buy ten thousand cup . It Wu Lai nearly fell .
He just said a price ,Huang An did not expect even really willing to buy .This world is too crazy .Said, Huang An took out ten rings, to Wu .The per ring, there are ten million grade barite .
Wu Lai gods wish exploration under natural number ,will see clearly .Wu Lai with him ,her ,took over the ten ring ,and then directly out two hundred bottles of wine to him .Wu Lai cup of wine ,there are about two two ,ten thousand cup ,that is two thousand pounds ,and Wu ,a bottle of wine, that is ten jins .
Huang An immediately like to see baby ,this will prompt two thousand jins of wine into his own storage ring in .Like their chamber of Commerce ,have a larger space for the storage ring .
When he will all the drink away ,he asked : of adults, this wine Wu Lai offhand should be : Bi Yuan chun . When Huang An smiled and said in a low voice : ha ha ,Bi Yuan Chun ,good name !The president back to sell this kind of Bi Yuan Chun ,each cup sell one hundred thousand top grade barite .
His words had said ,everyone from the air fall .Ah ,too dark !Price ten thousand ,he sold one hundred thousand ,have him do business ?Wu Lai secretly in the heart to blame: blunder !I know it sells one hundred thousand Shangpin spar cup ,he will certainly buy .
However ,Wu Lai thought: maybe I with one hundred thousand top spar cup to sell him ,he sold to one million spar cup sold to others .While Liu Yi and Sun Ping blamed himself secretly : miscalculation I Do Wedding UGGs!Why didn think of this? Wu Lai looked at the two of them ,asked : do you two want to buy some ,the master here ! To be ,of course .
Two people speak with replied .Two people also from Wu lay hands each bought two thousand Jin Bi Yuan chun .Wu Laiyi soon earned three hundred million top grade barite .Spar came too easy .
See Wu Laiye will Bi Yuan chun to Liu Yi and Sun Ping ,Huang An suddenly said : of adults, I have a request . Wu Lai seemed to read his mind, says with a laugh : yellow chairman ,please speak with .
Huang Anyi face sincerely said : you can take ten thousand spar cup prices will Bi Yuan Chun sold to others ,if you want to sell ,please also sell one hundred thousand one cup . Liu Yi and Sun Pingye also said : yes ,master sir, we also have such idea .
If Wu Lai with ten thousand spar cup sold ,they have no way to use one hundred thousand Shangpin spar cup sold .Wu Lai deliberately pensive : well ,the city is mainly a good consideration .
He looked at the three one ,the topic : right, before the Duke on three city are integrated into a big city proposal ? Three people all with one voice : we are all in favor of . Hear from three people, Wu Lai pleased nodded: well ,after the castellan of Bi Yuan spring to sell only to you ,but you don too black heart ,a twenty thousand or thirty thousand grade barite a cup of wine is enough .
Three natural agreed .See matters are resolved ,Wu Lai with all teleport back to city government .For all people to sit ,Wu Lai smile said: since the three chambers are supported ,so the project will make you do .
Please rest assured ,the castellan little benefits . When it comes to good ,Huang Anhe Sun Ping is a bright eyes ,but soon faded .Lip-service who won open ah !If no cash ,not white ?But Liu Yi believe Wu Lai ,Lai Wu has always been said and done .
He said to give them an advantage ,will give .See Huang Anhe Sun Ping two people did not seem to believe ,Wu Lai smiled ,three magic weapon in hands of Wu .A natural is the flaming sword ,one is a silver sword ,another thing is a ruler ,appears and Fei ancestor without scale is somewhat similar to .
This ... ... For Wu Lai moves ,all people are puzzled .Wu Lai refers to the baby the introduction: three magic weapons ,gave three president .The fire sword ,you know ,the master is not to say .
The flying sword ,named White rainbow ,and fire sword ,was inferior immortal implement .This ruler ,everybody, not Fei ancestor without scale ,the ruler is called yardstick, also make the immortal implement .
Go up to three cents for ideas ,is really big ah !But also to give people ,all the people present were shocked . of adults, do you really want to put immortal implement for us? Huang An doesn asked .
That the immortal implement !In the sector ,the immortal implement but best baby ,businesses are generally not sold, only in a large auction might encounter ,but also rarely heard someone sent directly to the immortal implement to others .
Wu Lai very seriously said: the master has gone ,said to you ,give it to you ,each of you choose . Then ,Wu Lai to Liu Yi sound : Liu president ,you choose the best yardstick, which is three cents for the best .
Of course ,if you like the sword ,can choose white rainbow . Liu Yi get acoustic ,immediately went to choose a yardstick, then gratefully saw Wu Lai .With Liu Yi an example ,Huang Anhe Sun Ping have stepped forward ,Huang An chooses to white Hongjian ,Sun Ping got the fire sword .
In fact, Sun Ping had the opportunity to take the white Hongjian ,he gave up ,because the fire sword fame or larger .As for the white Hongjian ,he can be heard .But in fact white Hongjian than fire sword is better, but personally refining of Lai wu .
Get immortal implement ,three people are like a dream .As the three president of the chamber of Commerce ,they were not seen Sally ,just out of chamber of commerce interest ,even if they meet the immortal implement auction ,also did not take, so they are empty lots of spar ,and hands are not immortal ,now Wu Lai gave them immortal implement ,can let him have it shed tears of gratitude ? of adults, you put the immortal implement gave us ,for your own use what ? Liu Yi asked suddenly .
Previously when challenged ,Wu Lai only took heavy fire sword immortal implement challenge ,did not think he was a more than one immortal implement .Wu Lai smiled ,put out his hand .
They are puzzled ,and Liu Yi see light suddenly ,he remembered Wu Lai strength strong ,blow had broken Fei ancestor Shangpin hope device without scale ,his hand is very terrible weapons ,like the immortal implement are called .
Strength to such a state of terror .With the immortal implement ,three president will be jubilant ,joy ,shows between the lines .See other representatives looked with envy at the three chairman ,Wu Lai heart movement ,nine pieces for top grade spirit appeared in front of him .
These nine magic weapons will give you as a souvenir . Nine delegates will be full of Joy came forth ,each choose a superior spirit device .The castellan adults too generous ,ran with him some promising, are all such ideas .
See people are very satisfied ,Wu Lai laughs: well, then would you a lot of trouble ,we make concerted efforts ,soon will be the three city is transformed into a new city . Sun Ping asked suddenly : of adults, do not know how will new name ? Wu Laixiang did not want to have replied: name of the city have to, called the celestial city .
Three people applaud repeatedly : Celestial City ,good name ! Soon ,Miss Lai will be ready in three city are integrated into a giant city news spread like wildfire ,caused a great disturbance in the sector .
All the people there were many discussions .However ,these arguments do not block Wu Lai determination, the project is in ground of like a raging fire .Time flies ,time flies like a shuttle .
In three large chambers under the act with united strength ,after half a year, three city began to be integrated together ,at least peripheral are around it ,and the desert in the middle zone, bazaars began to build .
Three city original place ,is a residential area, in the intermediate zone ,in addition to the establishment of market trade mart ,Wu Lai later added entertainment district and eating area ,which makes the city the function more perfect .
The trade market ,is a key building of Wu .The whole design is Wu Lai personally design ,and supervision .Out of their own interests, the three major chambers of commerce is best to ,it is money ,the powerful output .
When construction is like a raging fire begins ,Ryowoon Ko and Wu Lai are planning a future development .Ling Yunzi after a visit ,said to Wu Lai : the sovereign ,the elders have a proposal .
Wu Lai looked at Ling Yun Zi ,said with a smile : elders Canada Goose Camp Down Hooded,you think this suzerainty in heart, let the sovereign to guess . Ling Yunzi do not believe that asked: Oh ,the sovereign guess .
Wu Lai finger in front of a regional road : priest ,you mean ,it is this area can develop ,as I promise case of resident ,and then as a center ,and the celestial city future .
The original metropolitan already thought of that Rosie UGG, is really great minds think alike. Ah ! Just the overlord also don so early promise in announced establishment, because the sovereign two brother hasn ,but the mother has not received the apprentice .
However ,the area that can use up ,then build ,then Leekpai Kaizong Canada Goose Camrose Parka Sale,natural . The sovereign good . Now three city to their own sites ,blue star will also be in the bag ,in order to better manage future giant big city celestial city ,natural to select a suitable place where as these doors .
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