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July 02 [Tue], 2013, 18:32
> Four assassins in one's ability to have instant acceleration, possessed a pole in the dry thunder assassins and waving out twice in the fatal blow, that assassin instantaneous speed is doubled, dangerous dead yet born, escaped Yu Lei attacks. wWw, quanbeN, cOM followed in brightness Ranger mine became possessed, possessed after the Ranger's face turned brightness is no longer his own, but became the original brightness Ranger goes absolutely fabulous face! This allows for an instant thought of a mine may, if the use of light and dark Ranger's ability to become possessed, mingled beauty heap, or go to the spa sublime system of a visit, then it is not their own can also be gracious. unobstructed into a woman dedicated spa? This idea just emerge at the mine on some himself. If feasible, then the brightness possessed a Ranger NO_226, violent shocks, is simply nirvana ah! Yu Lei is only a hot head, and instantly give birth to the idea of ​​nothing, but now still have to kill these two nasty flies, as for those who just want to, you must first drag a drag! Previous dark altar call, summon heroes, the death knight to attack the most violent, the most trenchant attack Juggernaut, Dark Ranger is the role of small and did not want to output the output, no blood to blood, can be said to be a soy sauce hero. May be different now! Dark Ranger Ranger synthesis and light body, although one theory is xìng and capabilities, it should be ranked in the first pole Juggernaut, light and dark knight is more suitable as both offensive and defensive hero, ranked second, then the brightness Ranger is xìng speaking in a soy sauce is still regarded, however, as a weapon, she changed the low! Thank jīng peerless level wind hit through seven forging grown, it has become almost sick, infinitely close Guards level weapons! Xie jīng wind hit attack up to 680-935, agility is an increase of 340 points! Brightness Ranger equipment, which the bow, is xìng has undergone enormous changes, simply turn the output has not Juggernaut did not lose pairs! If we add the words ring paralysis, NO_226, violent shocks better than knives Juggernaut even perverted many! Ranger brightness value of the damage now reached the 1188-1438 and Agility is perverted reached 760 points, if you bring paralysis rings, plus peerless level wind hit with weapons Xie jīng skills "primary wind" So the goal of causing will greatly enhance the chance of paralysis. To call out the light and dark Ranger mine just want to try now her attack speed, after all, this will be accompanied by his three heroes for a long time, so try to find out their abilities. Bow, opened the primary wind skills, then rained arrows whizzing fly shè, catching the assassin ran some distance. Fast, approaching almost three arrows per second at Thunder rejoicing, so attack speed, even walking back his words, but also a great chance to cause paralytic effect on the target. Since opening the primary wind skill increases attack speed, it would also be reduced by 50% of the attack, so the brightness falls Assassin Ranger attacks caused him only 80-150 points of damage. Damage was low, but the attack speed happens to be able to compensate for this, almost three arrows per second, and let the assassin by the same paralysis effect, 1.5 seconds Defense becomes 0:00, and the sluggish live. After being paralyzed, brightness Ranger arrows obvious damage doubled-190.-195.-210 ...... just to recover from the effects of paralysis assassins have to run back, but was in the mine can be the next one in mind of light Dark arrows to penetrate the death! Brightness Arrow (leuel boost level through the use of frequency): Arrows are included with the brightness xìng, to inflict their agility, skill level ten self-attack damage and slows the target rate of 5%, 5% defense, mana cost 500 points, the cooling time three minutes. This resulted in nearly two thousand arrows points of damage, the spot will be left off to kill! Says it all, but actually occurred slowly within a few seconds, and now the field is left three assassins, one of which is dimming mirror to haunt, the other two are moving at lightning fast hit. Ranger is a flexible light and dark hero, high agility, but also determines the fast moving speed, the next play at the mine is very despicable, transfer bow kite, shè two arrows ran out a few steps, If the goal of causing a paralysis effect, the more shè few arrows. Soon, two assassin's blood is not much, they play is very Wohuo, obviously played out their play with each other, these two assassins know each other even stood on the cut, I'm afraid not own this duo a metamorphosis opponent, so, also playing what? Death of two dead two bars, do not take themselves all five people on this account. "Run, We Run!" Which gave an assassin, the other two apparently had this idea, even shouted back. Being in mine kite has turned feitao two assassins, but it is in mine sneer, a peculiar look and said: "Give you wear a candied fruit!" Then brightness Ranger shè hand talent to launch, one of shè ; hand talent skills, within a minute skill levels to improve their agility by temporary Dexterity, agility Ranger now brightness value reached 760 points, using shè talent within a minute hand, agile value doubled, becomes 1520 points, absolutely scary! Ray said he wanted them just to wear candied fruit, nature is to use ultra-long-range brightness Ranger skills metamorphosis! St. evil Piercing Arrow (level-1 by using a frequency boost level): shè the one with the light and dark are xìng arrows, ignoring obstacles puncture 5000 m distance, around 1.5 meters on the arrows causes all targets within the agile values, skills, level of damage, mana cost 1000 points, the cooling time of 3 hours. This skill is Bladestorm, the same level of skill chains of death, the effect of natural Needless to say,Oakley Sunglasses Scalpel, though now add shè hand talent, hurt reached 1520 points, you can follow to enhance the space is great, and now is a skill , per level, the effect will be doubled, and with brightness Ranger agility is xìng increases and the increase skill damage, but on the effect, then, this skill is very powerful post. Because in mine clearly know, architects also have several seemingly tasteless, but in reality the effect of outstanding skills, one 50 learning skills called "jīng fine eye" effect of this skill looks very sad, the effect like a high-powered sniper rifles, like the mirror, it is said to rise up to the ultimate after all to see tens of thousands of meters away, and can lock the target coordinates,Outlet Coach 2012 Sale, in addition to these, there is no other function. If this "jīng fine eye, brightness Ranger skills with ultra long-range attack skills St. evil piercing arrows, there is absolutely attack, Qiangguai perfect match! St. evil piercing arrows turned into gold sè, the outer layer is This black smoke shrouded sè, with rapid shè wind break out, and instantly through the middle of the two assassins. St. evil arrows piercing rocket body can range around 1.5 meters also causing injury, two assassins also very close distance to each other , just in the range of 1.5 meters, it is an objective harm directly assassin was killed and another person should be a relatively higher level, or with additional physical equipment, blood than previously that more than one out of many, actually not dead. Another assassin he did not die in shock, but also extremely fortunate, but fortunately his earlier upgrade added some physique is xìng,Christian Louboutin Clearance, but also the choice of weapons and clothing increased physical fitness equipment, and sure enough, again today to reap the benefits of high blood, letting yourself go in the jaws of a groove and safe! but not so excited at the end of the last assassin, a gold black sè Ze Cross hit the energy sphere, the direct hit him a 1000 damage value assassin who smoke, it is light and dark knight new skills, brightness wound! brightness winding: (leuel-1): 100 meter range treatment goals monomer 2000 hitpoints , or 1000 damage on the target. mana cost 500 points, the cooling time of 3 minutes. earlier in light and dark knight Ray instantly become possessed, directly out of this skill, cause of this assassin 1000 points of damage. blood has Canhong assassin longer be 1000 points of damage, there is no suspense in his death! Yu Lei Duiguang dark knight extremely satisfied with this skill, not only the effects of treatment, while in accordance with their own ideas to cause harm to each other, and injury value is not low! Now the last remaining one assassin, and it is before the fight with the brightness of that name tour cloned assassin, now dimming avatar has been killed, but also feitao assassin, but in mine it is not care, because there is a light and dark knight skill is not used, and this is mine feel light and dark knights on one of the skills most useful. violent shocks: pull distance of more than fifty meters, and instantly improve their speed to 500%, the impact on the target causing the value of their own strength * 5 +1 damage damage itself, and let the target within 5 seconds state of vertigo. cooling time of 3 minutes and now in mine with the last name of the assassin that the distance between the left and right in the 100 meters at the mine use the violent impact of skill, speed instantly soared to the extreme, even at full speed even mud horse, can not be compared, it is simply the scope of nearly reached the speed of sound, took nearly 20 meters long blur, instantly rushed in mine This last assassin front, five-star Kat grown tyrants forge a spear thrusts -4550 The assassin who emerge from damage. powerful! fury! really deserves to be "violent shocks, this name! The blow value of the damage is very clever, assassin now left more than 4,600 of the blood, the blow, the assassin's blood directly on the remaining more than 50 points! Yu Lei is more joy, did not strike spike each other better, and perhaps some messages from the other side or perhaps stuck his mouth! ! ! ! <
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