from there take the Monkey

July 20 [Sat], 2013, 17:56
> Chi Master of all people leaving the most commonplace resisters Luohou whistling, smiling face, eyes closed, it is surprising, actually attained enlightenment in this war among the eyes up. WWw, QUAnbEN, cOM is left at a glance, Hong Meng frowned, lotus foot twelve chemicals they have been ripped, this congenital Lingbao actually vulnerable? Why is this happening, what is now relying on its own, can beat Luohou, if the Comoros, it can seem Chi Master, but Luohou this person apparently already high Daoxing an incredible realm. Yang Jian hands 三尖两刃刀 close up, France days relative to spell pouring out, towering giants springing up in the moment, opened his third eye between the eyebrows, the reincarnation of the eye, a golden shot to direct a camera was Luohou black grievances wrap the inferno of the people, went gold, directly through the black grievances, had been Luohou resurrected in the inferno of the people were killed instantly, not even a trace of the true spirit left. "It's damn ......" Yang Jian Luohou saw a huge light eyebrows, eyes flashed a wicked light, in the air directly Wu Guang overtaken by a sword, this moment between the high mountains such as Wu Guang Yang Jian was a sword sword into two sections, Yang Jian had congenital Lingbao use even into the flesh, you want to chop has been difficult, and it is heartless, you want to kill even more difficult. Wu Guang Yang Jian sword towards his Sight seeing still laughed: "Luohou, today is your death, I Yang Jian is entirely upon a time when you kill revenge." But the moment the body will be two and a half, himself did not care,Oakley Frogskin, what their own supernatural powers not, split in half does not say a big problem, but the problem came, Wu Guang sword directly into a powerful force to destroy his own soul, known as Ares Yang Jian heaven body on both sides fallen instantly crashing explosion. Look at the people around looking stunned, shocked seeing Yang Chan, crying: "Brother ...... brother ...... you my brother ......" BI Doo resorted to, in the sky turned into a huge Doo, a light has fired Luohou, Luohou coldly cruel smile: "I court death, but can not blame me ......" "And I ......" "And I ......" Lingzhu Son and Ao Linger two the hands of individuals shock cents spirit sword guns and dry holes if the dragon out of the bolt from the blue in the sky, two dragon winding down, the sound of a Dragons, between heaven and earth a quiet, three siege of a quasi-saint people, and is almost invincible quasi-three holy. "To well today let you see. What is called supernatural powers. Pangu authentic ...... what is called" Luohou but smile. Stood still. Hands interlaced. In the hands of a Road Act tactic play. An elegant black to light. Direct puncture space. Two black light rays trapped two directly turned into a dragon. Zhen Ling Xian guns and swords suddenly dry and Lingzhu son,Oakley Plaintiff Sunglasses, Ao Linger lost contact. Two people was surprised. Spit blood. Also a black busy fired directly at BI Doo. Between light flashes. BI Doo fall. Fall to the ground. Originally ground golden disappear. Is already a black ground fighting. Entire objects emit faint black gas. Dr Chan is also a blood spit it out. This kind of Lingbao Blacklight Avenue three times. Lingbao instantly shattered soul among the three people to spare. "Go to hell ......" Another three black ground Jianguang. Three people together with the whole body was blown to pieces. Among the entire Three Realms. Supernatural power of the people looking at Penglai disciples were behind one killed. That four people were killed instantly. What one does not mind the taste. Penglai disciples what the repair? Actually so vulnerable. Just be Luohou a wave disappeared among the three realms. Hong Meng and Wu Yang Youjingyounu. "Young Brothers ......" Chaos and Yunmengshan among Kongxuan above Cihang two people surprised, what Daoxing Yang Jian, two people are very clear that this Luohou really is a master of surprise, which cover changes between hands to kill four quasi-St. Kongxuan sighed and closed his eyes again, this misty expanse of Chaos Theory slowly into his soul into. Sky eight Jianguang instant Ji Zhi, eight people standing majestically above feijian, it is a few people coming out of Shushan. Sakyamuni Buddha saw the face smiled, seeing Shushan people finally came, and came just in time, looking at Shushan eight people, one from vulgarity, enlightenment seems to be really an expert, do not eat human Fireworks look, obscurity behind how it all seems unhappy, but Buddha smiles: "Gentlemen, fellow just come Pinseng notice over hundreds of sects,Christian Louboutin Boots Outlet, indeed, only fellow Shushan came, so many of us , they could take on a bucket and Luohou bucket. "browed Current nodded:" That's a quick fix ...... "browed then ended, eight Jianguang fired Luohou, Sakyamuni Buddha, Zhang Sanfeng are not picked up in the hands of the timing of magic, full headed towards Luohou, Wu Yang holds up hylocereus, he was hung stunned live, it touches Wu Yang was very puzzled, and now came seven quasi-saint and a large Luo Jin Sin peak experts are not shot, Is there a better time? Chi Master waved his hands Zhenwu sword sky, a chaotic Jian Qi flying out and hit the Luohou Buddha Sakyamuni not backward, in the hands of God buildings escorts fired, Buddhist scriptures put on top of a large light that Buddhism Perishable Buddha from heaven, head straight to the Luohou, two people are still forging ahead. The Shushan eight individuals face constant, standing between Legend of a war on Guanghua, penetrating Luohou stature, congenital Jian Qi fired, fired directly at Sakyamuni Buddha and Zhang Sanfeng. They will know where to move against people of Shushan, how powerful this innate Jian Qi, Zhang Sanfeng just recover fast though, but after all the body is injured, how can instantly react, even if this meant Daoxing profound, but it is something unexpected comes, Or is this a few innate Jian Qi hit. Sakyamuni Buddha unprotected, but fortunately there are twenty-four goods lotus supporter, just mind greatly shocked, but also by no small wound. "You ...... you ......" Sakyamuni Buddha pointing to these eight obscurity sighed: "It was not a good person to look at you, and sure enough, the wind on both sides shake, failing fence, you really are good Shushan ah ...... "Eight individuals without a word, turned and bowed to Luohou:" disciples see the teacher, the teacher Shengshou boundless ...... "Luohou laugh, hear it in this very happy smile, nodded:" Well, well, it seems that you have not forget our roots, without wasting deity taught for many years, all together now. "" You can now clear? Mozun this is my other teachers, but I only just before Deng Baren also know ... ... "browed cold look at the people around," Look you, what door, even to help people who are not, you know the teacher as Pangu authentic, but Pangu grievances of shape, but there's a causal link involves to the entire Three Realms, all the people you just a few people dare to die? "" Who says nobody Xiangbang? "smoke appeared among two people, a blue robe, age, seemed to take it but fifteen-year-old look, but they are quasi-holy Daoxing, who would be underestimated? "Little Brother, Little senior sister apprentice, the two of us to be late." It is the town of Yuan Tao Jun Ha LEISURE two people, two people of the town of Yuan Tao Jun is a secret disciple, so are the mouth, said senior disciple senior sister apprentice, and now two people Joining from, smiling face, not at all fifteen-year-old child's childish. "Brother just come." Wu Yang smiled. "To many people are the same, because in my eyes, all you prospective saint, to many, many dead ......" "Really?" Breeze sneered, "The Bong teacher of life, from there take the Monkey Shishu came a reel ...... hey, Pindao opinion, is your death is to. "Sakyamuni Buddha actually very surprised, what was the reel, just let the breeze say so lying? Appeared in the hands a breeze reel, looks bland, even the hint of volatility can not be seen, the wind and the moon two people respectful unlock scrolls, flat out, the results two people froze for a moment, which is decidedly nothing , is entirely white one? "So Shing war, and count Pindao one." Crowd puzzled when the sky has a Jianguang come across, but it is the original capital of the South Bringing Bai, this time riding done drinking song from the sword, a blush red appearance, seemed a bit tipsy, in the hands of a small altar wine, a look that is human gods. "Bai seen Emperor." Bai Chi Master walked in front, it is veneration, had two people's identity, should be called Zhang San Feng Bai Shishu, but unfortunately it is affected by the Zhang San Feng Bai missionary, this way is more like Chi Master Li Bai teacher, this relationship, it is tortuous. "Here comes a die for ......" Luohou and Moro two people very disdain. "There are no people, cooking together a deity." Luohou very hard gas spoke, did not looked down on the crowd, which is also true that there is a profound Daoxing so this strength. Li Bai is a slight smile, "Mozun remark poor men, so many of us, enough, let Mozun how is not out to escape." Eyes to the breeze moon two people pointing finger reel in their hands. " two fellow Here, in the hands of such a treasure, I knew Pindao touches more coming. "LEISURE TIME laughed:" As a fellow, it is stable, this treasure and blood brothers also need a small square to open. " Hong Meng surprised a moment, what have to own essence and blood? Finger a bomb, drop and blood flying out over the drip drip scroll down and blood, poured out on a white scroll smoky look, teamed LEISURE two people waving to throw it to heaven, which is now a light reel , everyone finally found a different place, Luohou shocked: "This ...... This is the chaotic world?" Li Bai Hey smile: "do not play with." slender fingers deep finger light appears on the four , flocked to the murderous chaos suddenly covered the entire world, Luohou far as the soul, murderous sky, have fled to escape, the voice cut through chaotic world, surrounded by water, wind, fire, earth surging, the immediate situation then changed, Bai appeared before an altar itself. Around four standing, each sword hanging on the door, both in the North Luzhou inferno that everyone in this matrix being, no one can escape out of the murderous madness, the surrounding ground water and wind fire suppression dare surging chaos chaos stone sword to kill pressure is crushing, Li Bai in the hands of the people around Qingping prove safety means: "could there be of you do not know me cut inferno teach treasure Zhu Xian Jian Zhen town to teach? "(all the novel network <
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