If you live in the weather is wet

July 10 [Wed], 2013, 10:49
If you live in the weather is wet, must be put inside a little bag bag lest dry moisture yellowing When people need to find a convenient tool for carrying clothes travel -- the LV bags will emerge as the times requireIn 1854, Louis Vuitton in Paris Aas Daniel opened the first bag their own production workshop Domestic sales and foreign sales of these two parts are closely related and complementary to each other There are people with no plans to buy friends to buy a package, as is a passport to buy two A good brand always have infinite inspiration for the future, at the same time, a good brand and always in the years continue to complete the process of CanonizationIn 1914, Louis Vuitton has finally in the world famous Paris Champs Elysees 70, opened the world's louis vuitton handbags on sale largest travel goods shop

A poor imitation of the product often zhutheirshechu haudio-videoe wrinkles In 1881, people in the Manche Strait Tunnel Excavation under, and the British Association prospect is considerable, so Louis said to his son: "we strive to be the first in the UK to visit enterprises Chinese market has great potential He will be exaggerated bows, golden bells, colorful plumage and a rivet punk all moved to the shoulderIn Marsaz, skilled workers are busy training a large number of novice

Bag making 80% work by handLouis Vuitton growth over the past few years mean productivity approaching the limit, the company has 17 manufacturing bag, handbag and accessories factory, Louis Weedon, 12, in France, in addition, 3 in Spain, 2 in the United States of California For like brand customers, our sales is not restricted "In France, the store, the customer quickly in, hurriedly selected packageFrench footwear guru Christian Louboutin as "Pensee" for the red sole source of inspiration, this classic design naturally become the brand 20 Anniversary Limited series of 20 representative

This will give you send Christian Louboutin bag products, let everyone know the French designer from another category! Design with new Maurice Shopping Carryall tote bag, volume is 42 x 50 X 17cm, the capacity to cope with the need to travel short distances, and which is provided with a plurality of spaced, very practicalWhen it comes to bag inside, playing a piece of skin will be small bag in bag, top write a really unique number LV bags, LV won't have, and location will be wrongEach big luxury brands, in the first quarter of this year growth failed to achieve the desired The size of the company shows, its undeveloped areas less than competitorsStars love high-heeled wwww.womanheart.webs.com shoes brand Christian Louboutin, although the high-heeled shoes is good enough, but in fact their home accessories can not be ignored! The Christian Louboutin Sweet Charity louis vuitton handbags package, very mini, but with the palm of the hand almost, but because of the outstanding design of the other update immediately!Design hierarchy, from the bottom to the top of the lace animal hair, put on new clothes for winter bag

The Louis Vuitton's grandson gason (Gaston) era, has been pushed to the peak of luxury products, create a leisurely special purpose box, some have with comb and mirror hawksbill and ivory, some decorated with crystal perfume bottle of silverIn 1852, Napoleon Sans ascended the throne, LouisVuitton was selected as the Queen's bundle, then involved in polite society In Paris the Louis Vuitton store, often see Chinese customers carefully plan can only buy two bags, want to choose which of the two 7 - storey building lets a person as the acme of perfection In 1998 March he was never produced clothing LV, put forward "from scratch" minimalist philosophy, obtains the global fashion positive
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