Baseball of Okisyo team is Champion in national. 

2008年04月04日(金) 22時04分
Today is Championship of National High School Baseball
Tournament. Okisyo team's rival is Seibo High School
in Saitama. That team is really strong.. I was worry.

but, Okisyo team won the Championship of Baseball..
I cheerd for team in my school with classmates, teathers
and other class students. I really moved to tears by
this result. Everyone in Okisyo and People in Okinawa
are really really happy ha ha ha ha ha.

Congratulation! Okisyo team of Baseball.

Today is so wonderful day.

Please teach me!! 

2008年04月03日(木) 17時36分
Now, I really want to know how to call from Japan
to Vietnam. but, I don't know how to call.

Someone- Please teach me how to call for Vietnam.
I 'm looking for it on internet. but, I can't find at all.

I want to call for Vietnamese students from Japan to
Vietnam. I hope I can call for Vietnam soon.

National High School Tournament 

2008年04月03日(木) 17時09分

Today, Baseball team of Okisyo won the game by
four goals to two. Today's Rival high school was
Touyoudai Himegi High School in Hyogo. That
Rival school was never weak. I cheer for Okisyo
team in Okisyo's auditorium. Many students, teachers
and parents came to auditorium to cheer for Okisyo.

Finally, Okisyo team advance to the finals of National High
School Tournament. Final game is Tomorrow. ha ha.

Let's cheer for Okisyo Baseball team. I hope that
Okisyo team can win tomorrow's Final game in National
High School Tournament. If win, Okisyo team will
be National champion. I'm looking foward to Tomorrow.

Favorite singer 

2008年04月02日(水) 20時58分


Lately, I always listen F4's songs.
F4's song is really good. ha ha ha.

Good evening!^^ 

2008年04月01日(火) 21時03分

Hey. Good evening.!! so... Today, I went to
Kokusai street with Kanako. She transferred from
high school in Tokyo to our school. She is my new
friend. first, We eat noodle at restaurant.
The noodle's taste was so good. I liked the noodle.

second, We went to Karaoke. I sang many music.
For example, 流星雨, Kouda kumi's song.^^
I enjoyed Karaoke very much. ha ha ha ha ha.

after Karaoke, We went to shopping to buy accessory.
I bought some pierced earrings. I'll wear it later.
so.. after that, We did take picture by Puricura.
Today was so interesting. I could spend nice time.


2008年03月23日(日) 12時57分
Yesterday, Asako had one's my right ear pierced..
I'm happy..!! Finally, I can wear pierced earrings.
Tomorrow, Asako will have one's my left ear pierced.!!
I'm looking foward to it. and I want to wear pierced
earrings and buy many earrings. ah ha ha ha ha...

Today's evening.. I'll go to shopping. and I'll go to
ANAP. I like ANAP very much.

haa.. If I have many time now, I want to go to
Vietnam and Taiwan.! I want to meet Vietnamese
friends and Taiwanese friends.

Project of Hanoi and Okinawa.★ 

2008年03月20日(木) 11時59分
Hey. Long time no see!! so... Mar 14th to Mar 17th,
I participated in Project of between Hanoi in Vietnam
and OKinawa in Japan. Mar 14th, I first met Vietnamese.
All of Vietnamese is very clever, cool and cute(・∀・)ノ
Okisyo students prepared for Presentation with Vietnamese
students this day. Vietnamese student's English is very
fluently..★ I was very surprised by it. after workshop,
Welcome party started in my school for Vietnamese .
It was very interesting and wonderful. after party...!
Home stay. I accepted a Vietnamese in my home.
My home stay partnar is LAN CHI. She is very cute and
clever. Home stay program was only a day. but, may be
Everyone enjoyed homestay.Mar 15th, Vietnamese and
Okisyo students went to Higashi village. Mar 15th to
Mar 16th, We stayed つつじエコパーク. We did lots of
things. prepare for presentation, PA program and etc.....
We could do many wonderful exchange with all vitenamese.
so... Mar 17th, This was the last day Vietnamese students
were being in Okinawa. This day, We did do presentation
in my school. Our group presented about school life..
Preparing for presentation was very hard work and difficult.
but... We succeeded in presentation. I was very happy,
I could be in C group.. くおん ちゃん あいーん Thank
you for everything. after presentation, We went to Itoman
city for lunch.. during lunch, I could have many conversation
with Vietnamese students. after lunch, We went to 平和公園.
after that, We went to Kokusai street. I and Asako guided
Q. ANH in Kokusai street. He is very hunny and kind parson.
We took a picture by Puricura. It was very fun. ha ha ha.
Actually, This day was the last day of Project between us.
6:00(P.M) We said " Good Bye" each other.. I really really
dont want to say Good bye for Vietnamese students..
This four days were very wonderful.. All times are my
presious treasure. I never forget all Vietnamese friends.

( with Q.ANH and Asako)

( Vietnamese students performance.)

( Rock climing in PA program. くおん)

( with Q. ANH We are good friends.)

Thank you everbody


2008年03月02日(日) 19時40分
Today, I'm so tired.
because of my grandmother
and my mother.

Tomorow is School day.
I'm lookin foward to Tomorrow.

My friend has gone to Hawaii.
I really envy him.
I want to go to America.
Especially, I want to go to
Minnesota in America.

I'll go to Minnesota or Iowa
in America and study there for
a year from this summer
to next summer.

I'm looking foward to it.

I did take picture by puricura
yesterday with Lisa.

For Mr.White.★! 

2008年02月23日(土) 23時17分

I made this picture by myself.

This is for 小白. Good Friends.

Kaohsiung in Taiwan★! 

2008年02月23日(土) 15時58分
ウェンディー/Connie/マギー/なおのホスト/Ching Ching
Ching Fang/あんじぇら/Amy/フィオナ/ダンスの人たち




  • プロフィール画像
  • アイコン画像 ニックネーム:Yuka
  • アイコン画像 性別:女性
  • アイコン画像 誕生日:1月28日
  • アイコン画像 血液型:O型
I love Taiwan.
this winter, I went to
Kaohsiung in Taiwan.
I hope that I can go Taiwan
and SMVHS again.

and, I love Vietnam.
I could make wonderful
friends in project of
Hanoi and Okinawa.

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