November 20 [Tue], 2007, 21:06
This morning i just found out China had totally banned LJ! No wonder i wasnt able to log into one of their forum since i've been here...

Hello this is venus-velvet, writing my daily memoirs during the days of my trip to china/hong kong. Today's weather is: cool!

Just one more thing about this blog, the server is very slow therefore most of time when i found typos and bad grammars it take ages to re-edit, so i apologise if i sound a little crazy at times...

Today we took a 3hr bus ride to Foshan. It is more of a rural area compared to SZ. Once again i was nervous about going to unknown places where i was warned that i might get mugged. Fortunately that never happened, and met dad soon after we got off the bus.

When we arrived to the factory dad brought us to look at the place around, consider how rural the surrounded area is i was quite suprised the place was quite decent and rather tidy. Hard work must have put into the place right? Da-dee-du and maomao is very cute as well, i couldnt wait to give them their new toys and clean their coat abit.

Tonight dad, klug and i walked to a nearby resturant to have dinner. The place is kind of...well, let's just say, better than the other places... their service is rather odd and food introduced was a little icky. We ordered something more usual for us, a little too oily but rather tasty! Anyway, i learnt something today... it would be nice to copy some of that taste when i get back to australia.


November 19 [Mon], 2007, 23:19
This is venus-velvet, and today's weather is: Warm!

Today we went to mong-kok to collect my glasses, and the sales who works there took ad loooong time to find it. We stopped by a stall and bought a piece of "牛利蘇" it was heavenly!! i havent had one of these things for ages! klug and i nearly both drool all over the piece of dough! haha!

For lunch we went to "everyone's happy" and i ordered pork-chop on rice with tomatoe sauce... all i can say is, i will never get tired of eating this set!! klug on the other hand ordered a "五寶飯", it was very excellent too with five different BBQ stuff to fill our hungrhungry stomach!

We walked around mong-kok trying to find R4 and in a better price(but failed), so we went to Sha-tin later the afternoon. It was quite late by the time we are there so we only had a walk around the malls there and had macdonalds for afternoon tea. We found a foodcourt serving deliciously japanese food but was too full so we will be going back there next time.

Tomorrow we will be leaving SZ to Foshan, excitingexciting! cant wait to meet da-dee-du and maomao!!

Outing with friends 

November 18 [Sun], 2007, 22:42
Venus-velvet at your daily report today's weather: Is coller (yay!) but still a little hot...

Today Klug and i goes our seperate ways meeting with people. His entire day is spent with his aunt having lunch with her and his uncle. And as for i, i have a date with sakura and her friend yi. They brought me to a cafe nearby TaiChi, and i ordered a lunch set with bread, cream soup, chicken white sauce pasta and a cold lemon tea. Since this is my first time meeting both of them i was quite nervous at first but fortunately they made me feel welcome the entire time i hope i didnt embarrass myself too much...

This is a short meet up because i had to have dinner with klug and his "doctor friend", we went to a chained store ramen place at the SZ station. The place was pretty good, very crowded and lively, and the food was excellent. We actually ordered alot of stuff to eat including unagi-yaki, friend udon, friend noodles, chicken wings, salad and some drinks. Klug's friend was very friendly too, but i am not sure about his personality(or should i say hobbies?) so similar to my dad's taste at such a similar age as mine...

After our dinner we soon say goodnight and goodbye to our friend, i hope we will see all of them again veryvery soon. It has been quite a busy and exciting day.

4th day, TIRED! 

November 17 [Sat], 2007, 0:24
Venus-velvet at your daily repot! today's weather is still....HOT! why is it so hot? i dislike sweaty neck!

My lungs are failing on me, or perhaps it was my flu that has been attacking it, today after our lunch buffet (which was pretty good but not as great as expected). i was already feeling dissy and floosy by the time i got home afterwards, and had to take a nap until late afternoon.

When i woke up we went out to the shopping mall that everyone's been going on about, it was SHIT. i dislike the stuffiness there, the shops are too close together, and everywhere are sales following you around trying to sell stuff. I just hated the environment, so klug and i used our quickest movement to finish walking the entire building and seek for a better shopping mall instead.

we stopped by one with mcdonald's sign and had a lovely cold drink for refreshment, it was rather "expensive' (compared to the resturant we been to) but the drinks and sweet we ordered was quite delicious, so that was okay.

Other malls we went to around the area sell mostly "brand names' i've never heard of. their displays arent very flattering either. so we came back home instead. on the way back home however, we found an alley selling freshly hot hand rolled "蔥油餅" for only $3. YAY! we also bought 2 sticks of sugar cane on the way back, there wasnt any chestnut anymore though...

Both of us have been eating so much the past couple of days, we couldnt finish the sugar cane :(i think i might have to start starving myself tomorrow

this is venus-velvet reporting my daily adventure.


ps: wish me flu go away soon, i hate not being able to smell food and have stupid lungs attacks :(

3rd Day 

November 17 [Sat], 2007, 0:02
(this is an update on the 16th)

Today we went to hong kong at around noon, we stopped by a local mall to have lunch, finally our long waited "大快活" meal time!! i had baked pork chop with tomatoe sauce and fried rice, klug on the other hand ordered a chicken and tomatoe rice. YUMMY!!!!!

there seemed to be great food everywhere, so far nearly every place we stopped by to eat made us drool! haha.

after Klug deposit and exchange some $$$ we arrive at Mongkok for some mobile browsing, so far there arent any good designs yet. so we gave up looking and klug bought a pair of sneaker for our daily walking. I also stopped by an optpmitrist, got a set of contact lenses, and upgrade my glasses. and thats the story of my wallet, it is now almost empty.

it was almost 10:00 when we arrive home, so we quicky walked to a nearby restaurant again, this time it is a specialty steam food restaurant. I ordered a salted fish+steam pork rice and klug had spare ribs steamed rice. YUM!

i bought some comics and vcds to watch back home, but was incredibly tred. my legs no longer have strength. so i tunrned in early again...early as in around 12-1insh..ha!


2nd Day 

November 14 [Wed], 2007, 23:31
(this is an update on the 17th)

Our home in ShenZheng is totally AWESOME! Last night we slept on the window balcony, very snuggle!
I woke up around 7am-ish and was very eager to pick up my luggage from my grandma's place today! all my belongings are there so i really wanted to pick it up as soon as possible.

Dad took us to a hotel buffet breakfast that morning, not alot of choice, but veryvery affodable and yum! dad seems to be quite glad so i was very happy too! Later on he showed us around the station and then he had to leave.

Klug had to apply for his visa card and bank account today as well so when we finally get to my granny's place it was already very late in the afternoon.

When we got back we walked to a nearby restaurant called "everyone's good', and had a 2person's set meal, withe ma-po tofu, salted chicken, garlic lettuce, soup and rice. It was very affordable and YUM!!

Our internet connection was no where to be fixed, so i turned in early.


Before i go... 

November 13 [Tue], 2007, 11:18
Ahoy! This is venus-velvet, and today's weather is: Sunny!

It is now 1:19pm, about 2hours before i'm on the plane flying to Hong Kong. I will try to update further after my 9hr flight. Hopefully it won't be too late when i get home.

And within a few hours time the environment around me will be entirely different. At least everyone would be mostly in Black colour hair Talk about the shock effect!

First timer! 

November 12 [Mon], 2007, 12:23
Hello. This is venus-velvet, and today's weather is: Sunny!

Yes, i've finally decided to delete the entire blog from cururu.

Main reason to that effect is that they are mac-user "un"friendly. There is absolutely no chance of me to use their service entirely, and also i simply CANNOT stand my consistent entries of silly broken chinese.

Anyway, here's a new start.

Hopefully i'll be able to blog this during my trip to Hong Kong starting from tomorrow.

See you then!
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