the other monks hope to look natural

December 31 [Mon], 2012, 15:47
Two fat body length, twenty, crystal white and the skin, as if a giant silkworm chrysalis, but which one end of the students have a little head, not only above the six small red eye, and Kenshi moss between an overgrown hunt the teeth big mouth from time to time to open and close, even odd Titanic. wENxuEmI. cOM Han Li has been cast imaginary of the surgery, is refining virtual monks are can not be found, naturally more do not worry about a mere two of God level worm beast found its traces, immediately large mode big kind of direct drifted a which a worm beast over the eyes only swept away in one direction. Under the head of the Ming and Qing Ling, another the mysterious vortex beast near only a faint red shadow impressively stood. Cast beautiful woman Dunshu. In this woman the number to Zhang Yuan behind Another to paste qingguang erratic, but it is a cover mounted stature tour surname elderly man with the power of the wind. But at the moment the two round with some bewildered looked round, simply can not be sensitive to the presence of the Han. Han also do not care, lips fretting about silent acoustic a few in the past, point to understand their own lies. That they face natural astonished, but the old man of glaucoma was flashed to the side of the Han, but dare not close to the side of the Han worm beast feet. Obviously greater than close, he did not grasp not found. Touches that glamorous woman is no loss for the refining virtual monk surprised color a person directly migrating to other insects the beast five or six Zhangwai at only silence stopped stature. For a time, everyone in both motionless standing still, only heard "rustling" sound of the the two mysterious vortex beast Kenshi - moss. Han mesh coldness flash, a palm suddenly dark and shiny, vanity to beneath the insect beast of a grasp. The Rays suddenly gray gurgling from lasing in the fingers, a black hills emerge in gray Xia in strange, a fall down. Below the insect beast surprised, the body of a move, even an instant swelling into a giant meat ball, at the same time the body surface flashing blue and white Emmanuel. But it was too late! Such a close distance, the gray glow just flash on this worm beast swept into them Mens Timberland High Top Boots. The mysterious vortex body flash - moving twice Emmanuel, as if encountered grams holy instant annihilation. The worm beast Xianshibumiao, drum body suddenly Earthquake, an invisible fluctuations emerged out of the body surface, and spread in all directions away. Han, sneer, black fingers gently together. Immediately below the ash Mans big place, shabu shabu few times after seven or wave gray Xia to this beast body have a roll away. Invisible fluctuations contact a gray Xia, suddenly layers weakening down, and finally vanish completely died down in the the yuan magnetic sign. Mysterious the vortex beast stature twist, would like to re-cast what supernatural powers, but the head shadows one is now the "boom" of loud noise, into giant black hills Qiba Zhang, severely hit in a mysterious vortex beast stout body, pressure-free Put move anything but this beast is really worthy to skin rough flesh is famous, so under the Juli has not been pressed into meat, but also kept twisting body want to struggle out At this time, Han sleeves ran flick, a group of silver flames flying out of the strike in the bottom of the black mountain. muffled bang, insect beast pit did not reply immediately in the flame of ashes. bite Ling Skyfire's powerful, of course, not so a worm beast can resist. shot from the Han to solve this mysterious vortex beast, just a breathing effort. When he had finished all this, twisting first looked behind a saw tour surname elderly man Shuzhang distant surface with trace looked at him aghast Elijah Bomber. Obviously Han solve the mysterious vortex beast the supernatural powers so easily locked to the late brother of God Han smiled, eyes glance toward other side looked saw other insects beast, has one point of order two beautiful woman is floating above the bodies of insects beast, the fiery sword of of a Chixu long front suspension also with unexpected color look over. "tour brother, two insect beast has been decided. The notification I wish predecessors them cry it. "Han Chong glamorous woman slightly bent under behind, on the old man said, deadpan." This natural! Hanxiong Green predecessors wait a bit. "Tour surnamed old man did not expose the instigation of dissatisfaction of color, but smiles promised. Sleeves then ran flick a pass notes flying out fleeting disappear in the void results in a moment after other people also were all rushed to the scene, the silver-haired youth see here the case, listen to the old man probably tells satisfied with the color process, naturally exposed, immediately praised Han, who after a few words, you dare not delay with 'everyone continue on the road. Han once again come to the end of the queue, but this time, the other monks hope to look natural, but also some different. blow culling mysterious vortex beast, but the presence of God, the monks of the late are not sure. eye with a veil Ying fairies and petite Shaw woman Sisters could not help more than look over a few Han these turn a blind eye, just without a word followed behind. gone through this neodymium channel not long after a corner, the front came the sound of water crashed thick moisture surge more chill blowing. actually occurred, in front of a width of a few hundred feet underground river, the river Cuckoo's class However, surprising quite hasty. "listen. This river, you can direct the true toad beast Tiao **. Nest ** case, I've said enough to only put my hands. But those shadow worm beast trouble, thanks to some of his fellow. Wish surname youth looked at the river, said Chong Han et al twist first look to become truly yours up. "Wish predecessors assured there the days are mysterious mine system, plus a Hanxiong, and Xiao Xianzai help solve the problem" shadow insects the beast despite known by his strange, and must not escape. "a yellow robe Zhuo years monks boldly assured. Several other assigned the monk Xuan Qing tenrai flag, all the same. Han and Xiao surname the Sisters Huwang a, but did not say anything. But I wish surname Youth Seeing, very satisfied, nodded, waved the first to fly into the river with a beautiful woman. The rest of the people one by one tea follow. The same time, the huge mountain, hidden in the high-altitude an old man and a middle-aged man of Baiyun responsible for the alert Canada Goose Down Hoody, what words are diffuse network heart conversation. "Zhaolao, you say I wish predecessors they go there really laevis the beast who sold ** it's tongue, two adult true blue-eyed toad, even if the person is more spiritual blood per person could be assigned to many. cub spiritual blood, although no adult really toad is so easy to use, but also part of the effect also its worthwhile so we have gone through untold arrived here. Unfortunately, I duo was assigned to the outside, I'm afraid assigned the number of spiritual blood, the least. "the middle-aged monk wearing a blue robe, white robe red side of the old man said to complain about. "Hey, late Daoyou some can not be reconciled. Do not just look into the benefits of dye ** person, maybe there are people for dead." That old man touches a laugh, not complacent replied. "Fall from the sky? Oh, no! I see wish predecessors such as the preparation has been very thoughtful, should Shoudaoqinlai to is what will be dangerous?" Middle-aged monk brow a drum, some do not believe like "seems the late Daoyou is deep into the wilderness boundary for the first time. Daoyou will Shiquan nine stable thing impossible in wild circles, like we are here to alert the general, even if sudden Tiao ran out from the mist in a large number of God refining virtual class the ancient beast or alien, are very likely. "old man heaved a sigh of relief, before a lengthy said. "Haha ... Granny Zhao exaggerate it! Here so secretive, how such things might occur ..." middle-aged monk heard this, they laugh. The old man shook his head and would like earnestness say something opposite suddenly mutation big play. A discerning rays slightest sign of not emerge in the middle-aged monk at the neck to be fleeting, the head suddenly Gulu Lu rolled down several feet long Xueku a spray out. "Oh!" Old man down reaction fast enough, the mutation appeared in almost the same time, the stature Suddenly shot down out sleeves ran Yidou, side cyan shield lasing to, into a layer mask cover your whole body, another mouth Another ornament rainbow spray flying up, hovering near the body. But all this futile it! Old man head space fluctuations with Xu Daqing the black Juzhua void flashed a husband down a grasping lightning, it will be the old man along with guard Feijian grabbed to my hand, forced pinch. Suddenly scream issued, the old man into a mass of plasma, have named Yuan Ying have not spared out. Touches the headless body of the middle-aged monk Yi Chan, from which poured shot out of a mass of green, wrapped inside two inches to Yuan Ying, hands holding an the authority arrow-shaped treasures, you want to get away with a look of panic. But Yuan Ying just a teleport to escape out of the three Shiyu Zhang, there is a black Xia from vanity injection flash will Yuan Ying involved in this strange and then flashed disappeared. Two class high priest of God, is so one hit kill. The next moment, near black young two-color light flash, one large and one small two huge figure suddenly flashed from Kai air. A height of ten feet, large teeth, head had two horns like a remote control like the huge presence of evil spirits. Another, only Zhang Xu is high, but the graceful and slender figure was actually a beautiful young woman, but a single hand-held with a generally blue ax Look up extremely strange. Both behind the students they are nothing but a pair of crimson meat wing above flashing weird colors Fu Wen, sparkling, colorful abnormal. "Yes, God-level Terran monk Yuan Ying, really nourishing thing you directly that pinch burst too wasted it!" The beautiful woman that a single hand-ax, suspended in the air without a head corpse eyes swept away on an extended Xiangshe add a bright red upper lip, forget said. "I recently breakthrough force is not a good control of say a mere human family of God monk Yuan Ying What we are looking for, but also to look for refining virtual monk Yuan Ying, that is truly nourishing matter if lucky enough to gulp down a fit level monk Yuan Ying, direct Advanced Yecha Wang is not impossible. "goblin-like monster mouth like thunder hum. , 16977 games updated daily fun little game, waiting for you to discover!
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