Virginia tech university.. 

2007年04月16日(月) 22時46分
DID u HEAR about this news????? it was really crazy a korean student form virginia tech killed about 30 students.. that really saad.. the crazy thing it that he killed hiself.
they dont know the reason why he start to kille people.. i guess he was stress out.... i heard that when he were killing people he didnt say a word. he just shoot n shoot to people. i wonder wat will happen to that university.. poor the students will be scare now..

my cousin b-day.. 

2007年04月12日(木) 9時50分 is my cousin b-day and it 15th b-day i cannot be there with her.. oh.. sorry when a girl get 15th it a big party and well it like in USA say sweet 16... well in Venezuela is 15. i dunno about japanhehehe..


2007年04月11日(水) 6時34分
here is when i was at CIC(colegio internacional de caracas, internatioal school of caracas) i was just one year and then i came to here(IMG). it was cool because it was my first time that i met a lot people form different countries. it was must venezuela but anyways.. in that time i couldn't speak nothing english. i was really nervious. yea.. yea.. good timees. lol.. but i met a lot people even i couldnt speak.. and.... school...
well.. here some pics

this is with my best friends and my enlglish teacher

ale, me, mich, nicole-Las quieros y extraño chicas

mis locas!!

when i was at Japanese school in Venezuela 

2007年04月11日(水) 5時03分
woooo... when i was in 5th grade long time agoo maan.. i miss that times.. times pass so quick.. I WANNA GO BACK lol.. it was really small school. in that time i had just 2 classmates i think we had the same teacher until 中一. it was really crazy n fun that school. i dun if that school still alive caz it was really low the number of student.
this is in 5th grade, when we are making Arepas its a traditional food in Venezuela

5th grade, cooked Cachapas

This is all students and teacher's school

HELLO everyone!{スマイル} 

2007年04月10日(火) 9時07分
helloi am hiromi, today i start with this blog i am half japanes and venzuelan! i am at USA in a sport academy... which is IMG bolletieri..
i have really fun with my friends, they are from every where!
the sucks thing is that u cannot go anywhere without permission from ur parents.. it hard to get permission well.. i play tennis.. i really like sport.. when we r bored we played soccer n basketball with my friends..
on the weekends we go to the movies it really hard to get in the bus caz a lot kids wanna go lol... i think is enough with this for now
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HI!i a m half japanese n Venezuelan! i am living in USA!! at bollitieri academies. it is a sports academy. they have tennis, soccer, basketball, baseball, gym, and golf.. i really like to have a loots of firendsss!! i hope u guys likes my page ENJOY